30th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, 2012 (video)

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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Dr. Phillip Dunston sits down with Dr. L. Henry Whelchel and discusses the significance of C. Eric Lincoln and the lecture series named after him. Dr. Whelchel discusses the number of prominent scholars who have been a part of the series. He also states that the department of Religion and Philosophy is the oldest department at Clark College. The discussion is accompanied by photos of C. Eric Lincoln and prominent lecture series speakers.

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00:00:07 Dr. Phillip Dunston sits with and introduces Dr. L. Henry Whelchel and welcomes viewers and tells of the occasion. Talks about relationship of Dr. Whelchel and his relationship with C. Eric Lincoln and the Lincoln family.

00:01:20 Dr. Whelchel thanks Dr. Dunston and talks about significance of the lecture. One of the significance is to expose students to a number of prominent African American scholars. Names scholars such as Cornell West and John Hope Franklin.

00:03:24 Footage of the life of C. Eric Lincoln’s life accompanied by Carolina song.

00:10:42 Dr. Whelchel talks about how Dr. C. Eric Lincoln would attend every lecture series and how he was the scholar in residence at Clark Atlanta.

00:11:52 Dr. Whelchel discusses the oldest department at Clark college is the department of Religion and Philosophy and how Clark college was founded in a church Central United Methodist church.

00:12:40 Talks about during the period of 1869 the only two professions for African Americans was teaching and preaching and how Clark’s Religion and Philosophy department come out of this.

00:14:22 Video ends.


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