16th C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, 1998 (video)

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C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series Collection

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Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake, pastor of Allen AME church of Jamaica Queens, New York, preaches an economic empowerment message. The message title “Turning Burdens into Blessings” is taken from the book of Numbers chapter 11 verses 23-25 in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Dr. Flake speaks of America as the land of promise for African Americans. He warns against African Americans victimization and complaining too much without moving toward economic and educational solutions. Other speakers include Dr. Love Henry Whelchel, Rev. Dr. Phillip Dunston, Dr. Thomas Winston Cole, and Dr. Kenneth Samuel.

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00:00:11 Dr. Love Henry Whelchel speaks to students about C. Eric Lincoln and recognizes family of C Eric Lincoln and special guests.

00:06:10 Rev. Dr. Phillip Dunston gives musical rendition of the Lord’s Prayer.

00:09:19 Clark Atlanta University president Dr. Thomas Winston Cole introduces lecturer/speaker Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake.

00:14:55 Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake thanks Clark Atlanta University president and greets those in attendance.

00:20:55 Begins topic “Turning Burdens into Blessings” selected from Numbers 11:23-25.

00:24:12 Talks about complaining and how it is a terrible thing when a people in their sojourn from slavery to freedom do nothing but complain.

00:26:44 Talks about how African Americans, rather than building on the successes that belongs to the community, spend too much time complaining.

00:27:25 States he does not suggest African Americans do not have reasons to complain but believes it is time for African Americans to put complaints into perspective. Murmurs and complaints will not solve African Americans problems.

00:28:28 Talks about America not being a perfect place but it is African Americans Paradise. Claims if African Americans spend all their time claiming what is wrong with America they will not be able to participate in making it right.

00:28:50 Talks about for African Americans the road from emancipation to enfranchisement has been a long road and the road from enfranchisement to empowerment will be even longer and if African Americans merely complain they will never get there.

00:29:07 Talks about the three phases of liberation.

00:30:23 Talks about devastation of urban African American communities including crime and education. Claims urban schools are committing educational genocide. Floyd finds it interesting that African Americans riot over white police shooting African American child but will not protest the killing of children by educational system.

00:33:07 Talks about prison problems of African American males and Black on Black crime.

00:38:16 Talks about needing prophets who do more than complain about the problem but understand Spirit of God has given African Americans the power to achieve.

00:47:30 Talks about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. book “Where Do We Go from Here.” Mentions Dr. King warning about the process by which Americans elect leadership.

00:59:04 Dr. Whelchel gives final remarks and recognizes visitors.

01:00:31 Dr. Kenneth Samuel gives benediction.


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