While most people will remember Dr. Benjamin E. Mays as the President of Morehouse College for 27 years and as a former President of the Atlanta Board of Education, he was also an internationalist with strong views of how Christian values might govern the relations between man and nations. Many of his international insights were gained while he was serving as the Dean of Howard University's School of Religion from 1934 to 1940. As Dean, he began to travel abroad to attend world conferences in Europe and India. These travels broadened his perspective of the issues of racism abroad, ethnic and religious conflict, intercultural problems and international politics.

In an article he wrote in 1937 for the Journal of Negro Education about his traveling experiences in India, he stated that the problems which confront the youth of the world are:

International relations, race relations, the relations between those of different religious faiths, youth and the claims of the state and nation, the need to build a new social order, youth and the church, personal decisions and actions (Mays, l937). These problems that Dr. Mays identified remain valid in the 1990s even though some may be stated in different terms today. Dr. Mays' travels to India also afforded him an opportunity to meet with the leader of India's non-violent movement for independence, Mahatma Gandhi. With Gandhi, he discussed India's caste system, especially the condition of the untouchables.