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Conceptual Paper

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Bullying has been a social issue for decades, however, increased media attention

to recent cases ofteen homicide-suicides have made it a current hot topic. This study

examines bullying, more specifically, cyberbullying among American high school students and its prevalence on depression and suicide. The popularity of the internet and

other Social media outlets puts our teens at risk as cyberbullying increases, so does

depression and Suicide among today’s youth. By forming partnerships with schools and

communities to develop comprehensive intervention and prevention programs, social

Work practitioners can educate parents, school administrators, and the general public

about cyberbullying to increase responsiveness and reduce bystander bullying (Young,

2012). A reduction in the occurrence of cyberbullying may prevent depression and

Suicide among teen students. Through information presented in this study there is a

possibility that lives could be saved.

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