C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Student Forum, 1989 (video)

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Students and professors from Clark Atlanta University participate in a forum discussion on drug addicted women who give birth. Proposals of sterilization and incarceration of drug addicted mothers are given as a response. These two proposals are the focus of the forum discussion. Students on the forum panel include Dwan Pete (school of journalism), Deborah Warner (political science) and Adrian Bethel (religion and philosophy). Professors on the panel are Dr. Sekazi Kauze Mtingwa (Clark Atlanta University Honors Program) and Dr. Ronald Mickens (physics). Corresponding audio can be found by searching this file name: auc.093.b06t05.19890000.aud0005.

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00:00:10 Unidentified female introduces panel for the students’ forum sponsored by students from the honor program and introduces panel. Introduces discussion concerning issues surrounding drug addicted mothers.

00:02:30 Dwan Pete from School of Journalism and Advertising gives opening remarks, believes women who are on drugs should be sterilized.

00:03:20 Deborah Warner (political science student) talks about how women who birth drug addicted babies should be incarcerated.

00:04:51 Adrian Bethel (religion and philosophy student) talks about how restricting woman ability to give birth restricts her ability to carry out God’s command to be fruitful and multiply.

00:06:59 Dr. Sekazi Kauze Mtingwa (Honors Program) Talks about treating the physical afflictions the child of a drug addicted mother may have.

00:08:48 Dr. Ronald Mickens (Physics department Clark Atlanta University) talks about how problem is complicated. Talks about fundamental difficulty of women who give rise to children who are drug dependent ultimately go back to an economic base.

00:12:28 Deborah Warner states she does not see how society can rehabilitate mothers who don’t want help and who are concerned with their drug addiction.

00:13:48 Adrian Bethel talks about who is society to tell woman what to do with her own body.

00:18:50 Talks about incarceration as an option for drug addicted women who give birth to children.

00:21:50 Dr. Ronald Mickens talks about the fundamental issues of why do people take drugs and what society wants its citizens to be.

00:33:36 Student asks question about specifics of Deborah Warner’s proposal to incarcerate drug addicted mothers.

00:42:00 Student ask question to Dwan Pete concerning sterilization and will the man as well as the woman be sterilized.

00:48:59 Unidentified female moderator gives final remarks.


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