C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Student Forum, 1998 (video)

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Dr. William B. McClain moderates the student scholar forum on Black Religion and Economic empowerment. The forum panel includes Rev. Floyd Flake (former congressman and pastor of Allen AME church in Jamaica Queens, New York), Dr. Charlie Carter (professor of economics at Clark Atlanta), Minister Jamil Muhammad (Nation of Islam and graduate of Howard University) and Dr. George McCalep (graduate of Morehouse school of Religion/ITC and pastor of Green forest Community Baptist Church). The group discusses the Black church and its relationship to African American community economic development. Issues discussed include views of ministry and spirituality and opportunities and obstacles to economic development including capital. Corresponding audio containing partially similar material can be found by searching this file name: auc.093.b06t18.19981008.aud0018.

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00:00:11 Janet Melnick greets attendees and introduces moderator of student scholar forum Dr. William B. McClain.

00:02:59 Dr. William B. McClain gives remarks. Talks about how delighted he is to be in attendance. Introduces forum panel Dr. Floyd Flake, Dr. Charles Carter, Minister Jamil Muhammad and Dr. George McCalep.

00:07:19 Dr. Flake gives opening statements. Talks about African American community being at a critical moment. Also talks about Black Church economic development efforts in African American communities and development opportunities.

00:17:01 Dr. Carter talks about key role of religious institutions within the African American community. Also talks about keeping dollars with in African American communities and the need for goods and services in those communities, and about the starvation of capital within the African American community.

00:19:27 Minister Jamil talks about how God must be at the center of economic efforts. Church must meet spiritual and physical needs.

00:24:47 Dr. George McCalep talks about south DeKalb area being the 2nd richest African American community in the nation. Also talks about holistic ministry and obstacles of African American economic progress.

00:34:52 C. Eric Lincoln asks a question concerning spiritual verses economic emphasis of the Black Church.

00:35:49 Dr. George McCalep responds to Dr. Lincoln’s question. Also talks about people who express concerns about the spirituality of economic efforts of the church may not be spiritual themselves.

00:51:06 Bishop Thomas asks question about Black Churches empowering entrepreneurs in areas they serve. He gives examples of black clothing and groceries.

00:52:59 C. Eric Lincoln asks a question and talks about the relationship between the Black Church and funeral homes and how the foreign purchases of Black funeral homes will effect that relationship.

00:55:45 Dr. Floyd Flake responds to C. Eric Lincoln’s question by talking about the issue of capital. Foreign (white) funeral homes undertakers are bringing capital to traditionally undercapitalized African American funeral homes the reality becomes how African Americans generate capital.

00:56:30 Dr. Carter talks about tendency in Black churches for members not to disclose the nature of their occupation.

00:59:31 Minister Jamil Muhammad talks about need of more conversations like the one held at the forum.


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