7th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, 1989 (audio)


Asa Hilliard

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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Dr. Asa Hilliard III gives a lecture on the African origins of civilizations. In the lecture he discusses the ancient civilization of Egypt as a product of ancient Somalia and Ethiopia. He also discusses Ta-Seti as the oldest kingdom in Africa coming before Egypt. Using Imhotep, the Egyptian Ancient Book of the Dead, The Teachings of Ptahotep he further discusses the influence of ancient Egyptian religion and culture on early Greek civilization including Greek philosophical tradition. Dr. Hilliard further discusses this influence on Abrahamic religions including Christianity. Corresponding video can be found by searching this file name: auc.093.b08t25.19890000.vid0045.

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00:00:05 Unidentified female talks and introduces president of student government association.

00:00:20 President of the student government association gives invocation.

00:01:28 Unidentified female leads singing of National Black Anthem.

00:04:45 Unidentified female talks about history of C. Eric Lincoln lecture series.

00:05:48 Dr. Bennett introduces Dr. Asa Hilliard III.

00:08:07 Dr. Asa Hilliard III greets those in attendance and talks about what he was taught about African people in high school and college.

00:14:06 Talks about racism, race, adaptation, biology and politics.

00:15:45 Introduces his topic “African Origins of Civilizations”.

00:18:21 Talks about Egypt as first well recorded civilization and never said they created their own civilization. Egyptians said their home and are the children of the people of inner Africa they come from Ethiopia.

00:22:26 Talks about how Egypt was born out of the civilizations of Kush (Somalia) and Punt Ethiopia and Egypt was before Babylon, Mesopotamia, Sumer and Elam. States Sumer and Elam were city states not nations.

00:23:18 Talks about the first Mesopotamian nation (Babylon) and how bible claims Nimrod as the founder of Babylon and Nimrod as the son of Kush and Kush as the son of Ham.

00:23:49 Talks about the first kingdom in Africa (Ta-Seti) was before Egypt and established around 3200-3500 B.C.

00:28:14 Talks about IMHOTEP.

00:31:01 Talks about the relevance of oldest books in human history (“The Teachings of Ptahotep and “Egyptian ancient book of the Dead”) .

00:35:01 Talks about how Greeks learned from Africa.

00:41:50 Talks about the African origin of the term bachelor of arts and seven core courses that were part of ancient African curriculum.

00:47:48 Reads from the “Book of the Dead” .

00:53:24 Audience question.

00:55:03 Voices and music.

01:06:34 Audio ends.


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