Communication & Social Change


Submission Guidelines

Communication and Social Change is devoted to advancing knowledge and understanding of the historical and contemporary role of media and communication arts in fostering social change. The journal seeks manuscripts that address the role of media and communication in local, national and global movements, campaigns and development efforts; the social-cultural impact of new media; emerging and alternative communication art forms; and innovative perspectives on ethics, social responsibility and public policy as they relate to communication and social change. The journal also will consider topical essays that are clearly argued and well supported.

Research articles and essays must be written according to APA style (5th ed.). The maximum length for all articles is 25 pages, plus a 200 word abstract and a brief (25 word) biography of the author. All submissions must include author’s current position/affiliation, email address, physical mailing address and telephone and fax numbers.

Manuscripts submitted must be typed double-spaced and in three (3) hard copies, or by email in Microsoft Word. All articles will be assessed by selected members of the journal’s editorial advisory committee or by other specialists. The final decision on whether to accept a submitted paper will be the editor's. The journal assumes copyright of all manuscripts accepted for publication.