Date of Award

Spring 5-21-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Barbara Hill, Ed.D.

Second Advisor

Daniel Teodorescu, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Darrell Groves, Ed.D.


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to investigate the impact of a Title I Comprehensive Plan on factors that affect the learning and the success of a Title I school, such as administrative support, student discipline, parental engagement, professional development, class size, and attendance. Annual District Parent and Teacher Surveys, INow attendance reports, INOW discipline reports, ACT Aspire Testing data, and Ident-A-Kit school signature documents were analyzed and observations were made in order to acquire information concerning the success of the Title One Comprehensive Plan in a Title I school. This type of research involves emerging questions and procedures, data analysis inductively building from particulars to general themes, and the researcher interpreting the data (Creswell, 2008). The results of this study aims to influence and assist school leaders and teachers’ efforts to promote students’ academic success within Title I environments. The findings from this research will provide teachers, students and educational leaders with an opportunity for understanding how students in Title I identified school succeed.

One elementary school in the eastern region of the United States was used in the study. This school is pre-kindergarten through fifth school that has been a Title I for several years. The school serves over 750 students. The time frame for this research project was two months.

The findings of this study add supporting evidence to the influence of the independent variables. The results of this study show that the researcher identified four dominant themes that appeared during the study. Professional development, student attendance, class size, and high expectation on student achievement were the common themes that support the importance of the independent variables on factors that have an impact on the success of the Title I Comprehensive Plan on a Title I school.