17th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, 1999 (video)

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Dr. Ralph Ellis introduces Judge Brenda Cole who moderates the student scholar forum of the C. Eric Lincoln lecture series. Forum participants Dr. Lillian Ashcraft Eason and Justice R. Eugene Pincham address the topic “Justice While Black in America.” Included in the conversation are issues relating to African American history including civil rights, racism, integration and professional sports. Other participants include CAU student president Shawn Gardner.

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00:00:23 Dr. Ralph Ellis of Religion and Philosophy Department at Clark Atlanta welcomes attendees to the student/ scholar portion of the C. Eric Lincoln lecture series. Introduces Judge Brenda Cole.

00:01:26 Judge Brenda Cole talks about it being an honor to serve as the moderator for the student/scholar forum and welcomes attendees. Introduces Dr. Lillian Ashcraft Eason and Justice R. Eugene Pincham to address topic “Justice While Black in America”.

00:05:28 Justice R. Eugene Pincham talks disadvantage he had laboring as a student unaware of efforts made to oppress African Americans and the true curse of racism is the denial of vision.

00:13:02 Dr. Lillian Ashcraft Eason talks about young people lacking vision because of the lack of knowledge about history. Takes a deep knowledge of history to understand the heights many African Americans have fallen.

00:15:10 Dr. Ashcraft Eason talks about some of the vision students may catch is likely to be embedded in some of the archival collections of African Americans around the country and in Europe.

00:23:50 Justice Pincham talks about the gross misconception of the courts aiding and assisting Blacks in eradicating racist oppression. Believes courts made a great contribution to the oppression of Blacks during civil rights era and beyond.

00:34:35 Justice Pincham talks about great basketball coach of the University of Chicago Alonzo Stagg making a public statement saying that colored men do not have the intellect or physical agility to play basketball. Also talks about how at the time of the statement Blacks could not get into professional basketball. Only outlet for Black basketball player was the Harlem Globetrotters.

00:37:04 Dr. Ashcraft Eason talks about her efforts to inspire young Black men to learn as much as they possibly can.

00:48:53 Clark Atlanta University student president Shawn Gardner asks question on HBCU funding and identity.

00:50:17 Answers Shawn Gardner’s question by saying people who marched during civil rights movement against racist educational institutions were not marching for integration. They were marching to making it equal and Black people were tricked. Black schools were closed down.

00:57:30 Judge Brenda Cole gives closing remarks.


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