18th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, Minister Ava Muhammad, 2000 (audio)


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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Minister Ava Muhammad from the Nation of Islam discusses the topic concerning the intellect analyzing the Spirit. She discusses the American people and African Americans in particular becoming a people in danger of losing the critical tools of civilization and a society which celebrates ignorance. She argues the mind cannot analyze the Spirit because the mind is ego centered and operates on logic and reason. In her presentation Minister Muhammad references the 9/11 terrorist attacks and highlights the teachings of the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

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00:00:15 Unidentified man greets those in attendance on behalf of Black Church Studies at Candler School of Theology (Emory) .

00:01:00 Invites everyone to be in prayer for Bishop Thomas (pioneering figure in Methodist church). Bishop Thomas was the first and only Bishop in residence at Candler.

00:04:48 Shares a brief poem from the work of C. Eric Lincoln from his book of poetry call “This Road Since Freedom”.

00:07:11 Introduces speaker Minister Ava Muhammad, listing her accomplishments.

00:10:52 Minster Ava Muhammad thanks those in attendance, and talks about Minster Farrakhan’s appreciation for Dr. C. Eric Lincoln.

00:14:04 Talks about the American people in general and Black people in particular are in danger of losing the critical tools of civilized nations (reading and writing). Talks about a society where ignorance is exulted.

00:15:55 Introduces topic: “Can the Intellect Analyze the Spirit?” Talks about recovering from the vicious 9-11 attack on the United States.

00:24:23 Says the reason the mind cannot analyze the Spirit is because the mind is ego centered and it moves on logic and reason. This is only as good as ones level of knowledge and wisdom. These are finite to human beings.

00:26:51 Talks about envy and when one envy’s they are angry at God.

00:30:04 Talks about the mind has power over the body and the Spirit has power over the mind.

00:37:51 Talks about analyzing an action will not get to one to the root of the problem. One can detect smoke but can one detect thoughts.

00:42:24 Talks about time measuring motion.

00:46:16 Says one cannot disrespect the woman and be a Muslim.

00:54:00 Talks about Minister Farrakhan’s study guide and the 4 great impediments to self-development included in it. The impediments are racism, sexism, nationalism, and materialism.

01:08:21 Talks about excerpts from press statement delivered by Minister Louis Farrakhan.

01:20:20 Audio ends.


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