15th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, 1997 (video)

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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Dr. Phillip Dunston officiates the occasion and introduces city of Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell who pays tribute to C. Eric Lincoln. Clark Atlanta University provost Dr. Harris introduces Justice R. Eugene Pincham, who talks about his relationship to C. Eric Lincoln and encourages students in attendance to never forget where they came from. Justice Pincham also discusses his experiences as a lawyer including his relationship with Harvard University School of law. He further discusses his participation as a lawyer in cases like the Chicago riots of 1968 and Ryan Harris’s molestation. References to the Constitution, the Dredd Scott decision, John Brown and the 1741 New York slave rebellion are made during Pincham’ s lecture.

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00:00:10 Dr. Phillip Dunston greets those in attendance and recognizes C. Eric Lincoln.

00:01:54 Introduces saxophonist Angela (?).

00:08:03 City of Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell gives remarks and honors C. Eric Lincoln.

00:14:44 Provost of Clark Atlanta University Dr. Harris introduces speaker R. Eugne Pincham.

00:20:46 R. Eugene Pincham greets those in attendance and talks about he and C. Eric Lincoln’s relationship as cousins and their youth.

00:23:32 Talks about lecturing at Harvard University Law school.

00:30:23 Tells students in attendance the first thing he would want them to know is not to forget where they came from. Do not forget their roots.

00:39:00 Talks about how not to trust judges and the history of judges related to 1640 indentured servant case and John Punch.

00:43:57 Talks about 1741 slave rebellion in New York.

00:44:38 Talks about the Constitution and the five provisions (out of 15) within it that directly implement and support slavery.

00:46:17 Reads opinion of the Dred Scott decision as it relates to the Indian.

00:47:26 Talks about John Brown and the five Black men hung for raiding Harper’s Ferry.

00:49:36 Talks about cases he experienced in Chicago, and the riots of Chicago case of 1968. The riots were a result of the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination.

00:56:36 Talks about sexual molestation case of Ryan Harris.

01:03:45 Dr. Dunston gives closing remarks.

01:05:16 Benediction given.


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