11th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, "Abrahamic Religions", 1993 (audio)

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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Panel discussion on Black religious experience in the Abrahamic religions. Discussion includes African American leadership, experience of slave ancestors, Black Hebrew Israelite beliefs, Islam and Christianity. Contains audio segment of Dr. Gardner C. Taylor speaking about the song of Moses and the song of the lamb as a part of the annual C. Eric Lincoln lecture series. Other speakers include Prince Rahm Ben Yehudah, Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Marjorie Kimbrough and Dr. Love Henry Whelchel. Corresponding video can be found by searching this file name: auc.093.b08t04.19930000.vid0024.

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00:00:05 Prince Rahm Ben Yehudah speaks of his Chicago experience and going out and being among the people.

00:00:50 Moni Flemming asks how can African Americans who have assimilated for years find their true identity and how younger African Americans encourage the search for true identity among older generations of African Americans.

00:01:17 Prince YehudahTalks about the need for African Americans to take their destiny in their own hands and go back to their spiritual roots.

00:03:39 Dr. Gardner Taylor talks about older African Americans leading the civil rights movement a revolution that did something for America. Talks about how African Americans left their sense of God and concentrated on the same ills the slave master’s had practiced (greed and selfishness).

00:05:08 Dr. Shabazz talks about how African Americans were not educated but did the best they could with what they had. Talks about how God was the center of the community he was raised in in Alabama.

00:09:47 Marjorie Kimbrough recognizes and presents Dr. C. Eric Lincoln.

00:10:32 Dr. C. Eric Lincoln talks about how pleased he is that leaders of the three Abrahamic religions are together.

00:11:45 Marjorie Kimbrough concludes by giving thanks to Dr. Lincoln and all for being a part of the panel discussion and the C. Eric Lincoln lecture series. Finally thanks panelists.

00:12:49 Dr. Whelchel gives opening remarks to the 11th annual C. Eric Lincoln lecture series and recognizes the presence of Dr. C. Eric Lincoln.

00:17:11 Bishop James S. Thomas (professor of religion at Clark Atlanta University) gives invocation.

00:20:03 Choir sings.

00:24:04 Unidentified man reads scripture Genesis 12:1-3.

00:27:03 Gardner C. Taylor begins to speak. Greets those in attendance.

00:32:39 Reads from book of Revelation 15: 2-3.

00:34:40 Talks about wanting to talk about something with song in it because of C. Eric Lincoln’s gift of song one of his many gifts.

00:35:07 Talks about how you can’t tell where God is going to do something.

00:36:51 Talks about the song of Moses and the song of the lamb and how both pieces of music grow out of great struggle. Talks about how there is no great victory without great struggle.

00:43:00 Talks about how evil does not know when to stop and this is its fatal mistake it does not know when to quit. Talks about how it is hard to stop when it looks like you are getting ahead.

00:45:51 Talks about Moses and shepherd staff and how anything and God are enough.

00:47:20 Audio cuts off.

00:48:10 Marjorie Kimbrough welcomes attendees to forum introduces theme “Black Religious Experience in the Abrahamic Religions”. Introduces Prince Rahm Ben Yehudah (Supervisor, African Hebrew Israelite Community of Jerusalem) .

00:49:39 Prince Rahm Ben Yehudah gives honor to spiritual leader Rabbi Ben Ami. Talks about duality of Genesis 13:13-14.

00:58:18 Dr. Gardner C. Taylor talks about the impossibility for descendants of slaves to realize the since of abandonment experienced by slave ancestors and about the new grounds on which those slaves came together. One ground was the scripture.

01:05:30 Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz talks about how many of the slaves brought to North America were Muslims. Talks about distinctions between Islam and Muhammadism .

01:22:14 Clark Atlanta University Graduate student Shawn Williams respondent asks how panelist bring mosque, church and temple to young people.

01:29:18 Dr. Taylor talks about drugs being new form of slavery and how African American young are volunteering for new forms of slavery. Talks about how African Americans are visiting horrors of slavery on themselves and African Americans need to face that fact.

01:31:17 Prince Yehudah talks about serious problem of leadership in country.

01:34:34 Audio ends.


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