34th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, 2016 (video)

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In this 34th annual C. Eric Lincoln Lecture, Dr. Pamela Lightsey presents her lecture titled, “Root Workers in an Incessant Social Media Democracy”. In this lecture, she ruminates on racial identity from the vantage point of a theologian, shaped within the context of the Black radical tradition, critiquing the systems of racism and discrimination. She focuses on the recent police violence against Black bodies, and compares/analyzes Black Lives Matter to the Civil Rights Movement.

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00:00:22 Dr. Phillip Dunston welcomes the audience.

00:00:58 LeZaire Reese delivers invocation.

00:02:19 Dr. Albert Mosley, President/Dean of Gammon Theological Seminary, welcomes the audience and talks about the founding of Clark Atlanta University and its ties to Gammon.

00:05:40 Dr. Danielle Taylor, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Clark Atlanta University, opens the lecture by talking about the legacy of the lecture series and Pamela Lightsey’s background.

00:09:10 Dr. Pamela Lightsey greets the audience and talks about the killing of Eric Garner, and how 2014 was a major year in race relations. Talks about how video capture and social media sharing of the killing of Blacks should be sufficient to cause outrage.

00:14:50 Talks about the issue of policing in America and the continued detrimental trope of the Black body as a beast.

00:17:05 Talks about race not being biologically or genetically real, but a social construct and perceived social identity. Talks about Black radical perceptions, and how the harassment of Blacks is perceived in Black culture.

00:21:55 Talks about 1966, and how Martin Luther King Jr. pleaded with other leaders to keep the civil rights movement non-violent. Talks about “Black Power” replacing “Freedom Now” as slogan of the movement, and how that can be reconciled with Christianity.

00:25:23 Introduces video shot in Ferguson, Missouri of protesting and conversations. Video plays.

00:33:12 Talks about the role of the church in the Black Lives Matter movement. Dialogues with the audience about what prominent messages they heard from the video.

00:37:00 Talks of C. Eric Lincoln’s Lecture, “The Problems of Negative Associations with Blackness” and how we should think theologically about Blackness as a physiognomic, appearance driven concept. Talks about the Curse of Ham.

00:43:26 Talks about an article covering Christians and gun ownership. Talks about blatantly racist gun owners, and how merely the presence of a Black person is construed as evil.

00:48:45 Shows “Black Lives Matter” slogan, compares it to “Black Lives Matter, Too”, comparing the current slogan to Martin Luther King’s struggle in 1966. States that using the latter would be capitulating to white privilege.

00:58:00 Dr. Philip Dunston thanks Dr. Pamela Lightsey and introduces Chaplain.

00:59:00 University Chaplain Dr. Elaine Crawford delivers benediction.

01:02:26 Video ends.


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