C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Student Forum, 1997 (video)

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Dr. Thomas Scott introduces Dr. Samuel D. Cooke as the moderator for the C. Eric Lincoln Lecture series student/ scholar forum. Participants Dr. John Silber, Dr. James S. Thomas and Clark Atlanta University student Latoya Wilson discuss the social responsibility of the modern university. Included in the forum discussions are the issues of affirmative action and race, community verses individualism and public schools and vouchers. Corresponding audio can be found by searching this file name: auc.093.b06t17.19970000.aud0017.

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00:00:12 Dr. Thomas Scott welcomes attendees and introduces the moderator, Dr. Samuel D. Cooke.

00:01:17 Dr. Samuel D. Cooke welcomes attendees and introduces forum participants.

00:05:45 Dr. John Silber talks about the social responsibility of the university is not about political activism, but the universities primary social responsibility is the continuous search for truth. Also encourages university to look at individual history of students as opposed to group history in terms of race.

00:15:25 Talks about University having a role to play economically.

00:16:22 Latoya Wilson student at Clark Atlanta believes university must educate students personally as well. States you can have a student doing well academically but have a personal and spiritual void.

00:17:09 Dr. James S. Thomas talks about university community.

00:21:31 Dr. Samuel D. Cooke gives his comments and disagreement with Dr. Silber. States Silber commits a fallacy of individualism. States African Americans are identified as a group and not individuals.

00:22:56 Dr. Silber responds and states Dr. Samuel misses his point on Affirmative action. Believes what got country into trouble was treating Blacks as a group rather than individuals. Believes as long as the country does it this way the country is in trouble. Should focus on individual history instead of group history.

00:28:50 Question from audience.

00:34:32 Question from Clark Atlanta Student about the role of students in the modern university.

00:34:40 Latoya Wilson states if students feel things are not right they should voice their concern. Talks about financial aid being a problem at Clark Atlanta.

00:35:59 Dr. James S. Thomas talks about community on the edge of every college or university and the need for relationship between students and conditions of the community which students anticipate serving when they graduates. This relationship should form before graduation.

00:37:00 Dr. Silber states most important thing for students to do is to work hard do their lessons and not cheat.

00:41:06 Question from the audience about school vouchers.

00:42:35 Dr. Silber talks about the voucher system’s role is to scare teachers unions, and school committees and superintendents of the nation so that they will start upgrading their standards and pay more attention to the interest of parents and children. States it will not work as a solution because it creates demand without supply, and what must be done is to reform the public schools.

00:45:23 Question from students.

00:59:16 Dr. Thomas Scott thanks moderator and participants and gives closing remarks.


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