18th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, 2000 (audio)

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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Dr. Benjamin Hall lectures on the life of C. Eric Lincoln at the 18th consecutive C. Eric Lincoln lecture series. His topic is “The Dash”, where he discusses how Dr. Lincoln was a commentator on the life and experiences of the Black Church. Dr. Hall also talks about how Dr. Lincoln’s scholarship was motivated by love. Included in the video is a performance by saxophonist Ryan Kilgore of CAU assemble. Other speakers include David Cann, Andrew Lofton, and other unidentified men and women. Corresponding video can be found by searching this file name: auc.093.b08t01.20000000.vid0021.

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00:00:17 Unidentified woman welcomes attendees to the C. Eric Lincoln lecture series.

00:01:06 Clark Atlanta University Philosophy and Religion student Andrew Lofton gives invocation.

00:02:26 Woman introduces saxophonist Ryan Kilgore of the CAU jazz ensemble and he performs.

00:08:53 Dr. Benjamin Hall greets attendees.

00:10:16 Talks about how C. Eric Lincoln was more than a mere man.

00:11:10 Talks about the importance of the spirit that makes one win. A well-developed mind that is able to use all the tools that are available. Refers to Johnny Cochran who is his friend.

00:12:35 Introduces the subject of “The Dash”.

00:14:13 Talks about the joining dash.

00:15:04 Talks about the ambiguous dash.

00:15:47 Talks about the aggressive dash.

00:16:21 Talks about the abbreviated dash and how C. Eric Lincoln’s dash between life and death covers a multitude of accomplishments.

00:19:10 Talks about story of love. Encourages students to love themselves that they may love others.

00:24:10 Talks about the C. Eric Lincoln’s methodology of scholarship. Refused to let scholarship only be an observer but also had to participate in life.

:31:49 Talks about C. Eric Lincoln book “This Road since Freedom”.

00:32:12 Talks about C. Eric Lincoln understanding the task of scholarship was the refinement and development of the self for the improvement of humanity.

00:35:32 Concludes message.

00:37:08 Dr. David Cann gives benediction.


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