6th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, 1988 (audio)


Billie Gaines

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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Dr. Billie Gaines gives a lecture on Russian Alexander Pushkin. She discusses Pushkin’s ambivalence being an African descendent and Russian. Dr. Gaines also describes the gun dual that leads to Pushkin’s death and the distinguishing qualities of Black art and how these qualities are apparent in Pushkin’s work. She also discusses Alexander Pushkin as a symbol of America’s future mixed race population. Cut to a history of the blues from a prison in Mississippi. Unidentified men speak about and sing the blues. Corresponding video can be found by searching this file name: auc.093.b08t22.19880000.vid0042.

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00:00:06 Dr. Billie Gaines talks about Alexander Pushkin being summoned and given a choice of silence for life verses talking and exile or death.

00:02:11 Talks about how being considered the other the outsider can both influence a human being an artist outside and inside behavior.

00:02:25 Talks about Alexander Pushkin’s ambivalence resulted in his attempt to prove his Russianness and not his Africanness was through marriage of Russian woman.

00:03:01 Talks about gun dual between Pushkin and other over woman. Talks about this being the cause of Pushkin’s death.

00:05:32 Talks about distinguishing qualities of Black art and how they are apparent in Pushkin’s work.

00:07:53 States Pushkin is neither a symbol of Blackness nor a symbol of Whiteness, but to look at his life as a Mulatto.

00:09:54 Lecture ends.

00:10:17 Unidentified woman speaks to audience and thanks the Religion and Philosophy department.

00:12:00 Recognizes the attendance of C. Eric Lincoln.

00:12:30 Unidentified man invites audience to stand as he gives benediction.

00:14:10 Blues music plays.

00:16:39 Conversation about the prison roots of the blues.

00:18:14 Men in singing blues.

00:18:43 Man talks about singing blues in prison and how singing helps get the mind off problems.

00:18:59 Man sings blues song.

00:19:51 Man talks about blues in Mississippi and talks about blues originating from the hard work of Negroes in cotton fields. Talks about learning the blues from women.

00:20:32 Blues song plays.

00:22:24 Man talks about women giving the blues.

00:23:14 Man sings rock me baby.

00:24:34 Audio ends.


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