10th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, 1992 (audio)

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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Part of the 10th anniversary of the C. Eric Lincoln lecture series Dr. Love Henry Whelchel moderates a panel of scholars. The panel includes Dr. C. Eric Lincoln, Dr. Jacquelyn Grant, and Dr. John Hope Franklin. The panel discusses the life of George Washington Williams (author of History of the Negro Race in America). The discussion includes issues related to Womanist theology, Islamic religion, sociology, religion and history. Corresponding video can be found by searching this file name: auc.093.b08t02.19920000.vid0022.

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00:00:07 Dr. Love Henry Whelchel welcomes viewers and audience by introducing forum participants C. Eric Lincoln, Jacquelyn Grant, John Hope Franklin.

00:04:58 Dr. Whelchel introduces theme of Lecture series that focuses on George Washington Williams.

00:05:23 Dr. Whelchel begins his questions with John Hope Franklin. Asks Dr. Franklin what factors and forces obscured work of George Washington Williams.

00:05:53 John Hope Franklin answers Dr. Whelchel’s question by stating Williams moved around a great deal and the country had no desire to perpetuate African American history.

00:12:48 Dr. Whelchel gives second question to Dr. Jacquelyn Grant. Ask her for a theological critique of the lifestyle and the ministry of George Washington Williams from a Womanist theological position.

00:13:15 Dr. Jacquelyn Grant responds to the question with interconnectedness. States as a womanist theologian she sees as her primary task attempting to develop a holistic understanding of reality.

00:17:23 John Hope Franklin responds and commends Jacquelyn grants observation and talks about George Washing to Williams conducting lectures on Wednesday night inplace of bible study.

00:24:09 Dr. Whelchel ask Dr. Lincoln question. Ask if George Washington Williams reflects any major themes in Dr. Lincoln’s book “Race Religion and the Continuing American Dilemma".

00:24:30 Dr. Lincoln responds. Says we must see Williams in the setting that produced him. Talks about how George Washington Williams test boundaries to find self. Talks about how Williams is not much different than W.E.B. Dubois. They both try to find themselves.

00:37:49 Students Senetra Baits, Patty Hammon, and Craig Comedy asks questions to panel.

01:27:39 Dr. Whelchel recognizes distinguished visiting scholars in the audience.

01:28:25 Dr. Whelchel gives final remarks.


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