11th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, "Song of Moses", 1993 (video)

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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Dr. Gardner C. Taylor is the guest lecturer/ preacher for the C. Eric Lincoln lecture series. He speaks about the song of Moses and the lamb. Chairman of Clark Atlanta Department of Religion and Philosophy Dr. Love Henry Whelchel conducts the ceremony. Bishop James S. Thomas of Clark Atlanta gives invocation and former Interdenominational Theological Center President Dr. Grant S. Shockley gives benediction. Other unidentified speakers are also present. Corresponding audio can be found by searching this file name: auc.093.b06t13.19930000.aud0013.

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00:00:10 Dr. Love Henry Whelchel greets those in attendance and introduces lecture focus: “The Black Experience of Abrahamic Religions”.

00:04:30 Bishop James S. Thomas gives invocation.

00:10:20 Unidentified man reads scripture Genesis 12:1-3.

00:14:13 Gardner C. Taylor begins speaking. Greets those in attendance.

00:19:58 Reads scripture from the book of Revelation 15:2-3.

00:22:53 Talks about wanting to talk about music has been the measure by which man has moved, and the song of Moses and the song of the lamb and how both pieces of music grow out of great struggle.

00:24:47 Talks about how no students who ever excelled in class without application.

00:26:28 Talks about the song of Moses song as a paradigm for African American struggle.

00:29:55 Talks about the reason Pharaoh pursued Israel is because evil does not know when to stop and is it’s fatal mistake.

00:34:34 Talks about how not only did God part waters for Israel but the land dried up.

00:41:34 Talks about how Israel sang the song of Moses of a God who moves in human affairs.

00:42:08 Talks about the song of the lamb tells of a different type of victory when the powers of darkness met God. The only day in history that saw night twice.

00:51:08 Dr. Whelchel gives final remarks and recognizes Dr. Taylor’s wife. Also recognizes distinguished guests.

00:55:40 Mr. Halton leads attendees in Reign Clark Atlanta.

00:57:07 Dr. Shockley gives benediction.


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