ETD Collection for Robert W. Woodruff Library, Atlanta University Center

Dissertations & Theses from 2014

Eltayeby, Omar (2014) Measuring the influence of mainstream media on twitter users

Francis, Clarissa E. (2014) Black college women's responses to sexual health peer education at Clark Atlanta University

Ipaud, Amandine Barbara (2014) Interaction of metal oxides with biomolecules

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

Adadevoh, Anthonia (2013) Personified Goddesses: An archetypal pattern of female protagonists in the works of two black women writers

Benjamin, Vaneisa P. (2013) A qualitative investigation of factors associated with the disproportionate number of students referred for special education testing through the response to intervention process

Bosthanthirige, Mihiri Shashikala Hewa (2013) Structural and electronics properties of noncovalently functionalized graphene

Brown, Charlette (2013) The impact of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act on access to postsecondary education for temporary assitance to needy families recipients in Jackson, Mississippi in 2011

Brownlee-Williams, Yolanda (2013) Selected variables and factors related to performance of students with disabilities: implications for school leaders

Bullock, Angela Nicole (2013) Organizational change within human service organizations: a study on the relationship between public housing authority employees' perceptions on readiness climate and process change and employee status

Bullock, Angela Nicole (2013) Organizational change within human service organizations: A study on the relationship between Public Housing Authority employee's perceptions on readiness, climate, and process change and employee status

Dajuan, Leonard Raymond (2013) Factors that influence teachers’ perception of school climate at one metro Atlanta High School

Davis, Leon W. (2013) The Shrine of the Black Madonna and the afrocentric personality

Dellemar, Randall L. (2013) The sacrificial lamb of capitalism: The impact of private prisons on African-Americans in Georgia

Don-Salu-Hewage, Ayesha Shyamali (2013) Cysteine (C)-X-C Receptor 4 undergoes Transportin 1-Dependent Nuclear Localization and remains functional at the Nucleus of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cells

Doss, Jereme Raphael (2013) Biodegradable polymers for controlling/studying material-cell interaction

Dube, Juilan (2013) International new media coverage of the "arab springs": actors, technology and political impacts

Dube, Julian (2013) International news media coverage of the "Arab Spring": actors, technology and political impacts

Evans, Ashley L. (2013) ID4 as a tumor suppressor: mechanism of action of ID4 in prostate cancer

Glymph, Shanora Elizabeth (2013) The role of myxovirus (influenza virus) resistance in a prostate cancer

Gray, Vance (2013) The impact of the American recovery and reinvestment act of 2009 on black and latino unemployment

Hann, Africa T. (2013) A study attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and medical treatment among adolescent males

Liyanage, Krishani Parana (2013) Outlier detection in spatial data using the m-SNN algorithm

Lowe, Star R. (2013) A study of hypnotherapy as an effective, wholistic and alternative treatment modality for diverse individuals, tracing from an ancient epoch

Mathews, Tayler J. (2013) The relationship between skin complexion and social outcomes: how colorism affects the lives of African-American women

Rowlette, Nefertiti L. (2013) A study of the relationship between adolescent female interpersonal development in a relationship and the influence of the absence of a father in the home

Samarakoon, Duminda K. (2013) Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of graphene-based nanomaterials

Sapkota, Indra Prasad (2013) Tunable band gap in functionalized epitaxial graphene

Shipman, Terance Larnard (2013) An investigation of the relationship of selected end of the course test scores and selected perceptions of teachers on the use of technology in an urban high school cluster

Steele, Shondricka R. (2013) A study of public policies derived from the war on drugs and how policy fuels recidivism among African American males in Atlanta, Georgia who commit drug related offenses

Turner, Michael (2013) A mixed method study on factors that influence employee morale of full-time live-in professional staff at two single-gender institutions of higher education: implications for educational leaders

Vo, BaoHan Thi (2013) Nodal and transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) signalings in prostate cancer cells

White-Martin, Willie M. (2013) The basic funtion calculator and factors of other variables that may impact achievement on the Georgia math CRCT for students with disabilities

Whylly, Danielle Sweat (2013) A study of the non-traditional factors of an ex-felon rehabiltation program in the European country of Ukraine

Williams, Arthur (2013) The participation of negroes in the government of Alabama 1867-1874

Williams, Makeba (2013) A study of the effects of cyberbullying and offensive discourse among adolescents in cyberspace

Williams, Rachel A. (2013) Investigating the effectiveness of the intervention reading models of two teachers in grades K-2

Wilson, Deborah (2013) Successful leadership characteristics of elementary school leaders and the impact on consecutive student achievement

Wilson, Takeisha Genell (2013) The impact of the frequency of technology use on client engagement behavior exhibited by child welfare workers

Woody, Natasha Michelle (2013) Can roses grow from concrete? A case study of parental involvement, teacher morale, school culture, and student achievement in an urban alternative school

Wright, Darrin E. (2013) A study of mental health consumers' perceptions of access to and satisfaction with integrated behavioral health care services in Metropolitan Atlanta

Wright, Kara F. B. (2013) Examining the effects of individual counseling and crime prevention programs on recidivism of juvenile offenders.

Young, Julius A. Jr. (2013) Charles Hamilton Houston as the father of the Civil Rights Movement

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Dissertations & Theses from 2012

Alemu, Leulekal Akalu (2012) A study of socio-cultural identity and adjustment of Ethiopian immigrants in Atlanta.

Alinsaif, Ahmed (2012) A study of psychosocial factors influencing alcohol use among Saudi Arabians

Amelia, Jefferson D. (2012) Perceptions of African-American middle school gifted students regarding factors that influence their attrition in gifted education programs

Armour, Curtis Jr. (2012) Teacher self-efficacy, teacher collective efficacy, and job satisfication in small learning communities and small schools: implications for educational leaders

Armstrong, Ayanna (2012) Comparative and competitive advantages of drug trafficking in the Southeastern Caribbean Islands: a comparative study of Trinidad and Tobago. St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Arnold, Quail T. (2012) Student, teacher,and educational leader perceptions of the quality of implementation of an advanced placement program in a select urban high school: a mixed methods study

Burgess, Sherese E. (2012) Identifying Oxidative changes in E coli K12 under photocatalytic stress by TiO2

Butler, Mary (2012) The influence of technological integrated instruction on student achievement in reading and mathematicas of students with autism: implications for educational leadership

Carey, Jason P.W. (2012) Inhibitor of DNA binding 4: a novel tumor suppressor gene in prostate cancer

Chetram, Mahandranauth A. (2012) The regulatory role of ROS on CXCR4 expression and function in prostate cancer cells

Cofield, Jormell Bland (2012) Difference in ninth-grade student performance between small learning communities and traditional high school models

Cook, India M. (2012) A study of attitudes toward elder abuse among African American, Korean and Chinese caregivers

Cotton, Tara M. (2012) A study of the potential influence of school environment, administrative leadership and support, social support, and coping upon the presence of symptoms of teacher depression: implications for educational leaders.

Cureton, Shava T. (2012) A study of social workers knowledge of environmental living conditions and health disparities

Deas, Sean T. (2012) The influence of mentoring and other factors on the student reading achievement in a New Orleans charter public school

Delaney-Lawrence, Ava P. (2012) The quest for identity in Frances W. Harper's Iola Leroy, Nella Larsen's quicksand and Zora Neale Hurston's their eyes were watching god.

Dondo, Awuor M. (2012) The cooperative model as an alternative strategy for rural development : a policy analysis case study of Kenya and Tanzania 1960-2009

Dupree, Ravenell Christopher (2012) An investigation of the belief system held by African-American male college students regarding the influence of selected variables upon their retention and persistence toward graduation

Eades-Gadson, Melissa D. (2012) A mixed method study assessing the level of satisfaction of a high school counseling program as perceived by stakeholders: implications for educational leaders

Etson, Timothy D. (2012) An exploratory study of the politics of black male enrollment in Georgia’s public colleges and universities

Fanion, Latanya L. (2012) A mixed methods study on factors that influence recent high school dropouts to persist in adult secondary educational programs to pusue the general educational development certificate

Fitzhugh, Rosa (2012) An investigation of selected factors that may impede academic success for English language learners on the CRCT in third grade in a metro Atlanta public school district as perceived by teachers, parents, and students, implications for educational leaders

Fuller, Frank Robert (2012) The Atomic Bomb: Reflections in Japanese Manga and Anime

Gardner, Kara R. (2012) The relationship between persistence, ability-to pay, and other selected variables at a highly selective, urban HBCU

Gibbs, Lakeisha Nicole (2012) Persistence of graduate students at an urban research institution in the Southeastern region of the United States

Goatley, Elizabeth Michale (2012) A study of the impact of perceived individual stigma, social stigma and social support on treatment seeking behaviors of victims of sexual exploitation in Georgia

Grace, Julie Anne (2012) Conflict trasformation in the church

Gray, Lolita D. (2012) An analysis of public policies implemented to address the disproportionate occurrence of asthma among minority youth in Georgia

Gunasinghe, Rosi Najeela (2012) Structural and electronic properties of boron nano structures: A dispersion-corrected density functional study

Hankins, Jamila T. (2012) A study of the impact foster care policies have on permanency outcomes for children in Georgia's private foster care

Hayes, ‘Will De’Angeleo III (2012) Using the arts (music, mime, dace, and drama) to enhance the spirituality of the youth

Haynes-Belizarie, Aisha L. (2012) Legislating social justice policy: a case study of sponsored legislation by black congresswomen during the 108th congressional session

Jackson, Eric D. Sr. (2012) Bridging the gap between Sunday in the combat zone and Sunday at home

James, Candace M. (2012) The dispersion and delamination of graphite in PETI298 by High Torque Melt Mixing

James, Jason Thomas (2012) Diversity in the use of technology in instruction and assessment strategies in one predominantly African-American Metro Atlanta public high school

Loveness, Mabhunu (2012) Knowledge of HIV transmission and sexual behavior among Zimbabwean adolescent females in Atlanta, Georgia: the role of culture and dual socialization

Neal, Anthony Sean (2012) Common ground: a comparison of the ideas of consciousness in the writings of Howard W Thurman and Huey P. Newton

Nwokah, Chinyere C. (2012) A study of the effects of biculturalism and acculturation on adjustment in Nigerian-American women

Obeng, Kwasi Kizito (2012) The long Jewel: assessing political solutions to the Nile river conflict by maneuvering around colonial

Parrish, Donna D. (2012) A study of the relationship between planned physical activity social support, and sedentary behavior choices among women as articulated by the U.S. surgeon general under the affordable care ACT.2010

Person, Crystal N. (2012) A study of the effects of social media on monogamous African American heterosexual relationshipa on the campus of Clark Atlanta University

Pinder, Anthony Louis (2012) Internationalizing the black college: an investigation of the stage of readiness of private black colleges as it relates to select benchmarks for comprehensive internationalization

Price, Ambrus C. Jr (2012) A case study of the role of the Robert T. Stafford act in the federal,state, and local government response to hurricane Katrina and hurricane Andrew

Rankin, Nicolas Ramon (2012) "Transportation: the regulation and funding of Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and Transportation Equity"

Riche, Larry (2012) The performance of high-order quadrature amplitude modulation schemes for broadband wireless communication systems

Rikki, Clark T. (2012) A study of intimate partner violence and posttraumatic stress disorder among women living in safe houses in the state of Georgia

Rucker-Edwards, Billie Deshun (2012) Young, gifted, and disadvantaged: a study of key program and personnel factors related to the underrepresentation of African-American disadvantaged students in the talented and gifted program in two urban middle schools in the Atlanta metro region

Sanders, Douglass M. Jr. (2012) "Rock the mic!" the influence of hip-hop culture on black boys' attitude in school: a critical ethnography

Smith, Howard C. II (2012) Public diplomacy: the United States Information Agency (USIA) utilizing the Voice of America as foreign policy in Ethiopia (1971 - 1991)

Strong, Nicole Lynette (2012) Differential regulation of transforming growth factor β signaling by inhibitor of differentiation 1 (ID1) and ID3 in prostate cancer cells

Tate, Rachanice Candy Patrice (2012) "Our art itself was our activism" Atlanta's neighborhood arts center, 1975-1990

Thomas, Terry (2012) Afri-Cobra: a black revolutionary arts movement and arts for people’s sake

Walker, Lindsey Danielle (2012) Expression of TGFB isoforms and their effects on migratory and invasive behavior of prostate cancer cells: involvement of PI3-KINASE/AKT Signaling pathway

Washington, Gerri I. (2012) The correlation between child maltreatment and gang affiliation in metro Atlanta

Watkins, Alecia Lynette (2012) Factors that influence students’ success in learning support at a two-year community college.

Westfield, Alwyn W. (2012) The impact of leadership on politics and Ebenezer Theodore Joshua and Robert Milton Cato

Westfield, Volma T. (2012) Colonial and Post-Colonial educational policies in the Windward islands: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Wilks, Keith M. (2012) Bridging hospice and church: preparing church members to be hospice volunteers

Williams, Edward Jr. (2012) An investigation of potential benefits of an eighth to ninth grade transition program in an Atlanta metro school district high school on attendance, grades,and discipline referrals as comparable high school without a transition program in a comparable high school without a transistion program in another metro school district

Wood, Augustus Clark III (2012) The sixth finger: Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali, and the unconscious race hero in sports

Wright, Kierra D. (2012) Chiral polymer surface-cell interaction: understanding the role of chirality & surface topography on polymer-cell interactions

Zavareh, Mojgan (2012) Absorbents for water purification: functionalized ordered mesoporous silcate for the removal of 2,4-Dinirophenol and activated carbon filters for the removal of lead (II) from water

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

Canty, Jayme Nicole (2011) From mother to daughter: an analysis of intergenerational activism among African-American women from 1960 to 1961

Cook, Anthony J. (2011) National guard and reserve soldiers with PTSD: families, churches, and communities returning them to wholeness

Cooper, Daphne M. (2011) Persistent poverty among Africans Americans in the United States: the impact of public policy

Densu, Kwasi (2011) Patchin: Towards a theory and political history of Africana Agrarianism

Edwards, Jamal S. (2011) Examining gang violence through the lives and eyes of young male gang members: implications for educational leaders

Eze, Petronilla H. (2011) The relationship between instructional strategies/teacher methodologies and student performance and its implication for school leaders

Foster-Rowell, Catherine (2011) A case study on the impact of welfare reform on Georgia's TANF recipients labor force entry and self-sufficiency

Franklin, Jameelah Atiya (2011) Characterization of Pyrazinamide mono-resistant strains of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis complex isolates submitted to centers for disease control from United States public health laboratories for drug susceptibility testing

Fulford, Portia (2011) The use of folk healing medicines by selected African-American women as gynecological resistance

Heath, Ian G. (2011) Separate and unequal: a comparative study on the impact of desegregation on the academic success of African-American students in Philadelphia and Dekalb county, Georgia: 1954-present.

Hightower, Edward O. (2011) Convicted and railroaded: Rufus B. Bullock and Georgia convict leasing, 1868-1871

Hill, Etta J. (2011) Educating rural African Americans in pre-brown decision America: one-room school education in Hardin county, Kentucky 1941-1954

Hudson, Roshelle Darlene (2011) A descriptive study of the Dekalb county department of family and children services' educational program and academic performance of youth in foster care from 2009-2010

Jackson, Keyla Amil (2011) Presidential power and the law: what are the limitations of the president of the United States of America? a focus on Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush in time of war

Jackson, Veda Kimber (2011) It's all about color: an analysis of color symbolism in Toni Morrison's Sula and the bluest eye

Johnson, Larry D. Jr (2011) Dismantling and (Re) constructing notions of masculinity and femininity in African women literature

Jones, Lee C. (2011) The cold war and conflic in Angola and Ethiopia 1975-1991: a world systems theory comparison

Kah, Cherno Baba (2011) Structural and electronic stability of Russian-doll -style Sc4C@C80

Keith, Ravon D. (2011) Constructing the Concept of Masculinity in black American men

Khader, Naim H. (2011) The impact of the Palestinian uprising of 1987-1993 on the peace process a Palestinian perspective

Minor, Carlos J. Jr (2011) The development of Xavier university under the presidency of Norman C. Francis: 1968 - 2005

Muhammad, Reginald S. (2011) The movement to secure reparations for blacks in America: an analysis of fragmented models and methodologies

Mukangara, Martha (2011) Evangelism as a local church outreach ministry to women and children affected with HIV and AIDS at Chikanga UMC in Zimbabwe, Africa

Nathaniel, James Edward II (2011) A computational study of electronic structures of graphene allotropes with electrical bias

Neal, Corey Lekeil (2011) Snail mediates epithelial mesenchymal transition and cell adhesion in human prostate cancer cell lines

Ogbuagu, Arunma B.Christy (2011) Factors affecting high school graduation rates in metropolitan Atlanta public schools

Ogunro, Olayinka Oluremi II (2011) A Computational Study of the functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Macromolecules

Payne, Kimberly Ellen (2011) Examining the female leader in Octavia Butler's dawn and Fledgling

Penosen, Tayo E. (2011) An analysis of the black church in Atlanta politics

Porter, Lakeisha (2011) An investigation of critical factors that influence the success rate of students passing the regents' exam mandated by the university system of Georgia board of regents

Rigby-Simmons, Tamala Tamara' (2011) Redefining theory: re-presenting woman as savior

Samarakoom, Duminda K. (2011) Structural and electronic properties of Hydrogenated Graphene

Sanogo, Ibrahima (2011) Three dramatic adaptations of Joan of Arc: a sociophilosophical and political study

Singleton, Keir Elizabeth (2011) Personal experiences and adversities: the existential struggles of women in American women's literature

Smith, Clara A. (2011) The black surrogate mother.

Suggs, Kelvin L. (2011) Helical wrapping of conjugated polymers around single-walled carbon nanotubes

Thomas, Terry (2011) Africa-Cobra: a black revolutionary arts movement and arts for people's sake

Wheatley, Ricardo (2011) African international relations: A metafunctional approach

Whitehead, LaToria (2011) The influence of non-governmental organizations on public policy: a case study on childhood lead poisoning prevention in Savannah, Georgia

Wilson, Lakeitha Shana (2011) The perfect mask: examining the diligence in masking in Daniel black's perfect peace and Obery Hendricks's living water

Woods, Robert A. (2011) A study comparing African American men and women with a mental health disorder and their dependency on others

Younge, Jasmine E. (2011) Separation of church and state: a study of the influence of the catholic church on public policy

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Dissertations & Theses from 2010

Abdi, Mohamed A. (2010) Conflict resolution and nation-building in Somalia

Anucha, Dominic Uka (2010) The impact of constituent assemblies (1978- 1995) on nigerian constitutions and political evolution

Banjoko, Victor O. (2010) Design, synthesis and spectroscopy of terpyridine materials: from energy and charge transfer to chemosensor applications

Briggins, Donna L. (2010) The Impact of a leadership training program for refugee women

Brown, Tracy (2010) Investigation of the rheology, cure kinetics, and thermo-mechanical properties of GRC-A loaded with zeolites

Cameron, Gemeia (2010) Synthesis, characterizaton, and effects of silver impregnated alumina on escherichia coli as a model for antimic Systhesis, characterization, and effects of silver impregnated alumina on escherichia coli as a model for antimicrobial control of gram-negative bacteria

Coleman, Laivian G. (2010) Displaced placement: determining factors that affect academic self-concept among placed ninth grade students.

Darrington, Eric Brian (2010) TGFβ modulated changes in VEGF expression and secretion may enhance disease progression through an autocrine mechanism

Dave, Amit (2010) A comparison of student performance in an online class versus a face-to-face (Traditional) class: A meta-analysis

Davison, Denise Mclane (2010) An exploratory phenomenological study of black feminist leadership in HIV/AIDS community work

Dillard, Paulette Rawley (2010) Intracrine regulation of androgen receptor in prostate cancer

Goss, Ihermel (2010) Impact of mentorship on African-American title of student satisfaction: a case study at Kappa State University

Grant, Jonathan (2010) Heaven bound, earthly good: an historical analysis of race relations in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Graves, Eric L. Sr (2010) A descriptive study of the impact Aniz, incorporated has on the battle against HiV/AIDS in the Atlanta, Georgia area

Holston, Jan Alexia (2010) A theory of African-American archetypes: big mama and the whistlin' woman

Jester, Vickie Marie (2010) A study of the perceptions of depression, spirituality, and treatment among African Americans

Jones, James L. Jr (2010) A case study of teachers' and counselors' perceptions of the factors relating to student absenteeism, discipline, and retention in a high school small learning community

Lockhart, Edward Ronald Jr (2010) Neural network analysis of mRNA secondary structure across transcriptomes

Logan, Laura Ashley (2010) An exploratory study of the success of African-American women who grew up in a single parent, improverished environment in the state of Georgia.

Louis, Vanessa (2010) Human promoter characterization

Lumpkin, Ann (2010) Faculty use of technology in postsecondary education

Mcfarlane, Renee' Adenike (2010) The relationship between selected independent variables and the level of job satisfaction of school counselors: implications for administors and policy makers

Mcgriff, Ebony L. (2010) A study of the relationship between prevention, risk and barriers related to prostate cancer among African-American men in Georgia

Mclane-Davison, Denise (2010) An exploratory phenomenological study of black feminist leadership in HIV/AIDS community work.

Ogden, Cindi (2010) A study of the social, economic, cultural and self esteem challenges that influence how African-American youth learn and develop

Ojekwe, Anny Anthonia (2010) Peacekeeping in West Africa: an analysis of Nigeria's roles, 1990-2005

Pearson, Latessa Marie (2010) Going in the back door: rural African American women's experiences with reproductive healthcare

Poindexter, Jacquelyn F. (2010) Student achievement in math in relation to teacher methodology and other variables: implications for leadership

Scott, Jacqueline A. (2010) The influence of role models, self-efficacy, carreer exploration, mentorship, educational aspirations, and academic enrichment on career aspirations of youth of youth in a precollege enrichmant program

Stoddard, Aseelah (2010) Photocatalytic inactivation of fungi with TiO2 with white light and different buffer systems

Taylor, Angela Renee' (2010) A study of the relationship between the social work practitioner's perspective and the utilization of spirituality, counseling, and support groups in the treatment of African American female victims of domestic violence in metropolitan Atlanta

Tidwell, Wylie Jason Donte' III (2010) Colonial South Carolina's influence on the American constitution

Todd, Pamela (2010) An explanatory study of teachers' perceptions of motivation, behaviors, and academic performance among foster care students in elementary and middle schools

Toliver, Jacinta Nataki (2010) A case study of student and leadership team perceptions of a metro Atlanta alternative school program: selected educational factors which impact student achievement as measured by high school completion

Weathers, George A. Jr (2010) An investigation of the relationship of school suspension and other key variables on the performance of eighth grade African-American students on the Georgia crct

Williams, Aisha D. (2010) Exploring the theoretical and philosophical frameworks that influence private practitioners' mental health treatment of middle-class African- American women

Yarbrough, Shandra M. (2010) Efficacy of professional learning communities and their impact upon student academic outcome as perceived by local school administrators and teachers

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Dissertations & Theses from 2009

Adams, Dell Ray (2009) Race empowerment and the Establishment of African-American owned banks in the South,1888 - 1910

Anderson, Winnie (2009) Perception of first-year teachers concerning the extent to which a mentoring program helps to establish efficacy with regards to organizational skills, effective classroom management skills, creative instructional strategies and strategies for retention intentions

Askew, Jessalyn Roberson (2009) Embracing the text: reading achievement of African-American students-implications for educational leaders

Battle, Danielle Sanders (2009) Student mathermatics performance in relation to selected causal variables and a teaming process for improving higher order thinking skills

Busambwa, Kanunu Emmanuel (2009) Building a multicultural congregation at Central park United methodist church: paradigm shift from Ethnocentrism to Ethnorelativism

Carter, Shemetra M. (2009) Brown bodies have no glory: and exploration of black women's pornographic images from Sara Baartman to the present

Collins, Darissa L. (2009) A study of the perception held by ex-offenders of community services and family support

Collins, Kevin Tyrone (2009) A case study analysis of African American participation in the initial allocation of tobacco master settlement agreement funds to black communitites in Arkansas and Georgia.

Corbett, Lisa Ashley (2009) Male Dominance and female exploitation: A study of female Victimization in William Shakespeare's Othello, Much Ado about nothing, and Hamlet

Davis, Darren (2009) The correlation between group memebers' perception of effective leadership and their perception of treatment modality efficacy

Ephraim, Daniel E. (2009) Modeling electrodeposited NI80Fe20 and the electrolytes boundary conditions' influence on the mechanical properties

Ezeji-Okoye, Kentu (2009) Political, economic and cultural ratonales forstate creation in Nigeria.

Freeman, Raynix D. (2009) Revelation of revelations

Gervin, Derrick W. (2009) An exploration of factors that facilitate the development of evaluation knowledge and skill in social work field Education

Goodwyn, Robin H. (2009) A study of the relationship between the misconceptions of hospice care and the influence on the utilization of hospice care services

Hamilton, Yarneccia D. (2009) An Exploratory study: gender inequities in substance abuse treatment and recovery among incarcerated African-American women at risk for HIV and AIDS infection

Harris, Kelly (2009) International finance capital and African development: 1980-2001

Haynes, Sarah Kirksey (2009) Student reading performance in relation to selected causal variables and a teaming process for improving higher order thinking skills

Houston, Fantara J. (2009) Teacher perceptions of the factors which influence teacher attrition in three elementary schools in a metropolitan Atlanta school system

Howard, Gloria (2009) Impact of teaching styles and other related variables on student achievement in mathematics and the implications for curriculum management

Jackson, Lillian (2009) Does the move IT math reform model make a positive impact on student achievement in math? implications for educational leaders

Johnson-Porter, Phyllis E. (2009) Muaic ecucation and other school related factors influencing reading achievement: implications for educations

Jones, Joseph L. (2009) Hegemonic rhythms: The role of Hip-Hop music in 21st century American Public diplomacy

Jordan III, Augustus W. (2009) Ideological and narrative structures of Hip-Hop music: A study of selected Hip-Hop artists

Kabia-Williams, Yma E. (2009) A study of alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental illness as risk factors among adults whose parents were substance abusers

Katembo, Kainda Jr (2009) Preparation of nitrogen doped nanostrured TiO2 and its applications to photocatalytic disinfection

Lima-Neves, Terza Alice Silva (2009) Sodade: diasproric cape verdeans and development in their homeland

Maxwell, Sheila Lyle (2009) Teacher perceptions of the reform model success for all on student achievement in reading

McCants, Zauditu Esther (2009) A study of whether African American students in the Atlanta university Center schools were knowledgeable of public health policies and programs concerning abused and neglected children

Mehreteab, Tesfamariam (2009) Preparation of mesoporous Ti - Organosilicate epoxidation catalysts

Miles, Larry L. (2009) A proposed model for African liberation

Mitchell, III, Earle Cameron (2009) Understanding Washington, D.C. Througha Kemetic lens

Moore, Roderquita K. (2009) The Novel methods for characterization and identification of milled wood lignin in trees

Nash, Panya R. (2009) A Mixed methods study of access and utilization of faith-based mental health support services for African-American consumers and their families

Nwobu, Ogugua E. (2009) The role of the United States Congress in American Foreign policy toward South Africa: a case study of South african transition from Aprtheid to democracy and congressional participation (1980-1995)

Page, Jennifer Renee' (2009) 'And he shall be called woman': behind the mask of selected black male actors cross-dressing in entertainment

Parker, Sabrenia M. (2009) The Cytotoxic Effects of Morinda Citrifolia Extracts Through TLR4 in Human Breast Cancer Cells

Payne, Paulette Lavomme (2009) Hallelujah and Amen: the African-American reliious aesthetic and black women in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia

Perkins, Sean Monte' (2009) Student outcomes and teacher perceptions in relationship to smaller learning communities in an urban high school

Pinkston, Shannah C. (2009) A study of the relationship between family structure, socio-economic status, and self-esteem among African American college students

Reuven, Darkeyah Godel (2009) Synthesis and characterization of dinitrophenyl of dinitrophenyl functionalized conductive polymers capable of biospecific binding

Rhodes, Miesha N. (2009) Religiosity and spirituality as coping strategies among suicidal African American women

Rolle-Cargill, Darlene (2009) An exploratory study on the impact of social and economic risk factors on the lives of persons living and working with HIV/AIDS in the Bahamas

Simmons, Leilani N. (2009) "Say It loud, I'm black and I'm proud:" Black power and black nationalist ideology in the formation of the black genealogy movement, 1965-1985

Singleton, Kennth L. (2009) Harry H. Singleton.II, a warrior as activist: racism in Horry county, South Carolina , 1965-2005

Smalls, Freeman Earl (2009) Development of an Anti-stenotrophomonas maltophilia Immunoglobulin-G (lgG) that Prevents Iron Transport in Gram Negative Bacteria

Smith, Lisa (2009) Student performance in math in relation to language deficiency and other variables: implications for school administrators

Smith Porter, Deborah Denise (2009) A study of the perceptions of female leaders' qualifications, leadership style, and effectiveness among elective and selective leaders

Stallworth, Marcus M. (2009) Gender-Based Instruction and the impact on mathematics achievement among males and females grades 3-5

Turner, Zuri-Starr Paree (2009) A study of relationship abuse patterns among lesbians who abuse substances

Walker, Donald (2009) The post relationship effects of African American males who were verbally abused by their African American

Ware-Brazier, Rhonda (2009) Variables impacting reading achievement with implications for school leadership -*

Wheatley, Ricardo (2009) Contemporary Re-examination of African International Relations

White, Celeste Michelle (2009) Electoral participation among black women in Georgia: a comparative analysis of Atlanta and Keysville

White, Garrick (2009) An exploratory study: school social workers' perceptions of effective truancy interventions for African American high school students

Wilkerson, Dorian (2009) "Mathermatical Analysis of a Truly Nonlinear Oscillator Differential Equation"

Williams, Latonya M. (2009) Negotiating the security paradox: Afro-Colombians, Uribe (the United States), and the intrastate security crisis in Colombia

Wright, Tildon J. (2009) An explanatory study of how career advisement services are related to seeking employment by ex-offenders in Atlanta, Georgia

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Dissertations & Theses from 2008

Alexanader, Candace Y. (2008) Factors which influence low-income Afican American middle school students in mathematics

Andrews-Rose, Edna (2008) A Study of the social barriers leading to the disproportionately higher incidence of Alzheimer's disease in the African American population

Atinna, Mba (2008) The economic community of West African state (ECOWAS) and the control of illicit proliferation of small arms and ligtweapons in West Africa (1998-2005)

Austell, Vicki (2008) A qualitative exploration of teacher expectations of African-American male student behavior: implications for educational leaders.

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Cohen, Karen Valbrun (2008) The assistant principalship as preparation for the principalship

Coleman-Crossfield, Latangela L. (2008) The impact of sexism on African-American women ministers in selected branches of methodism as perceived by clergywomen: 1980-2000

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Gore, Kimberly C. (2008) A qualitative study of factors that influence the retention of highly qualified special education teachers.

Hannah, Kenyotta (2008) An examination of factors that impact the completion rate of students who participate in the learning support program in Georgia public colleges and university

Henderson, Deborah Lafayette (2008) What lies beneath: reading the cultural landscape of graveyard and burial grounds in African-American history and Literature

Hines, Michael W. (2008) Closing the gaps: An analysis of graduate students' preceived expectations and perceptions of services at a private historically Black College/University's School of Business

Jackson, Alicia Y. (2008) A qualitative study of factors associated with educating homeless children and how they will impact the quality of education in a large metropolitan school district

Jacobs, Jr, Walter R. (2008) The journey of African-Americans on th path toward the doctoral degree: a revelation of underlying factors and themes

Johnson, Lashanda L. (2008) A study of intimate partner violence a wareness amongst Clark Atlanta University students

Jones, Lashonda P. (2008) Case menagers' perceptions of the association between methamphetamine and child neglect

Jordan, Aisha Z. (2008) African retentions of Capoeira Angola

Jordan, Sabrina Lampley (2008) An analysis of fertilty rates and marriage patterns of selected somali refugees resettled iin metropolitan Atlanta

Lacy, Mary Sue (2008) The relationship between acculturation and perceptions of counseling held by Somali refugee adolescents

Lacy, Travis K. (2008) "Funk is its own reward" : an analysis of selected lyrics in popular funk music of the 1970s

Leopold, Roshaunda R. (2008) An exploratory study: the relationship between perception, education, accessibility and social marketing on the help seeking behaviors of HIV infected African Americans over 50

Marshall, Cerise C. (2008) Degradation, Humiliation, Perserverence: a study of female African American slaves in comparison with female Holocaust victims

Mason, Cheryl Banks (2008) The dynamics of black humor from Africa to America and the tranformation from slavery to the twentieth century

McCracken, Ebony M. (2008) The presence of post traumatic stress disorder among African-American men who are substance abusers at Fulton county drug court

Moffett, Raphael X. (2008) A comparison of persistence of African-american undergraduate students from a private urban historically black university and a public urban predominantly white institution in the south on selected variables related to retention

Morris, Eddie L. (2008) An exploration of the relationship between personal motivation, academic achievement, and social concepts among select groups of African-american high school males

Olowoye, Stephen Oluwarotimi (2008) The new partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD): An analysis of the perceptions and challenges

Parish, Da'Tarvia A. (2008) May the circle be unbroken? A study of daughters with African-American imprisoned mothers.

Prince N.A., Amoyaw (2008) Development of polymeric chelating ligands for removal of heavy metals from water

Pruitt-Annisette, Brenda (2008) Highly qualified school library media specialists: Perceptions of teacher preparation training requirements and the impact on P--12 student achievement

Ra-jab, Wardah Mummy (2008) HIV/AIDS and immigrants: knowledge and perceptions of Easterm African refugees in metropolitan Atlanta.

Rogers, Mia (2008) Stokely Carmichael: from freedom now to black power.

Shaw, Nakia C. (2008) A qualitative study of nontraditional African American female students' perceptions of the factors that contribute to their high attrition rate in a metropolitan Atlanta two-year college.

Sills, Janice Brown (2008) Relationship between parents' perception of school choice and their knowledge of vouchers, charter schools, Clayton county school choice provisions, and no child left behind.

Smith, Leevahn (2008) Struggling against oppression in the African-American Church by lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered and questioning people seeking justice

Walker, Carmen Victoria (2008) An analysis of the national association of colored women's clubs 1896-1935

Williams, Lawrence E. Sr. (2008) Educating African-American pentecostal church leaders regarding the prospect of sponsoring charter schools for inner-city youth

Williams, Sylvester Sr (2008) The church and the addict: a model of transformation involving persons from the addictive community and the congregation of Southside CME church, Birmingham, Alabama

Wills, Maury Lynn (2008) A case study of and African American charter school's satisfactory performance based on the perception of stakehoders of parents, teachers, students, and the community members.

Young, Taffeta (2008) The effectiveness of instructional coaching and other variables on student achievement as perceived by teachers: Implications for educational leaders

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Dissertations & Theses from 2007

Alema-Mensah, Ernest A. (2007) Social and psychological determinants of sexual activity and contraceptive use: a hierarchical analysis among youth in Southern Ghana

Bird-Gordon, Kereen Suzetta (2007) Prostate Cancer Cells differentally express anti-inflmmatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines: implications for prostate cancer immunotherapy.

Burns, Columbus Benjamin III (2007) The challenge for Christian chaplains: to provide spiritual care to all

Burrows, Felix A. Jr (2007) The development of a new church development ministry strategy assessment model for use within at-risk urban African American communities

Copeland III, Esker (2007) Towards millennium development goal five in Ghana: An analysis of the current situation in the availability, utilization and quality of obstetric care

Nartey, Victor Narteye (2007) Intervention and assistance to widows and orphans Impacted by HIV/AIDS: focusing on inheritance under the Customary processes, in the interfaith communities of Zimbabwe.

Pratt, Latanya R. (2007) The effects of Phytoestrogens on Estrogen α and β receptor expression in the brain of the male Syrian Hamster.

Stewart, Gina M. (2007) A spirituality of integration: a process for training emotionally intelligent leaders

Walker, Aretha A. (2007) A study of the rhetoric of American advertising discourse

Wallace, RIcky Reanell (2007) The study of the effects of religiosity on adolescent alcohol and drug use and alcohol-related problems

Wandera, Mary P. (2007) Breaking silence: gendered and sexual identities and HIV/AIDS risk amongst youth in Kenya

Warren, Valencia Dee (2007) Low income African-American fourth-grade students' perception of academic achievement relative to student self-concept, parental support and teachers attitude

Waters-White, Shirley Ahera (2007) Women of power, sisters of faith: a case study of the women bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

White, Gerry Lenell (2007) A study of factors that influence parental involvement among African-American unwed fathers in Georgia

Williams, Gregory Stacey (2007) Moving forward after death: an adaptation of Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grief with a biblical understanding at ST. Mary United Methodist church Hogansville, Georgia

Yancey, Eddie (2007) Rhythm and Blues protest songs: voices of resistance

Yarber, Kim DeWayne (2007) Image of god in our vision of ourselves: white theological racism in the consciousness of Mount Hermon Baptist Church of Flint, Michigan

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Dissertations & Theses from 2006

Banks, Sevaughn (2006) A comparison of traditional classroom and distance learning formats in social work education among students at a state university

Fair, Teri (2006) Attitudinal case study of blacks in the Eastern region of Texas

Milner, James Allen Sr (2006) The intervention and assistance to the chronically mentally ill who are experiencing homelessness

Okwumabua, Nmadili N. (2006) Architectural retention and the development of modern African design in the works of architect Demas Nwoko

Rahman, Qiyaman Aisha (2006) By the shores of Babylon we wept: an exploration of the institutional response of the Unitrarian univerversalist association to clergy sexual misconduct between 1991-2005

Terrance, Myoshi Javone (2006) An exploratory study to determine iif there are trauma-inducting dimensions and post traumatic stress disorder symptoms developed in women survivors of incest

Thomas, Georgianne S. (2006) An introductory reference guide to the cross-linguistic study of the consonants C/k/ and G/g/ from vulgar Latin to romance languages French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian in the initial, medial, and/or ending positions up to the 12th century

Umoh, Umoh Udo (2006) Factors influencing student degree completion at a historically Black university in a southeastern urban center

Watts, Marvin Dwayne (2006) Transient solution of compressible viscous flows on high performance computing platforms using finite volume methods

West, Jameca Shonta (2006) An exploratory study of after school programs as a strategy for preventing juvenile delinquency

Williams, Edward E (2006) Teachers' perceptions of principal leadership in relation to student achievement

Yarbrough, Keva Marie (2006) The relationship of academic and personality factors on the PRAXIS I pass rates at selected Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Georgia

Yisrael, Asherrie Baht (2006) The impact of the freshmen academy on student performance

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Dissertations & Theses from 2005

Banks, Mara E. (2005) Identification of mechanism(s) by which the complex sphingolipid, C2-ceramide, influences CYPIA1 induction fy 3-Methylcholanthrene

Bernard, Stephanie R. (2005) Historical development of technology in the Robert W. Woodruff Library 1982- 2003

Davenport, Carolyn LeVerne (2005) Content analysis of learning styles based science activities in an elementary science textbook

Thomas, Jamar (2005) Asynchronous instant messaging using service-oriented architectures (aimsoa)

Washington, Elethia Sloan (2005) The relationship of principal's leadership behavior and student achievement in Title I schools with school-wide programs

Washington, Marcellla G. (2005) Concurrent appointments and issues of race on boards and commissions: a case study of African-American appointments and three Florida boards

Wells, Alicia A. (2005) A program evaluation examining the motivations behind student volunteerism in AIDS Walk Atlanta 2004

White, Felicia H. (2005) An exploratory study of the psychosocial factors that contribute to risky sexual behavior among African-American adolescent females

Williams, Larry D. (2005) A comparative study of HIV/AIDS risk factors between HIV positive and negative African-American females in the Metropolitan Atlanta area

Williams, Sarah E. (2005) A qualitative investigation of the special education identification, referral, and placement process: its relationship to the overrepresentation of African American males in high incidence programs in an urban school system

Williams, Trudi A. (2005) The perceptions of teachers and the impact of critical principles of character education on student performance

Wood, Kelli Greene (2005) Recruitment of the retired volunteer: a needs assessment for the Dekalb county CASA program

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Dissertations & Theses from 2004

Forniss, Jill (2004) Truancy and the Georgia compulsory school attendance law.

Harper, Charles A. (2004) Teaching and implementing effective mission and outreach ministry through Christian education at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia

Malone, John Antinio (2004) HIV/AIDS education: does knowledge affect behavior? a study between African-American college students attending historically black colleges and universites and traditionally white institutions

Thomas, Stephanie Yvette (2004) A descriptive study of the effect of sex education on the attituides of young people as it relates to teen pregnancy

Watkins, Tameka L. (2004) The effects of protein prenylation inhibitors on morphogenesis in the dimorphic fungus Mucor racemosus

White, Brian C. (2004) The role of the Dallas Housing Authority in providing decent, affordable and low-income housing for blacks, 1985-2003

Williams, Crystal D. (2004) An exploratory study of the humor advantage: clinicians self-report on use of humor in therapy

Wood, Rufus L. Jr. (2004) Mentoring clergy in the black church

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Dissertations & Theses from 2003

Brown, Quincy Durand (2003) The Metanoia Project: College students' experiences of liminality during the transformation of faith

Bryant, Regina L. (2003) Speaking the invisible : Africana women, black identity, and alienation in the works of Nella Larsen and Tsitsi Dangarembga

Thomas, Inez D. (2003) The impact of Georgia's revised gifted education policy on placement and instruction of gifted and talented students in the Atlanta Public School System

Thomas, Makeba K. (2003) An analysis of factors contributing to substance abuse among African-American women

Thompson, Crystal E. (2003) Examining frustration and anger in Nelia Larsen's Quicksand and Passing and Ntozake Shange's for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuff

Washington, Gregory (2003) An analysis of the influence of afrocentric values and ethnic identity on the drug attitudes of African-American male youth

Williams, Kenneth Carlton Sr (2003) Pastoral care for clergy: the impact on new persons entering the A.M.E. ministry in the Southwest Georgia Conference utilizing an attitude and modality of acceptance

Williams, Krystal Lakeysha (2003) The class of Klamkin triples

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Dissertations & Theses from 2002

Ferrell, Angelishea A. (2002) Exploratory descriptive study to examine the relationship between self-esteem and spirtuality among African-American women recovering from crack cocaine addiction

Lockett, Harold John (2002) Educating religious leaders about organ donation and organ transplantation: Using the theory of gift exchange as a model for pastoral ministry

McQueen, Michael T (2002) Educating for Christian discipleship: a comparative approach to contextual planning and implementation

Usher, Carlton A. (2002) An analysis of Hip-Hop culture as a political instrument

Waymon, Shun o. (2002) Brownfields revisited: a look at the city of Atlanta, land use and community participation

White, Angel (2002) An exploratory descriptive study of truant youth's and non-truant youth's attitude toward their parents

Wilburn, Shenetha L. (2002) Deconstruction of stereotypical images and mediated messages in African-American sitcoms

Williams Winthrop, Cynthia Y. (2002) The perceptions of African-American female superintendents' career ascendancy patterns in the United States from 2000-2001

Yan, Zhenyu (2002) Extension of a spectral bounding method to the PT-invariant states of the - (ix)N non-hermitian potential

Young, Kurt B. (2002) Pan-African nationalism in the Post-Cold War Era: a grassroots-based analysis of the state of Pan-Africanism

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Dissertations & Theses from 2001

Brown, Dorian L. (2001) Survivors: an analysis of relocated Somali women in Georgia

Goodman Jr, Willie Floyd (2001) Good-enough mentoring: a model of black pastoral counseling for the black male pastoral counselor working with African American men

Kelly, Jesse J. (2001) A strategy beyond the four walls: Wholistic, incarnational, and contextual evangelism for the Churches of God in Christ in the Metro Jackson, MS area.

Moss, Phyllis Anita (2001) The role of the praise and worship leader: a model for preparing the singer for leadership in contemporary worship

Nearon, Darrell Maxwell (2001) A study of the relationship between health care access and access barriers to behavioral health care for African Americans utilizing the managed care model

Vincent-Mark, Arlene A. (2001) The impact of NAFTA on the CARICOM countries: the case of Jamaica and its textile/apparel industry

Weber, Michèle (2001) An exploratory study: the effects of perceived gender and labor market inequities on financial stress in black marriages

Wilkes, Robert Jr. (2001) Case study analysis of the attitudes of elected officials regarding quality of life ordinances that impact the street homeless in Atlanta, Georgia, and San Francisco, California

Yapi, Jean N. (2001) Privatization and redistribution of the assets of public enterprises in developing countries: the case of Côte D'Ivoire

Yenn-Batah, Jackson (2001) The development, implementation, and impact of an intercessory prayer ministry involving the pastoral and lay leadership of Butler Street Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Atlanta, Georgia.

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Dissertations & Theses from 2000

Board, Kenneth R (2000) How one church used a village block party to do multicultural evangelism

Brantley, John T. (2000) Practicing Koinonia in worship: creating Christian unity in a southern rural United Methodist church.

Brooks, Carolyn Ward (2000) The prison chaplain as a facilitator in assisting incarcerated women with their spiritual formation, personal growth, and institutional compatibility

Hardy, Angela M (2000) Shared leadership: Clergy and laity in the small rural church

Lester, Curtis L (2000) A model of shared-servant style pastoral care leadership for lay leaders of Greater Bethany Baptist Church (Georgia)

Price, Kathryn Yvonne (2000) Preparing new members for a life of Christian discipleship in a moderate-sized African American Holiness-Pentecostal church

Swanson, Kenneth A. (2000) Themes paralleles et experiences incompatibles de deux enfances noires : Joseph Zobel et Camara Laye

Terrell, Sharese L. (2000) His-story, her-story: names making our-story in Gloria Naylor's linden hills, mama day, and bailey's cafe

Walker, Elizabeth Johnson (2000) A model for pastoral counseling with African American women

Wicker, Alexia Laverne (2000) A descriptive study: the effects of depression and adaptation among elderly widows and widowers

Williams, LaToya Keona (2000) A replicated study of the role of religion and spirituality in social work education and practice: a survey of student views and experiences

Williams, Shawn Lamar (2000) "The people's champion" : folk heroism and the oral artistry of Muhammad Ali

Williams, Tonya Mahone (2000) Assistant principalship and instructional leadership in Clayton country public schools

Wilson, Janon Shunta (2000) The study of selected demographic factors and their relationship to role ambiguity and burnout among social workers in the Metropolitan Atlanta area

Woldemariam, Kasahun Reta (2000) A comparative case study of private investment and economic development in Ethiopia and Tanzania, 1986-1996

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Dissertations & Theses from 1999

Akoto, Johnny Yao (1999) Christian education and nation building: promoting ethnicity and identity among the Ewes in Atlanta, Georgia through the study of Ewe language and culture

Amatullah-Rahman, Ajile Aisha (1999) She stood by his side and at times in his stead: the life and legacy of sister Clara Muhammad. First lady of the nation of Islam

Bailey, Lottie Louise (1999) Christian education and nation building: promoting ethnicity and identity among the Ewes in Atlanta, Georgia through the study of Ewe language and culture

Bullard, Andrew J. III (1999) Hospital ministry: a volunteer training program for chaplains, laity and spouses at the Martin army community hospital in Columbus, Georgia.

Grant, Debora Felita (1999) Collaborative campus ministry and its impact on women's health

Kelley, Randy B. (1999) Operation S.A.V.E.: An African-centered church and media model for alcohol prevention

Starks, Karen (1999) African American community well-being: A reconsideration of the contributions of urban entrepreneurs

Thomas, Patricia E (1999) Recovery is reachable at the Third Street Church of God: A twelve-week spiritually based ministry for substance abusers and alcoholics (Washington, D.C.)

Turner, Donnice M. (1999) A descriptive analysis of partisanship and political attiudes among young black Americans

Undie, William Adanbe (1999) Impact of converting to a baccalaureate degree in radiation therapy as perceived by radiation therapists and administrators

Wallace, Ricky Reanell (1999) A comparative analysis between adolescents of alcoholic parents who were admitted into substance abuse treatment and adolescents of non-alcoholic parents not admitted into substance abuse treatment

Wang, Zhicheng (1999) Reaction mechanism of N0x destruction by non-thermal plasma discharge

Warthen, Andrea Lynn (1999) A descriptive study of the knowledge of attachment disorder among foster care social workers

Washington, Gregory (1999) African-American fathers trust/distrust of child welfare agencies

White, Mia S. (1999) Exploratory study of children's perceptions of television violence and it's influence on their aggressive behaviors

Williams, Brian M. (1999) The representation of moral turpitude in the african novel: The example of Ben Okri in the landscapes within and dangerous love

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Dissertations & Theses from 1998

Awomolo, Abiodun Adegboye (1998) The political economy of market women in western Nigeria

Griffin, Karen E (1998) Empowering African-American youth, 9--12, through moral character education

Helton, Carol Norman (1998) Grief management: Programming for care in the local church

La Sure, George R (1998) Using an experiential process to move rural and small-membership A.M.E. churches from the survival mode to the empowerment model

Sermons, Curtis L (1998) Why the Church of God in Christ cannot retain men in their congregations

Thomas, Opal C. (1998) An exploratory study of factors that contribute to decision making of African American adolescent females to engage in sexual behavior

Vinson, Consuela D. (1998) A descriptive study of the coping techniques among African American children in the Mechanicsville community

Vinson, Tonya Evett (1998) A descriptive study of the attitudes toward death and dying among Vietnam combat veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder

Waddington, Caitlin Connolly (1998) An exploratory study that examines the relationship between support systems and depression in grieving children

Waldon, Iris Shawnta (1998) A comparative analysis of youth care workers perception of restraint and seclusion as an interventive strategy among adolescents in residential treatment facilities and the effects they have on job satisfaction

Walker, Carmen Victoria (1998) A study of Black female political participation in Atlanta, Georgia

Ware, Jennifer Y. (1998) An investigation of the correlation between total SAT test scores and baccalaureate grade point averages of students for the 1995-1997 academic years

Waugaman, Marlene (1998) Synthesis and characterization of 3-[Oligo(dimethylsiloxane] thiophene macromonomers

Weems, Antavius M. (1998) An exploratory descriptive study of the relationship between self-esteem and persistence among African-American

Whitaker, Kenneth D. (1998) The effects of social skills training in reducing behavioral indicators of anxiety in adult male schizophrenics

White, Gilbert F. (1998) Detection of codon usage patterns for backtranslation using a neural network

Williams, James H. (1998) The impact of school climate and other selected variables on student achievement

Williams, Jennifer D. (1998) Re-Membering madness in Africana Women's Literature

Williams, Rhonda Nicole (1998) A study to determine victims of Guillain-Barre' syndrome attitudes and beliefs about the effectiveness of an on-line support group as a way of coping with the disease

Wilson, Joycelyn N. (1998) Errors in Numerical Quadrature Schemes

Wilson, Kai Erika (1998) Differences in cognitive distortions between Caucasion and African American male adolescent sexual offenders

Yancey, Elleen Murchison (1998) Analysis of levels and predictors of HIV risk behavior among African-American women ages twenty-five to forty-four years: Prevention and intervention implications for counselors

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Dissertations & Theses from 1997

Bell, Richette (1997) Content alaysis of selected literature relevant to child abuse and self-esteem

Fincher, James 'Chico' (1997) The development of a missions link through spiritual interactions between an inner-city congregation and residents of University Homes public housing community (Georgia)

Hartsfield, Amy Harris (1997) Revelation facilitated by narrative/story shared within a group context: A pastoral theological methodology for identity formation/change in African-American women

Inyang, Ini George (1997) The political economy of international trade in hazardous and toxic wastes in West Africa: theoretical and case analysis

Long, Hamp James (1997) A congregational model for improving positive self-esteem of Black children ages, ten through eighteen, in two Baptist churches

Munyi, James Mwangi (1997) Maximizing the impact of print media in church development in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (P.C.E.A.) (Kenya)

Theuri, Mwangi Williams (1997) An investigation of the effects of a ritual counseling process on the enhancement of the self-estem of a selected group of male maasai adolescents in Kenya

Vaughn, ReBecca L. (1997) Oppression breeds rebellion: herbal contraceptives and abortifacients and the role they fulfilled in allowing African American women to maintain their reproductive autonomy during slavery

Walker, Hattie R. (1997) An analysis of the safety outcome of children in the in-home supervision and out-of-home care

Ward, Albert Ray Jr. (1997) Inclusion: an analysis of middle school teachers attitudes toward the integration of students with disabilities into the regular classroom

Ware-Asbury, Theresa A. (1997) Glass ceilings and glass walls: historical impasses affecting the professional attainment of Africana female naval officers

Ware-Asbury, Theresa Ann (1997) Glass ceilings and glass walls: historical impasses affecting the professional attainments of Africana female naval officers

Watkins, Lanier A. (1997) Modulation characterization using the wavelet transform

Webb, Chequita Y. (1997) Political empowerment of black women in the rural south: a case study of three black women mayor in rural Georgia

West, Tousha Terrell (1997) An evaluation study of the homeless chronically mentally ill program

Whelchel, Larma Ford (1997) The implications of aging, health status, and survival strategies among older Black women in one large and one small urban population in Georgia

Whitaker, Chinita Marnae (1997) A study of the effects of departmental support and self perception on the advocacy role of hospital social workers

Wicker, Stafford J (1997) A local faith community responds to HIV/AIDS epidemic: An effective AIDS witness in Decatur, Georgia

Williams, Emily Allen (1997) Tropical Paradise Lost and Regained: The poetic protest and prophecy of Edward Brathwaite, Claire Harris, Olive Senior, and David Dabydeen

Wilson-Fant, Donna (1997) A study of the relationship between drug activity and witnessing parental conflict as a teenager on gun violence among adult males

Wilson, Gayla R. (1997) Routes to highly substituted fulvenes and applications to organometallic synthesis

Wilson, Wanda D. (1997) An exploratory study on the relationship between knowledge of human immunodefiency virus and condom use among substance addicted African-American patients

Wright, Kara F. B. (1997) Examining the effects of individual counseling and crime prevention programs on recidivism of juvenile offenders

Young, Dewanda (1997) A comparative study of the relationship between homelessness and aggression in preschool children

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Dissertations & Theses from 1996

Edwards, Booker W. Jr (1996) Absent black father's effect on the blackmales' development

Howard, Walter V. (1996) Equipping class leaders for effective ministry in the Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church (North Carolina)

Iheme, Mira Sams (1996) The psychological aspects of battered African-American women

Mungiriria, Patrick Kabubu (1996) What is needed to foster change in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in terms of leadership and personnel appointments (Kenya)

Rodgers, Melvin R. (1996) A study of the development and effectiveness of a pastoral counseling center in an African-American church

Twiggs, Lugene (1996) An evaluation of the Brawley/Pfeiffer Black Male Initiative Program a component of Clark Atlanta University

Udoh, Henry E. (1996) Descriptive study of the social work decision making process in resolving child abuse issues in African American families

Varner, Tangrill D. (1996) A comparative analysis among dual-diagnosis: Schizophrenic substance abusers' perceived satisfaction with mental health service delivery and perceived social support systems

Walters, Ingrid Nicola (1996) A single system study examining the effects of a social support system on reducing stress in a Black female MSN student

Watts, Katina (1996) The effects of anger control training on African-American males

White, Monica Latrice (1996) A study of the historical, the psychological, and the spiritual aspects of "passing" in the house behind the cedars and passing

White, R. L. (1996) Death, dying, and grieving: Providing a ministry of caring

Williams, Cosco Eric (1996) A study of attitudes of black males towards the use and attendance of twelve-step programs

Williams, Demetrice Bernard Tyler (1996) Examining the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Serostatus in male prostitutes in Atlanta, Georgia

Wolisi, Godwin O. (1996) The effect of maternal thymus on the behavior of T cells in mice progeny after exposure to Benzo(a)pyrene during pregnancy

Woods, Dionne L. (1996) Depression and burdem in African American categories of the elderly

Wright, Dawn L. (1996) An examination of English speaking rhythmic games and plays of African American children

Wyatt, Cynthia F. (1996) An exploratory study of the levels of self-esteem of adolescents receiving residential treatment

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Dissertations & Theses from 1995

Cobble, Richard H. (1995) Examining and exploring community and church initiatives that provide wholistic approaches for confronting substance abuse.

Cosby, Bruce (1995) Technological politics and the political history of African-Americans

Johnson, Harry Monroe Sr (1995) Pastoral care through a lay care ministry: a narrative model

Mbugua, Ngoima G. M (1995) The plight of single mothers and their children in Kenya: The Presbyterian Church's inadequate response

Thomas, Victor R. (1995) A study of social intimacy and high risk sexual behavior in African American men who have sex with men

Twyman, Bruce Edward (1995) Black Seminoles and North American politics 1693-1845

Umerah-Udezulu, Ifeyinwa E. (1995) The state as capitalist patriarchy: Women and politics in developing countries

Walker, Heidi R. (1995) A comparative study on attitudes toward interracial dating

Waller, Rhonda Rena (1995) A study of the effects of a peer leadership program on the self-concept and academic performance of a select group of urban African-American youth

Wandu, Jotham G (1995) An integrated conceptual model of crises intervention for Gikuyu people utilizing traditional family social support systems, Christian resource systems and crisis theories (Kenya)

Waymer, Robert W. (1995) A study of work autonomy and job satisfication of social workers in Metropolotan Atlanta

Welch, Lolita V. Ross (1995) Selected educators' perceptions about the performance responsibilities of curriculum specialists

Wellons, Alyce Ellington (1995) A study of the effects of cognitive therapeutic techniques in depression with specific attention to hopelessness

West, Tracey W. (1995) Password based security in hypermedia systems

Whitaker, Shree Yvonne (1995) Optimal cylindrical spines that transfer heat by convection

Wilkes, Robert Jr. (1995) A case study of homelessness in the city of Atlanta from a public policy perspective

Williams, Julian L. (1995) Societal impositions and the black male as seen in three novels by Ernest Gaines

Williams, Leslie L. (1995) A study of the effects of a rite of passage program on truancy

Williams, Sonya L. (1995) A descriptive study of the self-concept of prenatal African American mothers with HIV/AIDS in Georgia and its impact on maternal-fetal attachment

Williams, Valjean (1995) An analysis of the social acceptance of seven mainstreamed mentally handicapped children in a regular classroom

Wooden-Smith, Constance E. (1995) A descriptive study of the educationsl success or failure of teenagers in foster care

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Dissertations & Theses from 1994

Kokahvah, Zauditu-Selassie (1994) Ancestral presence and epic fulfillment in Toni Morrison ‘s Beloved and Sula

Park, Sung-Kwan (1994) A study of foreign policy change in aSoutheast Asian weak state, linking internal and external explanations: the Philippines under Martial law, 1972-1981

Usher, C. Anthony (1994) Exploring the contributions of John G. Jackson to African historiography

Walker, Pearline (1994) The effects of relaxation creative visualization on a recovering addicted person

Wang, Duanran (1994) Opioid-induced ocular hypotension: actions at pre- and postjunctional sites

Washington, Pauline B. (1994) Factors that influence African American college students to choose careers in science and engineering

Whited, Willie W. (1994) The subjective experience of auditory hallunicinations in African American alcohol dependent clients

White, Gerry Lenell (1994) Parental involvement in the academic performance of African American adolescents

Whitmon, John Martin (1994) The effects of parental involvement in the science learning of students in a Saturday Science Academy

Williams, Gina C.W. (1994) A single system researh design on the effectiveness of behavioral family therapy on the reduction of early warning signs of acute onset symptoms of schizophrenia

Williams, Sharon Denise (1994) The relationship between the level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the practicing of preventive behaviors among African American college students

Willis, Sean C. (1994) A review of the locus of control construct in relation to environmental education program participation

Wilson, Janon Shunta (1994) Descriptive study of coping snd adaptive behaviors of families with mentally ill family members

Winn, Vaniethia R. (1994) The psychosocial adjustment of adolescents with Sickle Cell Anemia

Young, Kurt B. (1994) Institutional racism, redlining & the decline of six Atlanta communities

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Dissertations & Theses from 1993

Guyton, Lynda R (1993) A client satisfaction study of traumatic brain injured adults utilizing rehabilitation services: Implications for the counseling discipline

Smothers, Rodney Thomas (1993) Strategies for change: decision making in an urban African-American congregation

Thompkins, Joyce Hollmon (1993) An annotated bibliography of the Coretta Scott King Award Books from 1970-1990

Turner, Johnnie Fidel Jr. (1993) An analysis of selected characteristics of employee assistance programs at the United Negro College Fund member institutions

Ward, Doris Juanita (1993) Investigation of the mechanisms of estradiol insensitivity in the female squirrel monkey

Warren, Robert G. (1993) Citizens' perception of the relationship between school board operating structure and board planning, board goals and board behavior

Wei, Qi (1993) The chemistry of enynes

Welch, Zina Lauren (1993) "Second Injury" the re-victimization of child victims in the criminal justice system: a study of the victim witness assistance programs child abuse/sexual assault project

Wigfall, Lisa (1993) The attitude towards child abuse and the level of stress among homeless parents

Williams, Carla Denise (1993) When the pen becomes a sword: Race and class consciousness in the literature of the West Indian writers Jacques Roumain, Etienne Lero, Gilbert Gratian

Williams, Sandra Hill (1993) Social work students' attitudes and perceptions towards the afrocentric perspective

Williams, Sandra Hill (1993) Social work students' attitudes amd perceptions towards the afrocentric perception

Womack, Todd Andre' (1993) The effects of a contingency contract on disruptive and off-task behavior in a sixth grade Saturday academy class

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Dissertations & Theses from 1992

Hodges, Jacquelyn (1992) Family relations, lifestyles, and alternative educational programs as it relates to African American teen-age mothers

Troutman, Joseph E (1992) Envisioning the Black perspective: Formulating unique subject descriptors to index the "Journal of the Interdenominational Theological Center"

Ukonu, Terrie Dawn (1992) Disclosure during adolescence same sex friendships

Ward, Felicia Gail (1992) An analysis of elementary school teachers attitudes toward the integration of mildly disabled students into the regular classroom

Warren, Maggie (1992) Factors contributing to the late onset of alcholism among elderly African Americans residing in a retirement community

Willingham, Kimberlyn Quovodice (1992) The effectiveness of new dimension community treatment center: correlation of success and failure

Wing, Bobbie Thompson (1992) Parent-adolescent conflict of single working and single non-working African American mothers with their adolescent daughters

Zhang, Xiu Rong (1992) Classification of three types of capital and their contribution to production

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Dissertations & Theses from 1991

Brown, Thomas L. Sr (1991) A model of pastoral counseling for the black church: a counseling hermeneutic based on the concepts of liberation and reconciliation

Ferreira, Femi Francisco (1991) The politics of regionalism: An analysis of national integration problems in Nigeria (1979-1988)

Holnes, Denzel D. (1991) Renewal of worship through the discovery and recovery of the African-American Ligturgical Tradition

Holness, Denzil D. (1991) Renewal of worship through the discovery and recovery of the African-American liturgical tradition

Johnson, Oliver J. (1991) Precipitants to the incidence of relapse in cocaine- dependent African-American men

Leaphart, Wilbur T. (1991) The perceived effectiveness of the advisement process in selected high schools in the Atlanta public school system

Lee, Frank J (1991) Death and grief: A proposed 'cycle of compassion'

Sanders-Warmack, Courtney (1991) Siblings of the mildly mentally handicapped

Taylor, Demetria M. (1991) A study of administrator cognitive style and administrator teaching style preference as perceievd by administrators and teachers

Thomas, Joann (1991) The impact of principals' leadership behavior towards expecptional programs on job satisfaction of special education teachers

Thomas, Mary Louise (1991) An exploratory descriptive study of women at risk for HIV/AIDS: diagnosed HIV positive and non-diagnosed

Thomas, Mary Louise (1991) An exploratory descriptive study of women at risk for HIV/AIDS: diagnoses HIV Positive and non-diagnosed

Thomas, Michelle Sylinda (1991) A descriptive study of substance abuse by parents who abuse and neglect their children

Thomas, Michelle Sylinda (1991) A descriptive study of substance abuse by parents who abuse and neglect their children

Turpin, Vince H. (1991) The influence of administrative discipline, teacher/student relationship, student achievement, attendance and conduct on the decision by students of Stephens County High School to drop out

Tutt, Autrelia Olivia (1991) A descriptive study of the attitudes of family members as caregivers toward thier elderly relatives

Twyman, Bruce Edward (1991) W.E.B DuBois and the use of social science and fiction in the fight against American racism 1897-1911

Ubbaonu, Samuel C. (1991) Third world policy in the international forum: The struggle for autonomy

Walker, Carolyn J. (1991) An exploratory descriptive study of ego strength, self-esteem, and self-acceptance of cocaine addicted and non-drug dependent mothers

Weaver, Alfredia (1991) Assessing the prevalence of condom use among junior college students

Westfall, Marvin E. (1991) A comparative study of depression, self-esteem, family relations, peer relations, and attitudes toward mother and father of adoptees and non-adoptees

White, Jennifer Catrena (1991) A study of how self esteem relates to teen pregnancy

Williamson, George D. (1991) Hexaminecobalt (III) chloride and ruthenium red inhibited calcium uptake in nervous tissue

Yusufu, Obadiah T. (1991) Principal's administrative behavior, strategic planning, organizational structure, innovative strategy, school climate and their relation to student achievement and attendance in selected schools

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Dissertations & Theses from 1990

Mason, Patricia D (1990) Reconciling gender relations between Christian women and men in positions of power at home, at church, and at the work place

Taggart, James Eugene Jr. (1990) An examination of characteristics of students participation in an undergraduate honors program

Thiab, Ahmad Farag (1990) Zionism and Apartheid: a comparative study of the ideologies of Israel and South Africa

Thomas, Carol Jonese (1990) Adolescent child sexual abusers: previous victimization and current perpetrators

Thomas, George (1990) Institutionalized black delinquents' drug-use patterns in Georgia

Thompson, Cary (1990) Utilization of social programs by single female-headed families in Macon County, Alabama

Tucker, Robert L. (1990) The relationship among the variables of classroom teaching performance, school and teacher demographics, principal instructional leadership in teacher evaluation and teacher turnover in elementary schools

Turner, Jenifer Monique (1990) Factors that determine use and contribute to drug abuse among adolescents

Walker, Wilmer David Jr. (1990) Perceptions of teachers and students of an innovative two-hour instructional time block schedule and its effect on student achievement

Ware, Alyce Martin (1990) The influence of state reform in homebound/hospital instruction in the state of Georgia

Washington, Felecia Charmaine (1990) Juvenile sexual abuse: A comparative study of juvenile offenders who commit sexual offenses and juvenile offenders who commit non-sexual offenses

Williams, Claudette H. (1990) The perceptions of secondary school teachers, principals and education officers of the administrative procedures, content and use of a teacher performance evaluation instrument for Jamaican schools

Williams, Georgia Dill (1990) Atlanta's reaction to the first black mayor, Maynard H. Jackson, as seen through its major newspaper, The Atlanta Constitution

Wilson, Marian S. (1990) The relationship between parental involvment and the academic performance of third and fourth grade students at Snapfinger Elementary School

Wilson, Zaphon R. (1990) Black politics in North Carolina: a case study of the second congressional district

Wright-Perry, Angela (1990) The impact of selected variables on grief responses and coping processes and the relationship between grief responses and coping processes of mothers of homicide victims

Yan, Jingbo (1990) Attempted synthesis of new intrinsically electroactive polymers by the condensation of cyclopentadienyl anions with diesters

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Dissertations & Theses from 1989

Henry, Willie Lee (1989) The effects of shiftwork upon the marriage relationship of guards of prisoners at the United States Army Confinement Facility in Mannheim, West Germany

McCrary, Carolyn LeeNette (1989) Interdependence as a norm for an interdisciplinary model of pastoral counseling

Thompson, Charles (1989) Global approaches to solving recognition problems of noisy images

Udunka, Eric Iheoma (1989) The differential employment effects of multinational firms in developing countries with special reference to Nigeria

Uka, Rowland Chike (1989) The potential impact of collective bargaining: a case study of the City of Atlanta Police Department

Velasquez, Jaime A. (1989) Child abuse and neglect in the Hispanic community

Waziri, Ibrahim M. (1989) Political economy of development: Discussion and analysis of the Nigerian Federal Government development policies on agriculture over the period: 1975-1985

Wehye, Aubrey Nuah (1989) Homeless population: utilization of health care services in Atlanta

Williams, Ellen Edith (1989) Domestic violence: a comparative study of group counseling for men and group couple counseling for partners involved in abusive/violent relationships

Wilson, Archie R. (1989) An investigation into the relationship among principal leadership behavior, teacher stress and job satisfication in middle schools

Wilson, Sandra E. (1989) A comparison of the attitudes of medical social workers and mental health social workers toward mental illness

Wiltz, Jenice Scott (1989) Barriers to the employment activity of single female head of households

Wimes, Angela D. (1989) Race, gender and class differences in academic achievement motivation

Woods, Berietta F. (1989) Numerical instabilities in finite-difference models of ordinary differential equations

Wright, Sharon D. (1989) An analysis of the problems related to the administration of the housing rehabilitation program: a case study of Fulton county, Georgia

Wylly, Barbara Lastell (1989) Significance of family therapy in treatment of adolescent substance-abusers

Yerokun, Tokunbo (1989) The role of Acetylator Genotype in the expression of Urothelial N-Acetyltransferases and Genotoxic activation of Arylamines in the inbred Hamster system.

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Dissertations & Theses from 1988

Abrahams, Paul Anthony (1988) Study of polymethylsilyethylenediamine and polydimethylethylenediamine as potential ceramic precursors.

Laye, Patricia S. (1988) A study of the effect of self-concept on academi achievement: a case study

Turner, Janice Marie (1988) Occupational licensure: testing as a tool for measuring minimum competency

Tyson, Terry G. (1988) Differential attitudes toward severely impaired patients, death, dying and aging in a nursing home for older blacks

Udezulu, Ifeyinwa E. (1988) Imperialism or realism: United States and West Africa

Ukwu, Ocha Kalu (1988) Une etude comparee des effets de l'analphabetisme et de la polygamie dans quelques oeuvres de Sembene Ousmane et Ferdinand Oyono

Usanga, James Etim (1988) Effects of age, period, and cohort on larceny-theft and arson 1965-1984

Watkins, Chandra Daneete (1988) An exploratory analysis of psychometric errors in performance appraisals

West, Sarah D. (1988) A comparison of students' perceptions from low-achieving schools and high-achieving schools of their teachers, schooling , and themselves in Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies

Williams, Andrea Blair (1988) Baptized by fire: The role of the Antebellum Black woman in Black resistance

Williams, Samuel Odette (1988) The impact of the feedback from participants in the writing center and its implication for the administrator in a large suburban district in Georgia

Williams, Suzanne Ife (1988) Police brutality: case study of Philadelphia/move

Wilson, Johnny L. (1988) A descriptive analysis of the freedom incorporated organization and the rise of Black political empowerment in Kansas City, Missouri

Wright, Donald R. (1988) Identifying children at risk: caseworkers’ assessment of father-daughter incest

Wyatt, Gina E. (1988) The portrayal of black men and black women in selected works of selected black authors

Young, Sheree Roxann (1988) An examination of critical issues inherit in the administration of employee assistance programs

Young, Stuart Carter (1988) School social workers identification training and reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect

Young, Tanya Dekova (1988) An assessment of teacher competency testing: a case study of the teacher certification test (TCT) in the state of Georgia

Zulu, Unomsa (1988) The photochemistry of the azidopentaammine rhodium ( III ) complex: triplet state

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Dissertations & Theses from 1987

Thejane-Mogoai, Johannah Mpule (1987) Antecedents to homelessness among women and their children who us public shelters in metroplitan Atlanta

Thomas-Brown, Terri Petrese (1987) Natural Retinoid Modulation of Epiderman gap junctions and differentiation

Thomas, Edith D. (1987) Black women and the ministry of administration

Thomas, Larry L. (1987) Determinates and consequences of crime prevention measures

Thomas, Lori Ann (1987) Nonperturbative solutions to the Hubbard Model

Thompkins, John H. Jr (1987) An analysis of the perceptions of elementary school principals and students of educational administration toward the principal's role as instructional leader in selected Atlanta schools

Twagiramungu, Innocent H. (1987) Optimum problem involving integral equations

Wanambisi, Monica Nalyaka (1987) Eight major exemplars of the twentieth-century american novel, 1900-1959

Warner, Paul Nelson (1987) A study of the relationship between teacher-prinicipal problem interaction and teacher evaluation of elementary principals in an urban school district in Georgia

Watkins, Kenneth L. (1987) Hunger, homelessness, poverty, and unemployment effects on crime: A study of twenty-five American cities

Watson, Easter J. (1987) A study of the relationship between black adolescent unwed pregnancy, self esteem and father presence in the household

Williams, Ellla O. (1987) The Harlem Renaissance: A handbook

Williams, Mary P. (1987) A study to determine how faculty, residents, and students rate clinical teacher behaviors in the teaching of Geriatrics in medical schools

Wilson, Angela Denise (1987) Drug abuse violation arrest rates by age, time period, and cohort, 1965-1984

Winningham-Major, Faith (1987) The inhibition of Chondrogenesis by Dimethylsulfoxide treatment of cultured chick limb Mesenchymal cells

Woodfork, Jerry D. (1987) The effects of an assertive discipline approach on disciplnary problems in selected high schools

Woodfork, Thelma Simmons (1987) The relationship between computer training of high school principals and the use of microcomputers at their local schools

Zingitwa, Thembekile Charles (1987) The implementation of consent decrees in correctional institutions: a case study of Fulton county jail, Georgia

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Dissertations & Theses from 1986

Counts, Margaret S. E. (1986) A profile of Georgia caregivers to Alzheimer's disease & related disorder victims

Moore, Harold E. Sr (1986) A chaplaincy model of ministry in public housing: the boatrock community of Fulton county

Thompson, Abimbola O. Craig (1986) An assessment of selected factors affecting the work environment: a case study of the preferences of the employees within the Bureau of Personnel in the City of Atlanta

Ubani-Ukoma, Onyenma Emerole (1986) Improving human resources management in the City Hall, Atlanta Georiga

Udo, Friday Daniel (1986) Trade unionism in the City of Atlanta civil service: problems of the multilateral approach to labor management relations

Walker, Gerald A. (1986) Laser raman spectroscopy and thoretical calculations of biological molecules

Walker, Reginald Louis (1986) The implementation of a graphics package in ADA

Ware, Mary Agnes Booker (1986) The effects of living arrangements on the academic performance and retention rate of college students over a four-year period

Washington, Lauren (1986) A multi-modal therapeutic approach to helping adolescent twins cope with age-level stress and sickle cell anemia

Williams, Robert Morton (1986) The moments formulation for determining eigenvalues of physically important systems

Wilson, Rudolph (1986) An analysis of policies and practices in nonindustrial private forestry: a review of educational and technical assistance in North Carolina

Wilson-Simmons, Wanda M. (1986) The person with epilepsy . . . needs, attitudes and opinions

Wilson, Woodrow Jr. (1986) Determining fringe benefits packages for a public school system: an experimental investigation of the impact on satisfaction levels of two specific models

Winston, Saundra J. (1986) Factors which affect the effectiveness of faculty development programs in historically Black institutions

Woodard, Sophia Jetelle (1986) Women in Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands: their impact in the liberation struggle and the transformation process

Wyatt, Alfred D. Sr. (1986) The predictive effectiveness of two instructional model of chapter 1 compensatory education focused on principals' leadership styles, teacher attitudes, and student achievement

York, Emma L. (1986) A comparison between selected psychological and educational factors and academic performance of students enrolled in alternative and traditional schools

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Dissertations & Theses from 1985

Kincaid, J. LaVon Jr. (1985) Small membership church adminstration key ways to effective mission and ministry

Potter, Ronald Clifton (1985) An examination of the structure and problematics of liberation theism in contemporary black theology

Terfa, Solomon (1985) An analysis of antagonistic foreign policies and their contribution to the creation of displaced people in Africa, 1975-1982

Thomas, Priscilla (1985) The role of the Nucleus Accumbens in the Post-Gestational release of Prolactin

Uhakheme, Aig. Smart (1985) Nigeria-United States relations with respect to their perspectives on political change in Africa: the cases of Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa

Ukoh, Aniekut Bassey Jr. (1985) An analysis of the role of the organization of African unity in settlement of intra-regional conflict: the case of the Republic of Chad

Ukuku, Peter Ejindu (1985) Transport and session layer protocols in computer networks

Warrick, Ulysses J. JR (1985) Inclusion or exclusion: the opinions of selected special educators since 1900

Washington, Benny Jr. (1985) Enzymatic modification of synthetic mRNA's and their interaction with proteins

Williams, Robert LeEdward (1985) Job preparation and other variables as they relate to job satisfaction and job performance of black administrators in higher education

Wilson, Jewell D. (1985) In vivo and in vitro evidence for the synthesis and processing of a styrene oxide induced form of epoxide hydrolase

Wongbenjarat, Anan (1985) The inflation in Western African countries between 1970 - 1982

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Dissertations & Theses from 1984

Barrett, Spencer Francis (1984) Practical theology in the black church

Gibrill, Hashim T. (1984) The European economic community and the third world: rhetoric and reality

Hanley, Morris G (1984) Dealing with death before you die: the elderly preparing for death. Practical arrangements for the dying and their survivors

Tagger, Barbara A. (1984) The Atlanta Race Riot of 1906 and the Black Community

Udie, Matthias (1984) Neighborhood housing revitalization and displacement: An appraisal of Atlanta's Grant Park neighborhood housing services programs

Wan, Joseph Yuanping (1984) A design of a data base system for an academic department

Whatley, Jo Ann (1984) Pike County Blacks: the spirit of populist revolt and White tolerance (1891-1896) as depicted in the Pike County Journal and other related sources

White, Peggy L. (1984) The effects of developmental task achievement on selected aspects of the college experience of Black freshman college women

Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret D. (1984) Crustal thickness in the southern appalachians: an analysis of seismic reflections from the Moho

Williams, Sherlye Denese (1984) The management of the veterans administration medical administration section in an era of scarcity: An analysis of cutback mangement

Wlliams, Jacinta Breaux (1984) The regulation of rat liver dt-diaphorase mRNA xenobiotics

Yeoman, Larry James (1984) An exploratory study of the lack of parent participation in a Head Start Program: The case of the Robinson Center in Atlanta

Zaki, Hoda Moukhtar (1984) Phoenix renewed: the survival and mutation of utopian thought in North American science fiction, 1965-1982

Zeremariam, Amanuel (1984) An investigation of the interated commodity program proposed by the United Nations Conference on trade and development

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Dissertations & Theses from 1983

Brooks, Brenda Diann (1983) Toward a personal credo

King, Velma Norine (1983) Negro attitudes in Negro novels

Thomas, Ora Lee (1983) Development of personality attributes in selected teacher groups: the effects of identification with early role models

Thomas, Ora Lee (1983) Development of personality attributes in selected teacher groups: the effects of identification with early role models

Umesi, Obinnaya C. (1983) Fluorometric studies of: I. daunomycin and myricetin interactions with l-tryptophyl-l-trytophan, l-tryptophyl-l-tyrosine, and adenosine triphosphate II. daunomycin-deoxyribonucleic acid interactions in the presence and absence of divalent metal ions

Urquhart, Gabrielle Ann (1983) Thermal and optical characterization of polycyclohexylene cyclohexanedicarboxamides and polyphenyleneterephtalamides and their derivatives

White, Everett (1983) Surface free energy measurements of epon 828 and m-Phenylenediamine as a curing agent of epon 828

White, Roxanne (1983) Cutback management and its effects on comprehensive plannning and service delivery: Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission: A case study

Williams, Geraldine Redding (1983) Knowledge of performance as a cue to the attribution of organizational characteristics

Williams, Louis (1983) William Berry Hartsfield's racial attitude towards blacks

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Dissertations & Theses from 1982

Fryer, Larry (1982) Bishop Lucius H. Holsey and Christian Education in the C.M.E. Church

Kamau, Jesse M. (1982) A study of marriage and family counseling methods in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and a proposed new model

Theophylactoy, Andreas George (1982) Industry in cyrus economic development

Thomas, Joann (1982) The effect of a day treatment program on the behavior progress of behavior disordered adolescents in a public school setting

Vassiliades, Constantine Antony (1982) The entrance of Greece in the European economic community

Walker, Sandra Maria (1982) Historical Georgia: The study of the juvenile court system (1908-1982)

Webb, Gloria Mason (1982) A study of the relationship between parental academic guidance, reading habits exhibited in the home, parental level of aspiration for the student and scholastic aptitude test scores of a selected group of high school students

Williams, Robert J. (1982) A futures study on the effects of population, industrial growth, and employment on the public school instructional program in the year 2000

Williams, Robert J. Atlanta University (1982) A futures study on the effects of population, industrial growth, and employment on the public school instructional program in the year 2000

Wilson, Keathen (1982) The factors which contribute to the inadequacy of welfare reforms and welfare programs of the past

Yang, Tze-Ping Angela (1982) Computer generation of Pascal program: an experiment in artificacial intelligence

Zamuna, Jonathan (1982) The national conference of Black Mayors, Inc., (NCBM) in an environment of increasing conservatism

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Dissertations & Theses from 1981

Rojanavanichkija, Benjamas (1981) The influence of money stock growth changes on interest rates

Ulanmo, Peter Obiajulu (1981) Oxygen plasma stripping of photoresist from bipolar integrated circuit wafers - process development

Walton, Lorraine H. (1981) Local evaluation practices in special education programs within a selected state as compared to the prescriptions of pl-94-142 and the recommendations of authorities in evaluation

Wanambisi, Monica Nalyaka (1981) Thought and technique in the poetry of Okot p'Bitek

Whyte, Tonye Awoye (1981) U.S. reaction towards U.N. sanctions against Rhodesia from 1965-1977: an analysis

Williams, Rosena Marie (1981) The relationship between television viewing and book selection preferneces of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students in the East Griffin elementary school, Griffin, Georgia, 1981

Willis, Talitha Renee (1981) An analysis of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons managerial/administrative support for its EEO program

Wrenn, Margaret D. (1981) A study of attitudes and knowledge of fulton county police officers concerning mental retardation

Yohannes, Arega W. (1981) Dynamic Programming

Young, Paula Erness (1981) An examination of the efforts by a congressman to address the needs of his constituency: the case of U.S. Representative Harold Ford of Memphis, Tennessee

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Dissertations & Theses from 1980

Patarapanich, Wanna -. (1980) Effects of international price instability on production in less developed countries: a case study of the Philippines

Turner, Mary Lynn (1980) The synthesis characterization and cytokinin activity of a series of N6-hyperalkylated adenine and adenosine derivatives

Udo, Okon Peter (1980) Nigeria's neo-colonial status, a step in the direction of true independence

Umoh, Emmanuel Thompson (1980) An analysis of the inconsistency between zoning decisions made by Atlanta City Council and the land use/ zoning elements of the comprehensive development plan

Usanga, Eyobong E. (1980) Isoenzyme patterns and ultrastructural changes in tomatoes infected with potato spindle tuber viroid

Wang, Edwin Yun-Wen (1980) Photochemical reaction of the 5,7,7,12,14,14-hexamethyl-1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecanenickel(II)-u-diazido-5,7,7,12,14,14-hexamethyl-1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclo-tetradecanenickel(II) tetrafluoroborate

Wang, Edwin Yun-Wen (1980) Photochemical reaction of the 5,7,7,12,14,14-hexamethyl- 1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecanenickel (II)-y-diazido- 5,7,7,12,14,14-hexamethyl-l,4, 8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecanenickel (II) tetrafluoroborate

Wang, Yueh-hwa L. (1980) A study of the photolysis of the meso-5,5,7,12,12,14-hexamethyl -1,4,8,11,-tetraazacyclotetradecane-nickel(II) ion in methanol containing azide ion and the adizopentaaminerhodium (III) ion in water

Williams, Zelma Suzanne (Ife) (1980) Ethnic stratification in Liberia

Wilson, Archie Ray (1980) Program goals and student outcomes: the case of Atlanta University’s department of educational administration

Wilson, Charletta Rowena (1980) Organizational design of the Democratic Party of Georgia

Wilson, Cynthia Lee (1980) An analysis of the alternative health service project and it's effect on the elderly

Wilson, Samuel Mason III (1980) Alternative treatment concepts for juvenile delinquents

Wilson, Vermell (1980) Regression analysis

Woods, Rose Mary (1980) A comparative analysis of Jean Anouilh's L'Alouette, Charles Peguy's Jeanne d'Arc and Andre Obey's La Fenetre

Wynn, Varona L. (1980) Algebraic categories

Yancy, David Lewis (1980) The assessment of changes in land values around MARTA stations for the years 1968 - 1976

Young, Rachelle Willia (1980) Increasing rape crimes committed on the black women in the Atlanta university center; causes and preventive measures

Zachery, Roger L. (1980) The effect of IGE on the use of MBO procedures in the Atlanta, Georgia middle schools

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Dissertations & Theses from 1979

Butler, Grady (1979) An evaluation of the process of developing an openness to change in a bible study group in the local congregation of a black Baptist church

Maddox, Deborah C. (1979) The role of Christian education as a resource in the community

Mauldin, Larry (1979) Identification of barriers to effective employee training and development in the city of Atlanta city hall

Mkhize, Philemon S (1979) Evaluation of the impact of Bible study group upon a group's openness to mission

Theodore, Betty J. (1979) An electrophoretic analysis of glycoproteins in the mid-brain fluid of fetal rats

Thomas, Johnatha Abebola (1979) The need for increased participation of the poor in the decision-mkaing process of community action agencies in Georgia

Tisdale, Verlie Ann Graham (1979) Localization of alkaline phosphatase in lymphoid tissues of C57B1/6J mice during an immune response

Udegha, Joel Iyorpande (1979) The assessment of the role of traditional rulers in the political arena of the second Republic of Nigeria

Umanah, Eunice Umoh (1979) Stability theory of differential equations via Liapunov's techniques

Walls, Robert Jr. (1979) A study of games in senior high school mathematics classes

Ward, Patricia Scott (1979) Attitudes of elementary classroom teachers toward mainstreaming of exceptional children into regular classes

Warren, Elmer J. (1979) Elementary principalship: a comparative analysis of principals' perceptions and professional staffs' perceptions of the principalship

Washington, Gloria Bibb and James Wimberly (1979) Rankings of terminal values of a select group of high school teachers and students in the Bibb County Public Schools Macon, Georgia

White, Desiree Yvonee (1979) Developing strategies for determining land use adjacent to transit stations in metropolitan Dade County.

Wilson, Richard Larry (1979) Synthesis of p-nitrobenzyloxycarbonbyl-l-phenylalanyln-n-carbobenzoxy-l-histidyl-l-leucine methyl ester as an intermediate for the synthesis of a fluorogenic substrate for angiotensin-converting enzyme

Wood, Deborah Jean (1979) Elements of the grotesque and decadence in the novels of Toni Morrison

Wooten, Lewis (1979) Laplace transformation techniques in operational calculus

Yerokun, Tokunbo Olukayode (1979) The IN Vitro Cytotoxic effect of Toxoplasma GondII-Activated macrophages on F1 and F10 B16 melanoma cells

Zwecher, Beth E. (1979) Adolescent pregnancy: a problem for whom?

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Dissertations & Theses from 1978

Taylor, Hazel (1978) Cytochemical and biochemical analysis of microsclerotia development in veriticllium dahliae

Walton, Lorraine H. (1978) Attitudes of 84 vocational teachers toward mainstreaming handicapped students im vocational tarianig programs

Walton, Lorraine H. (1978) Attitudes of 84 Vocational teachers toward mainstreaming handicapped students in vocational training programs

Warner, Rickey (1978) The impact of the nationalization of bauxite on Jamaica's development

Washington, Don L. (1978) Mathematical modeling: a multidimensional vehicle allotment problem

Williams, Deidre McDonald (1978) Television programming and Atlanta's black audience: a charter

Willis, Latanza (1978) A critical analysis of the city of Atlanta's administration of its community development block grant

Wormely, Sharon Ann (1978) Factors influencing the effectiveness of probation officers in Georgia

Wright, Kinnard Dwayne (1978) An assessment of the need for a revised job classification system within the organizational structure of Herrington day school incorporated

Yancy, Dorothy Cowser (1978) The spectre of public unionism from 1966 to 1976: A critical analysis of the labor policies of the City of Atlanta

Yearell, Cheryl D. (1978) Synthesis of a series of 16, 16-dimethyl-prostacyclin and 6-keto prostaglandin analogs

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Dissertations & Theses from 1977

Dixon, David (1977) Race, class and national identity in black Ecuador: Afro-Ecuadorians and the struggle for human rights

Jones Zachery, Particia A. (1977) A developmental approach to teaching pre-school children vocabulary nouns

Thomas, Leesther (1977) Imagery in Countee Cullen's poetry

Wade, Ellen R. (1977) A plan for a library program model for the pre-school and primary level trainable mentally retarded children

Wesley, Carol Lajuan Clarke (1977) An investigation of the arithmetic computation ability and word problem solvng ability of elementary educable mentally retarded children

White, Earl Jr (1977) Isolation and characterization of the microbial flora of frozen-pack strawberries

Whitfield, Charlene (1977) The unspoken heroine in William Faulkner's the sound and the fury

Wiles, Eugenia Marie (1977) Some demographic changes in the Black population of the United States

Williams, Lanette E. (1977) The effects of marital status upon a woman's participation in the labor force

Yancey, Blonnie Faye (1977) A technique for the isolation of Plasmid Deoxyribonucleic acid from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

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Dissertations & Theses from 1976

Brink, George William (1976) The influence of Calvinism on the concepts of government, church and nation in the Republic of South Africa

Britton, Larry C. (1976) Evangelism and Christian education: my feld education experience and its effect upon my ministry

Richmond, Isaac (1976) An inquiry into the Christian ministry as critical social analysis and direct action engaging class-race factors affecting the education of veterans in Marietta, Georgia

Thomas, Edgar Garfield III (1976) A comparison of Frelimo, the Mozambican United Front, with a proto-type vanguard party

Thomas, Norman H. (1976) A descriptive analysis of the activities of the Atlanta Public Schools' community education planning committee

Thomas, Norman H. (1976) A descriptive analysis of the activities of the Atlanta Public School's community education planning committee

Tsao, Jiun York (1976) The Chinese in the American society

West, E. Bernard (1976) Black Atlanta--struggle for development, 1915-1925

West, Eugene (1976) Plasma renin activity in anesthetized rats after short periods of reduced renal blood flow (ischemia)

Whitest, Beverly J. (1976) An analysis of communication in the office of grant, planning, management, and support City of Atlanta

White, Sydney Gloria (1976) (I) The effect of solvent and shift reagents on the proton magnetic resonance spectra of some cubane derivatives (II) On the mechanism of photodimerization of cyclopentadiene

Winslow, Marti Smith (1976) Perspectives on Black Africa; The National Geographic Magazine, 1931-1941 and 1957-1967

Woody, Edith Kay (1976) Aldosterone excretion in adrenalectomized and partially-damaged adrenal glands in rats

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Dissertations & Theses from 1975

Black, Jessie Kate (1975) A cytological study of differentiation of the amnion and the effects of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) on its structural moiety in Long Evans rat fetuses during periods day 101/2--191/2

Davenport, Vivien (1975) A survey of the admission practices of Black colleges and universities in the United States

Jones, Valarie Abbott (1975) An index to the bulletin of Atlanta University for the period January, 1908 through October, 1912

Lockhart, Verdree (1975) A comparison of personality patterns and interpersonal behaviors of a sample of black and white school counselors

Rogers, Gradys Irwin (1975) How to teach the Bible to black teenagers of today

Terfa, Solomon (1975) An analysis of the causes of teh Downfall of Haile-Salassie's Regime 1965-1974

Thompson, Arthur Lake (1975) A descriptive analysis of the Epda Leadership Project at Atlanta University1973-1974

Tuckfield, Gloria Smith (1975) Indicators of racial prejudice among black and white faculty members in an " inverse integration" university setting

Udodok, Brownson Moses (1975) The role of the petroleum industry in the development of the Nigerian economy

Vereen, Mary Alice (1975) Images in the black literary tradition

Watkins, Cora Adelaide (1975) Perceptions of a simulated administrative situation as perceived by experienced and non-experienced administrators

Watts, Brenda Joyce (1975) A demographic distribution of families broken by divorce

Wells, Rosa Marie (1975) Samuel Woodrow Williams, catalyst for black atlantans, 1946-1970

White, Barnette McGhee (1975) The effect of sociodrama on average daily attendance and concept of self

Williams, Donald G. (1975) Mental health in the urban black community: a sociological approach

Williams, Patricia A. (1975) Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of ceratocystis ulmi isolates

Wilson, Margaret Ann (1975) Social cultural aspects of aging

Winston, Michael J. (1975) The Southern Christian Leadership Conference's implementation of the poor peoples' campaign of 1968

Wood, Darlene Iva (1975) The fictional writings of Jessie Fauset

Wooldridge, Rose Mary (1975) Aesthetics as ethics: an analysis of the black aesthetic

Young, Rufus jr (1975) An investigation of the perceptions held by urban elementary school teachers and principals relative to administrative leadership traits

Young, Rufus Jr. (1975) An investigation of the perceptions held by urban elementary school teachers and principals relative to administrative leadership traits

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Dissertations & Theses from 1974

Archibold, Errol Ricardo (1974) Regulation of aminoacyl-transfer ribonucleic acid synthetases formation in Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium

Richardson, Adam J. (1974) Towards Christian fellowship in a Black church: Administratively implementing the ministry of liberation

Thomas, Ora Lee (1974) A comparative analysis of Charles Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit (1843-44) and Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad (1869)

Thomas, Ora Lee (1974) A comparative analysis of Charles Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit (1843-44) and Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad (1869)

Tisdale, Verlie Ann Graham (1974) Substrate specificity of alkaline phosphatase in fetal and leukemic tissues

Warner, Janet Charmaine (1974) The application of Duncans' theory of residential succession to the black population of Atlanta, Georgia, 1960 to 1970

Warsi, Shafique Ahmad (1974) Mathematical logic

Washington, Marcella G. (1974) The impact of Israeli technical and military aid on the internal polictics of two African nations: Ghana and Uganda

Wells, Lloyd F. (1974) A demographic study of 50 youth act cases released from the District of Columbia Department of Corrections: 1973

Williams, Clarence Jr. (1974) "Midway" a sociological study of the peculiarities of the black people in the midway community of Liberty County, Georgia

Williams, Eugene Robert (1974) A general view of day care and child development social services

Wilson, John Edward (1974) The effects of meperidine hydrochloride and codeine phosphate on the growth and motility of tetrahymena pyriformis

Zaki, Hoda Moukhtar (1974) Afro-American scholars and their views on Africa: 1945-1973

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Dissertations & Theses from 1973

Anderson, Jack N. (1973) Christian education and theological seminaries, a matter of life or death?

Banks, Burnwell Bernard (1973) Studies in conjugated systems: The preparation of beta, beta-dimethyldihydroanthraquinone and of 1-para-nitro-benzeneazo-2,3-dimethylbutadiene

Brown, Helen (1973) A critical analysis and evaluation of my teaching and supervision experience in Central United Methodist Church, in Ben Hill United Methodist Church and in Trinity United Methodist Church from September 1971 to May 1973

Mohanty, Mahendra K. (1973) Reduced pyridine nucleotide linked oxidase systems in Euglena gracilis var. bacillaris

Thomas, Daphne Dianne (1973) The effects of education on Black children: the need for education from a Black perspective

Thomas, Mamie Jackson (1973) The relationship of biographical data to supervisors' ratings of counselor effectiveness

Thomas, Philip (1973) A study of foreign students interaction with Americans: in Atlanta

Walker, Margie K. (1973) A comprehensive study of the Black church as an institution of social welfare from 1865 to 1900

Warsi, Zakir Ahmad (1973) Malic and lactic dehydrogenases in the hemolymph and tissue extracts of cockroaches

Washington, Cyrus C. (1973) Flight beneath earth: the alienation theme in the fiction of Fyodor Dostoevsky, Richard Wright, and Ralph Ellison

Whatley, Renee J. (1973) Frantz Fanon: toward the development of a sociology of revolution

White, Joseph Jr (1973) An exploratory analysis of White racism as a causal factor emotional disorders in the White community

Wiggins, Evangelin Rozena (1973) Isolation and purfication of RNA Polymerase from Physarum Polycephalum

Williams, Ned (1973) Functional equations of the second kind

Williams, Ouida Kathyrn (1973) The algebra of finite-state machines

Wolter, John Edward (1973) The transport and regulation of carbohydrates in the cockroach

Wright, Stephen Caldwell (1973) The supernatural and the occult in selected poems and letters of Emily Dickinson

Zeigler, Mary E.Brown (1973) The incorporation of grammar in the English sequences of the thirteen-college curriculum program

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Dissertations & Theses from 1972

Presnell, Boyte Austin (1972) The impact of world war II on race relations in Mobile, Alabama, 1940-1948

Venters, Marcia Yvonne (1972) Euthanasia: A moral dilemma

Watson, Brenda Dianne (1972) Black drama of the sixties: A reflection of the Black experience in America

Watt, Mary Julia (1972) Maternal influences in the socialization of the culturally deprived child

Welch, Gloria Ella (1972) The personal and social adjustment among aged Negro Catholics of Holy Family Parish, Birmingham, Alabama

White, Carolyn (1972) Une bibliographe choisie des ouvrages poetiques et dramatiques ecrits en Francais par des escrivans noirs

Williams, Edgar Jr (1972) A descriptive study of 155 boys admitted to the youth development center -Milledgeville, Georgia July 1, 1970- September 30,1970

Williams, Roger (1972) Une etude critique montrant la negritude dans quelques oeuvres de birago diop et de jacques rabemananjara

Yeh, Yu Liang (1972) The role of taxation in economic development

Young, Gwendolyn Catherine (1972) The buried Life: themes of alienation and self-discovery in the poetry of Matthew Arnold

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Dissertations & Theses from 1971

Cebrun, Mary Juliette (1971) Four women: across-sectional study of class structure among black women in America

Mathis, Joseph D. (1971) Race relations in Greenville, South Carolina, from 1865 through 1900, as seen in a critical analysis of the Greenville city council proceedings and other related works

Thomas, Julian Edward Sr. (1971) Characterization of a value transfer ribonucleci acid (tRNA) mutant of Escherichia Coli

Villes, Amelia E. (1971) Jesus' ethical teaching and its relevance today

Walden, Carolyn (1971) An analysis of the Black experience as reflected in the Voice of the Negro 1904-1907

Walls, Josie Spencer Roberts (1971) The Negro in Meriwether County, Georgia as reflected in the Meriwether Vindicator, 1873-1910

Watkins, Irma (1971) The Du Bois-Garvey controversy

Watts, Rufus (1971) On unitary and orthogonal transformations

Weaver, Ernestine (1971) Une Bibliographie choisie de Romans, de nouvelles, et de contes ecrits en Francais par des escrivans noirs

Wells, Christine Thomas (1971) Attitudes toward religion in the fiction of Richard Wright

White, Carolyn Iona (1971) Georgia's reaction to the Civil Rights Act of 1875 and the civil rights cases of 1883

Williams, Barbara Gibbs (1971) A study of the Uncle Remus dialect

Williams, Claudia Y. (1971) Client perception of family planning clinics in Jamaica West Indies

Williams, Joe Anne O. (1971) Georgia's reaction to Theodore Roosevelt's negro policy

Williams, Marvin T. (1971) Studies on inhibition, activation and substrate specificity of the alkaline phosphatase activity from the thymic lymphomas of C57B1 mice

Wilson, Janie M. (1971) Design and technique in six selected novels of Thomas Hardy

Wise, Clara Jones (1971) A descriptive study of inmates at the youth development center in Augusta, Georgia

Wright, Marlene Yolandis (1971) Changes in non-white occupational categories in the Atlanta, Georgia,SMSA, 1966-1970

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Dissertations & Theses from 1970

Burkette, Tyrone L. (1970) Black power through merged black Methodist bodies

Carroll, Benjamin (1970) My theological pilgrimage

Howell, William B. (1970) The role of the black pastor in the Parish Ministry

Mkwanazi, Daniel M. (1970) A comparison of the African and Hebraic concept of man

Poole, Jerry (1970) Role of education in the Christian Methodist episcopal church

Quaya, Nii Gordon (1970) Challenge of social change to the christian methodist episcopal church in Ghana

Washington, Harold L. (1970) Repression of Leucyl-transfer ribonucleic acid synthetase of escherichia coli

Washington, Pauline Baxter (1970) The effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) on the physiology and morphology of rabbit sperm maintained in vitro

Webb, Willie James (1970) An analysis of the social characteristics of recidivists referred to the Fulton County Juvenile Court in 1969

Wells, Julia E. (1970) Race and the human condition in William Styron's The Confessions of Nat Turner

Williams, Arthur Lee (1970) A biochemical study of an Arginyl-tRNA Synthetase mutant of Escherichia Coli

Williams, Mattye B. Ross (1970) A comparative analysis of selected short stories of Guy De Maupassant and of O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)

Worthy, Barbara Ann (1970) A study of the activities of the negro in congress from 1870-1881

Young, Haswell G (1970) Pastoral clinical training at Grady Memorial Hospital and how I saw it (Georgia)

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Dissertations & Theses from 1969

Boone, William Henry (1969) Atlanta community relations commission

Brown, Oliver (1969) Mark's use of parables as revealed in Mark 4:10-12

Plummer, R. Geprge (1969) The Chistian methodist episcopal church-death of merge?

Russell, David A. Jr. (1969) Cosmopolitan A.M.E. Church and the problem of the Vine City community

Sloan, Albert J.H II (1969) Carrie steele-pitts home and the church partners in mission

Thomas, Charles J. (1969) A study of helping relationship responses of counselors

Walker, Eugene Pierce (1969) Attitudes towards Negroes as reflected in the Atlanta Constitution, 1908-1918

Walls, Robert L. (1969) A comparison of work attitudes of successful high school students and manpower development training enrollees

Walls, Robert L. (1969) A comparison of work attitudes of successful high school students and manpower development training enrollees

Warren, Mary Jenkins (1969) Opinions of college seniors on certain factors considered important for marital success

Webb, Charlotte Westbrooks (1969) A comparison of mathematical performance between two groups of fourth grade students

Whalum, Clarie Guy (1969) A content analysis of American Library Association presidential inaugural addresses, 1940-1964

Wideman, Rebecca Florence (1969) The effects of counseling provided by institute trainees upon personality change of a select group of clients attending a student counseling center

Williams, Jean Shipp (1969) The treatment of the Don Juan theme as seen in the plays of Moliere, Edmond Rostand and Andre Obey

Wilson, George M. (1969) Some reflections of the Four Gospels according to Randolph Crump Miller and thier implications for christian education

Wimbush, George Washington (1969) Algebraic structure of semigroups

Wimbush, George Washington (1969) Algebraic structure of semigroups

Yates, John A. Sr. (1969) The dynamic role of seminary in my religious quest

Yip, Hok-Fai (1969) Philosophy and practical application for youth work and church school administration

Young, Johnny Frank (1969) Information theory

Young, Mattie H. (1969) Treatment of the anti-poverty program in the Atlanta Inquirer a content analysis

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Dissertations & Theses from 1968

Swain, Rose (1968) Implications of the novel for social work education

Thomas, Annette Willis (1968) Analysis of selected periodical literature related to culturally disadvantaged children and the implications for the school library, 1965-1967

Thomas, David E. (1968) The participation of transported and non-transported high school students in extra-curricular activities in the E. E. Butler High School Gainesville, Georgia

Thomas, Lee Jr. (1968) The effectiveness of chem-study experiments and conventional laboratory exercises

Thomas, Norman H. (1968) A correlation of certain college entrance test scores made by the 1962 freshman class of Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia

Thomas, Norman H. (1968) A correlation of certain college entrance test scores made by the 1962 freshman class of Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia

Tucker, Samuel Joesph (1968) A multivariate analysis of certain personality and sociological characteristics related to the prediction of academic achievement in a Liberal Arts College for men

Tucker, Samuel Joseph (1968) A mulltivariate analysis of certain personality and sociological characteristics related to the prediction of academic achievement in a liberal arts college for men

Turner, Willie James (1968) Fermi-resonance in cage ketones

Uzomah, Ralph Uwabuike (1968) An analytical study of the federal reserve monetary policy on domestic economic stability from 1947- 1965

Vickers, Leila L. (1968) A follow-up study of the graduate assistants in reading at the Atlanta University from 1958 to the present

Walker, John James (1968) A study of the bromintaion of 5a-androstan-17-ol-3-one-17-benzoate with n,n-dirbromobenzenesulfonamide

Walker, Lester E. Jr (1968) Employment and training: A study of the 1965 graduates of Carver Vocational High School in Atlanta, Georgia

Wallace, Jacqueline (1968) A comparative study and evaluation of the role performance of foster parents during their first year of service and their fifth year of service

Ware, Mary A. (1968) A study of the neighborhood Youth Corps enrollees' erformance from supervisors' ratings

Washington, Neeka Garrison (1968) The effects of a programed approach to reading on reading achievement and attitude toward reading

Washington, Robert Arthur (1968) The effect of large doses of mammalian (sheep) gonadotrophins on the reproductive cycle of immature female rana pipiens

Watkins, Lamar H. (1968) Paul Tillich's analysis of the existential condition of man and its implications for social casework theory and practice

Watts, Willie Carel (1968) The effects of low temperatures on the metabolic rate of Paramecium Caudatum

Waymer, Robert H. (1968) An analysis of specific questions from tenants about rent charges of public low-rent housing projects where all utilities are furnished in Atlanta, Georgia

Waymer, Robert W. (1968) An analysis of specific questions from tenants about rent charges of public low-rent housing projects where all utilities are furnished in Atlanta, Georgia

Webb, Melvin R. (1968) A survey of teaching methods

West, Nathaniel C. (1968) A study of the predictive validity of the counselor's guide to Georgia colleges regarding the sex of students

Whatley, Jeanette Hubert (1968) John Donne and Emily Dickinson: a study in insights and techniques

Wheatt, Georgia D. (1968) A study of the attitudes of regular class secondary teachers toward education for the educable mentally retarded

Whisenhunt, Mabel Logan (1968) A content analysis of nine teenage magazines issued in 1967

White, Peggy L. (1968) The use of occupational information in the Georgia High Schools

Whitfield, Leon Virgil (1968) A study of deterrents to low-income patients seeking care at Grady Hospital's Prenatal and Infant Care Clinic

Williams, Bertha Dowdell (1968) Students and their problems: a study of referrals to the Department of School Social Work Services Charlotte- Mecklenburg School System Charlotte, North Carolina

Williams, Frances Alberta (1968) The impact of the Head Start Program upon the family

Williams, Mary George (1968) The use of the library by the faculty of the Julian Franklin Boddie High School, Milledgeville, Georgia

Williams, Robert Madison (1968) An evaluative study of the Harlem Park neighborhood council as a coordinating agent for social, civic, religous and neighborhood participation in the Harlem Park community, Baltimore, Maryland

Williams, Sam Jr. (1968) Assessing the adequacy of the guidance program in two high schools of concordia Parish, Louisiana

Wilson, Billy (1968) Differences and correlations of high school and college scholastic achievement of the 1961 freshman class of the Albany State College, Albany, Georgia

Wilson, Dortha Nell (1968) A content analysis of eleven selected reading skill-texts used to aid in the development of reading comprehension in a college reading program

Wilson, Jeannette Bowman (1968) Comparison of auditory discrimination of sounds in known words and nonsense syllables presented to kindergarten

Wilson, Shirley Marie (1968) The question of German responsibility for the First World War

Womack, Renetta Threadkill (1968) Indian education in America and its effects upon Indian assimilation

Woods, Verna Lazelle (1968) An evaluative study of foster home placement at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Northport, Long Island, New York

Yang, Tersa Tung (1968) A descriptive study of children's admitted to the children's seashore house with a diagnosis of Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, 1966-1967

Young, Marie Killlette (1968) A survey and appraisal of teachers’ opinions of the current elementary art resource program, Escambia county, Florida

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Dissertations & Theses from 1967

Carter, Reginald C. (1967) My field education experience at Antoine Craves senior citizen's center

McCormick, Harold A. (1967) A study of patients' attitudes toward group therapy administered by social workers at the veterans administration Hospital Northport, Long Island, New York

Thomas, Elzie Oliver (1967) A study of elementary science teaching practices in region ten, state of Georgia

Thomas, Julian E. (1967) Variations in electrical resistance of the human skin affter certain physical activities

Thomas, Melvin Andrew (1967) A study of the theme "the refusal to accept reality" as portrayed by female characters in three plays by Jean Anouilh

Thomas, Melvin Andrew (1967) A study of the theme "The refusal to accept reality as portrayed by female characters in Three Plays by Jean Anouilh

Thomas, Ossie Banks (1967) The attitudes of speech, music and art teachers toward working with exceptional children with emphasis on the mentally retarded

Turner, Willie Cecelia Perrin (1967) The effectiveness of teaching model designed of widely accepted principles of learning

Walker, James E. (1967) A study of parents' attitudes toward their educable mentally retarded children

Ware, Bobbie (1967) Inpatients' and their families' perspective of mental health treatment

Watkins, Janice Perry (1967) Religous implications in the fiction of Herman Melville

Weathers, Patricia E. (1967) Patients who complete intake at Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, children's unit: a descriptive study

Wegayehu, Belay (1967) The use of direct costing for planing and control in a wood preserving company a case study

Weimer, Tom (1967) A study of the 1964 "Poverty" articles

White, Joseph Councill (1967) The genus Dinemasporium

Wiley, Frank (1967) Tested differences and correlations in the intelligence and scholastic achievement of the uppergrade elementary school pupils in the Greenward-Wtason Elementary School Buford, Georgia, 1966-1967

Wilkerson, Joan Marie (1967) An analytical study of the contents of selected children's magazines

Williams, Joyce Ann (1967) The effect of individual and group counseling on underachievers

Williams, Joyce Ann (1967) The effect of individual and group counseling on underachievers

Williams, Juanita Terry (1967) The impact of education, socio-economic status, and self-conflict on out-of-state participants in Selma, Alabama Movement Dissent, March, 1965

Williams, Mary Ellen B. (1967) A survey of some problems of teachers of educable mentally retarded children

Williams, Narvie Hill (1967) An achievement assessment of some graduates of a school located in a culturally deprived area

Willingham, Russell (1967) Theme and structure in Rodogune of Corneille and La Thébaïde of racine: a study of the baroque

Wilson, Mary Lemon (1967) The role of women in advertising

Wilson, Milton (1967) A feasibility study of starting an automobile dealership owned by negroes in Fulton County, Georgia

Wilson, Robert H. (1967) Occupational aptitudes, interests, and opportunities of seniors at Carver Vocational High School

Winkfield, Evangeline Allison (1967) A study of student perceptions of the function and performance of secondary school counselors

Witherspoon, Irma Jean (1967) A comparative study of Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme of Molière and Turaret of Lesage

Wolfe, Elise Palmer (1967) Diagnosis and instruction of reading disability cases of fourth grade pupils

Wolfe, Roy J. (1967) An evaluation of educational administration textbooks for junior high school

Woodard, Margaret Jewel (1967) The teachers' view of the school social workers' function in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Elementary Schools

Wright, C. T. (1967) A study of three governors of Georgia from Walton county, Georgia: Alfred Holt Colquitt, Henry Dickerson Mcdaniel and Clifford Mitchell Walker

Wright, Frances P. (1967) A content analysis of three professional textbooks on methods of teaching mentally retarded children

Yang, Wei-Hsein (1967) Human resource as the key factor of economic development

York, Emma L. (1967) Robert Frost's theory and practice of poetry.

Young, Eliza Marcella (1967) The search for identity in the works of James Baldwin

Young, Robert C. (1967) An assessment of the physical education program for boys in grades four through eight

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Dissertations & Theses from 1966

Robinson, William T. (1966) Relevance of missions in the local church

Thomas, Bettye Collier (1966) Race relations in Atlanta, from 1877 through 1890, as seen in a critical analysis of the Atlanta City council proceedings and other related works

Thomas, Exie Ola (1966) Adolescent preferences concerning sources of help in coping with problems

Thompson, Bernice Farley (1966) Analysis of opinions and attitudes about "Unit Teaching" methodology expressed by selected teachers in elementary, public, private, and Parochial Schools

Turner, June C. (1966) The identification of student needs as a basis for an organized program of guidance and counseling at Webster High School, Minden, Louisiana

Veals, Ephraim Thomas Jr (1966) Trends in public assistance as reflected in periodical literature from 1962 - 1965

Vines, Carl W. (1966) An evaluation of casework services at Boys' Village of Maryland

Walton, Marva Floyd (1966) The effect of ethyl carbamate on succiante dehydrogenase activity

Warsi, Tauquir A. (1966) Linear programming- a new approach to management

Washington, Alice Rochelle (1966) A study of the effects of school social work services on attendance in the Charlotte- Mecklenburg Public Schools

Watson, Tommy Lee (1966) An intensive study of the separate negro school districts of Howard County, Arkansas in transition to single, integrated systems.

White, Wendell Frank (1966) Adevertising strategy that influences the Negro market for national brands

Williams, Bessie H. (1966) School health program appraisal and student behavior patterns of a selected group of eighth grade students in the Liberty County High School, McIntosh, Georgia, 1965-1966

Williams, Eleanor (1966) Attitudes of lower class negroes towards illegitimacy

Willie, Eula Mae Armstrong (1966) Comparison of televiewing habits of upper and lower achievers in the fifth and sixth grade classes of an elementary school

Wilson, Elmer C. (1966) The infrared spectra and vibrational analysis of oxalyl bromide and solid oxalyl fluoride

Wimberly, James Hudson (1966) Case studies of dropouts and potential dropouts of a selected group of high school students at the William James high school, Statesboro, Georgia, 1964-1965

Wimbush, Annie Bernice (1966) A comparative analysis of pope’s “essay on man” and Voltaire’s “discours en vers sur l’homme”

Wood, Dorothy T. (1966) A comparison of relationships of certain factors to the readiness abilities of two groups of first grade pupils

Woods, Rosebud Ovane (1966) A comparative study of the attendance and socio-economic status of twelve third grade pupils

Woods, Willie C. (1966) A content analysis of the treatment of listening skills in ten language arts textbooks

Wright, Mattie K. (1966) The effects of 2, 4 -Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on structural development and anatomical changes in the roots of Helianthus Annuus

Yancy, Robert James (1966) A study in personnel functions: case report personnel departments at Fisher Body and Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors Corporation--Atlanta, Georgia plants

Yang, Helen Yue-Hsia (1966) A study of O.Henry's social attitudes as reflected in his New York short stories

Young, Leydon A. (1966) Inventory pricing and its influence on financial statements

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Dissertations & Theses from 1965

Blake, Charles E. (1965) An evaluative study of the organizational structure of the church of god in Christ

Burt, Gene Eddie (1965) Inferences from a sociological survey of leading Christian Methodist Episcopal churches

Burton, William B. (1965) Outstanding doctrines of John Wesley's Theology

Johnson, Rosa B. Whaley (1965) Algorithm for the solution of quadratic congruences with small prime modulus (<= 100)

Langley, Curtis Tilmon (1965) An inquiry into the attitudes of Negro users, non-users and users of both toward Negro doctors in the Atlanta community

Pogue, Frank George Jr (1965) A quantitative analysis of the delinquency population in Atlanta, Georgia, 1957--1960

Porter, Albert D. (1965) A comparative study of the techniques used by the Atlanta Urban League in conducting the house-to-house division of the Community Chest campaign for 1950--1951 and 1951--1952

Proctor, Charles Albert (1965) Conjugated systems: The preparation and chlorination of 1-para-chlorophenyl-4-phenyl-butadiene

Smith, Daisy Bowman (1965) A comparative study of the professional and socio-economic status of Negro secondary and college teachers in Atlanta, Georgia

Taylor, Harold E. (1965) A critical analysis of the Negro market with suggested techniques for marketing programs directed toward this market

Velkoff, Evelyn Weinkle (1965) A study of movement in children whose parents receive therapy at the DeKalb County Guidance Clinic

Walton, James Harry (1965) A survey of the Peter James Bryant Elmentary School Library, Atlanta, Georgia, 1964-1965

Ward, Robert Joseph (1965) United States - Philippine relations

Warren, Robert G. (1965) An analysis of the study habits and attitudes of three selected groups of high school students

Washington, Isaiah (1965) A study of song problems of small business investment companies, 1959 - 1965

Weems, Joe Norwood (1965) A study of health knowledge, practices and atttitudes between selected groups of elementary pupils in the Summer Hill Elementary School, Cartersville, Georgia, 1963-1964

Wells, Deola Hall (1965) A study of negro males' attitudes toward work and economic role

White, Mildred V. (1965) An analysis of school attendance, academic achievement and certain intervening factors affecting a sample of tenth grade students at Tuskegee Institute High School, Tuskegee, Alabama

Whittaker, William H. (1965) A study of intergroup conflict in an agency camp setting

Wicks, Barbara L. (1965) A study of some socio-economic factors associated with first offenders and recidivists

Williams, Bernard L. (1965) An inventory of psychological characteristics manifested by students of a consolidated high school

Williams, George W. (1965) A study of the educational personnel in the negro public schools of Burke County for the yeear 1964-1965

Williams, Hazel (1965) The roles of nature in selected novels of Thomas Hardy

Williams, Lexie Battle (1965) Two methods of teaching arithmetic in second grade

Willis, Douglas (1965) On the origin of epidermal proturbances in the tail of bullfrog larvae following the injection of the lathyrogenic agent, semicarbazide hydrochloride

Wilson, Daisy M. (1965) An analysis of the requirements for the master's degree in American colleges and universities in the field of education

Wilson, James W. (1965) A study of characteristics of self-referred and other-referred clients to a student counseling center

Wilson, Timothy Douglas (1965) Antitrust practices and competition in the steel industry: a critical analysis

Wimby, Eugene B. (1965) A comparative study of the Kuhlman-Anderson and the Otis Quick scoring intelligence tests as predictors of high school performance

Woodard, Lawrence (1965) Riemann-Stieltjes integration

Woodson, Daisy L. (1965) A comparison of two methods of improving rate of reading of college freshmen

Wright, Patricia Nadine (1965) A study to ascertain the extent to which the recreational needs of aged persons are met by a settlement house setting in Columbus, Ohio

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Dissertations & Theses from 1964

Aldrich, Willie Lee Banks (1964) The history of public library service for negroes in Salisbury, North Carolina

Bardonille, Harold Jr. (1964) Negro and white voter participation in the 1961 Atlanta mayoralty election and the 1963 Atlanta bond issue referendum: A comparative analysis

Gorin, Cynthia B. (1964) Social work assessment in the Family Service Society of Atlanta, Georgia

Johnson, Eddie Jr (1964) An assessment of social functioning in the Social Service Department of the United States Penitentiary of Atlanta, Georgia

Knox, Sara Gay (1964) Assessment of social functioning at Family Service Society, Atlanta, Georgia

Lyle, Richard (1964) The role of neighborhood organizations in urban

Mays, Fayrene Neuman (1964) A history of public library service to negroes in Houston, Texas, 1907-1962

Morris, Elton (1964) The rehousing of non-whites displaced by urban renewal in Atlanta, Georgia

Thomas, Edwin A. (1964) Citizen participation in urban renewal in the cities of Boston and Chicago

Thomas, Samuel S. (1964) A survey of guidance services presently functioning in the schools represented by the twenty-five members of the Atlanta University first academic year guidance and counseling institute 1962

Tolo-Kabu, Edison Fancis (1964) An examination of the Canadian accounting concept of "market" as used in inventory valuation

Ume, Kalu Egwuonwu (1964) Analysis of reading difficulties of fifty freshmen of Morehouse College who enrolled in reading in September, 1962

Victrum, Otis Cross (1964) The controversial claim of research priority as related to the discovery of surgical anethesia

Wakiaga, Apollo Abraham (1964) A brief inquiry into Kenya's current problems of economic growth

Walton, Hanes Jr. (1964) The regulation of political broadcasting in the United States

Ward, Wille Jr (1964) A schematic approach toward presenting elementary acounting to students in business administration and general education in state colleges and universities in the south

Warrington, Samuel W. JR. (1964) Assessment of social funtioning at the children's unit of Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Washington, Janet Beverly (1964) Social work assessment at the Veterans Administration Hospital Northport, Long Island, New York

Webb, Elaine Lockhart (1964) Reading and library use by student leaders of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College, Normal, Alabama, 1959-1960

Webster, Laverne (1964) A survey of Brinkley Junior-Senior High School Library, Jackson, Mississippi, 1963-1964

Wilcher, Mary Alice Cook (1964) The use of community resources as an aid to science teaching

Williams, Constance Marion (1964) Studies on Genera of Clathraceous Fungi

Williams, Johhnie M. (1964) On the theory of matrix algebra

Williams, John (1964) United States policy toward the recognition and admission of communist China to the United Nations, 1949 to 1960

Williams, Julia Bowen (1964) The effects the new curriculum in mathematics has upon negro teachers in Chickasaw County, Mississippi

Williams, Matthews (1964) An assessment of social functioning at Cook County Hospital mental health clinic Chicago, Illinois

Williams, Maude Robertson (1964) Publications of the Alabama legislature, 1952-1962

Williams, Richard Ernie (1964) Chemical dissolution and in vitro studies of 2-day old chick embryo notochordal cells

Wilson, Mae Frances (1964) A study of our present numbering system: an historical approach

Wood, Amy Belle (1964) School leavers of the Luthersville Elementary School, Luthersville, Georgia

Yohan, Walter (1964) Proposals for village extension program for Leonard Theological College, India

Yohan, Water (1964) Proposals for village extension program for Leonard Theological College, India

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Dissertations & Theses from 1963

Anderson, George (1963) On number-theoretic funtions

Bradley, Mattie Lena (1963) An analysis of the sociology graduates of Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia for the years 1933 to 1961

Cannon, John Henry Jr (1963) The nonwhite and white labor force characteristics: Atlanta, 1950 and 1960

Fair, Talmadge Willard (1963) Assessment of social functioning in the harlem park brance, Baltimore urban renewal and housing agencey

Holmes, Ethlynne Elizabeth (1963) Thomas Hardy's departure from Victorianism

Jackson, Augusta V. (1963) The renascence of Negro literature, 1922 to 1929

Jerkins, Fannette Juanita (1963) Social work assessment in Family Service Society, Atlanta, Georgia

King, Eugene (1963) An evaluation of the biology collection of the Trevor Arnett Library of Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia

Purham, Louis Theodors (1963) Social implications of the life and works of Charles Henry Phillips

Shipp, James R. (1963) A demographic analysis of the non-white population of Rockdale County: 1940 to 1960

Taylor, Ethel Williams (1963) An analysis of some of the major works of E. Franklin Frazier

Thomas, Edith Dalton (1963) The orientation program for new students at Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia

Thomas, James Oreil (1963) Hemigroups and Dyads

Thompson, James Melvin (1963) A study of the hydration of (4-nitrophenyl) phenylacetylene

Upshaw, Johnniw Mae (1963) The effects of acceleration on academic achievement and Socio-emotional adjustment of college males

Vernon, Carlos H. (1963) An introduction to the theory of sets and functions

Wall, Ruth Lyles (1963) An analysis of some developmental factors influencing reading readiness among first grade pupils

Ward, Bertha Lee Wright (1963) Scholastic aptitude and achievement of primary and upper elementary pupils of sale city elementary school

Ward, Ruth LeFlore (1963) An index to the bulletin of Atlanta University for the period of Januray, 1901 through December, 1903

Washington, Altermese Roberts (1963) A study of the relationship between listening and intelligence levels of upper elementary grade pupils in the Matilda Harris Elementary School Saint Marys, Georgia, 1969-70

Washington, George E. (1963) A study of enrollment, attendance, average-daily attendance age-grade status and successes of negro and white pupils and enrolled in schools of Meriwether County, Georgia 1952-1962

Washington, Geraldine R. (1963) The teaching of arithmetic in selected elementary schools of Meriwether County, Georgia

Weston, Maxine Wilhelmina (1963) A content analysis of books which remained on the New York Times Best-Seller lists for eight months or more, 1955-1959

White, Alfred Ables (1963) Relationships between reading achievement and factors of intelligence and personality adjustment of fourth grade pupils

Wilburn, Wellie S. (1963) Comparison of eductational patterns in the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Wilkins, Henry III (1963) Some aspects of United States policy in Europe- 1945 to 1950

Williams, Edward Mcghee (1963) Blood iron levels in rats after splenectomy and carbon tetrachloride damage to the liver

Williams, Luther Steward (1963) In vitro study on the effects of pituitary digest on the growth rate of cells of sarcoma-180 from crocker albino mice

Williams, Sim Edward (1963) The concept of civil disobedience in contemporary democratic thought

Wilson, Cornelia M. (1963) The economic significance of Church Homes, Inc.

Wilson, Jessie Lee Smith (1963) On the sine functional equation

Wilson, Julia Margaret (1963) An analysis of the proposed professional school of accountancy

Winfrey, Ida B. (1963) Teacher-preparation and curricular patterns in the social studies programs in six metropolitan high schools 1961-1962

Witcher, Johnnye Mae Murray (1963) Algernon Charles Swinburne as a revolutionary poet

Witherspoon, Lillie Mae (1963) United States government publications related to a selected group of West African countries, 1951-1962

Wooden, Aytch (1963) A study of factors associated with school success

Yarborough, Lloyd (1963) An analysis of the nonwhite market in selected cities of the United States 1940-1960

Young, Alfred F. (1963) Studies in conjugated system: some reactions of 1-(P-Methylpheny L) - 4 - Phenylbutadiene - 1,3

Young, Mary Brown (1963) Assessment of social functioning in Leake And Watts Children's Home, Incorporated, Yonkers, New York

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Dissertations & Theses from 1962

Boone, Mildred Cater (1962) A study of the need for mental health services in Atlanta, Georgia, 1958

Butler, Grady (1962) The expression of faith as the fulfillment of man's life

Fink, Gertrude S. (1962) A study of assessment factors in twenty closed cases of the Fulton County Child Guidance Clinic

Koo, Suen-Yan (1962) A study of the ability of the freshmen students of Morehouse College to use the card catalog of the Trevor Arnett Library at Atlanta University

Strong, Leman (1962) A comparative analysis of fertility and mortality rates for the state of Georgia: 1921--1959

Taylor, Carole Rhunette (1962) The use of Trevor Arnett Library by Atlanta University faculty members, 1960--1961

Thiam, Thierno-djibi (1962) The european common market and its implications for the development of Africa

Thomas, Marie Yvonne (1962) Soical work assessment of soical functioning in a soical work and attendance department

Thomas, Marie Yvonne (1962) Social work assessment of social functioning in a social work and attendance department

Turner, Mae Sue (1962) Paper electrophoretic studies of changes in chicken hemoglobin

Washington, Ela Mae (1962) On affine transformations

Washington, Odessa Braswell (1962) The theory of vector spaces and subspaces in algebra

Wicks, Simon A. (1962) Studies in conjugated systems: the reaction of 3- methyl-4-phenylbutadiene-1,3 with bromine

Wiggins, Nellie D. (1962) An analysis of reading achievement and difficulties of college students

Wilkins, Geneva Sease (1962) The assesment of social functioning at Irvington House Irvington-On-Hudson, New York

Williams, Bettye Jean (1962) Lectures in foundations of mathematics part II

Williams, Curtis Leroy (1962) Attitudes towards education as revealed in selected works of Sixteenth-century writers

Williams, Helen Pruitt (1962) An evaluation of the Smithefield branch of the Birmingham public library book collection in relation to the problems interests and needs of the adolescent patrons

Williams, Preston A. (1962) The impact of public housing projects upon students of Lemon Street public schools, Marietta, Georgia

Wilson, Hulda A. (1962) An evaluation of the materials collection of the Spelman college library, Atlanta, Georgia

Wilson, Marie Baker (1962) An analysis of national governmental emphasis upon the recruitment and hiring of negroes for federal positions in the fifth civil service region

Wilson Young, Eddie Mae (1962) The communications behavior of a selected group of adults residing in Pontchartrain Park New Orleans, Louisiana

Wood, Alice L. (1962) An analysis of the opinion of teachers and parents as to the effectiveness of the school curriculum in Henry county, Alabama, 1960-1961

Woodson, Roland Talmadge (1962) A comparative study of performance on the graduate record examination by a selected group of graduating seniors of Morehouse College during the years 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961.

Wyatt, Ann Elizabeth (1962) Social work assessment at Friends' association for children

Yang, Kenneth Kuo-Kuang (1962) American policy toward nationalist China since 1945

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Dissertations & Theses from 1961

Ballard, Robert Melvyn (1961) A job history of the Atlanta University School of Library Service graduates, 1948--1959

Benjamin, Rommel (1961) The non-white population of Atlanta, Georgia: 1940 to 1950

Bromfield, Samuel (1961) Negro stereotypes of white people in Atlanta, Georgia

Dodd, George W. (1961) The growth and development of public housing with special regard to the city of Atlanta

Hinson, Rosalind Olivia (1961) Certain characteristics manifested by the enrollees in the National Defense Education Act Guidance and Counseling Institute, Atlanta University, 1961

James, Birdie Turner (1961) History and development of public library service to Negroes in Mobile, Alabama, 1931-1959

Moore, Bennie Lee (1961) A History of public library service to negroes in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1927-1951

Redd, Gwendolyn Lewis (1961) A history of public library service to Negroes in Macon, Georgia

Roberts, Sylvester (1961) A demographic analysis of the Negro population of Atlanta: 1940--1960

Sherman, Mary Eunice (1961) The application of the Duncans' theory of residential succession to the non-white population of Atlanta, Georgia, 1940 to 1960

Vineyard, James David (1961) Field equations of general relativity

Walker, Geraldine Theajunia (1961) An analysis of the methodology of historical resources in the vitalization of instructional patterns in two southeastern Georgia counties 1959-1960

Washington, Milton A. (1961) A study of attitudes and personality traits of mothers of male schizophrenic children

Whitaker, Ellis (1961) A historical study of negro education in Clinch County, Georgia, 1900-1959

Whitehead, Willlie Dollie Glover (1961) The relationship of movement in casework to movement in therapy in a child guidance clinic

Williams, Billye Jewel Suber (1961) Content analysis of five short stories preferred by a group of college freshmen

Williams, Zelma Lamar (1961) An analysis of the general academic achievement of a group of college students from 1951-1955

Willingham, Doris Dalton (1961) A survey of the Nathan B. Forrest elemntary school library Atlanta, Georgia

Willingham, Doris Dalton (1961) A survey of the Nathan B. Forrest Elementary School Library, Atlanta, Georgia

Witcher, Georgia Marie (1961) The arithmetic achievement and mental abilities of children in a single class and multiple class situation

Wolff, Donald Joseph (1961) Consensus among members of clinical teams in a psychiatric setting

Wood, Raymond Morris (1961) On the logarithmic function and its application

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Dissertations & Theses from 1960

Clark, Charles Edward (1960) A historical study of the development of shopping centers, with special emphasis on their growth and economic implications in the Atlanta area for the period 1950 through 1958

Conley, Binford Harrison (1960) A study of the adequacy of the resources of Trevor Arnett Library to support the instruction in English in the Atlanta University Center, Atlanta, Georgia

Cooper, Neloweze Williams (1960) The history of public library service to negroes in Savannah, Georgia

Crittenden, Juanita Louise Jones (1960) A history of public library service to negroes in Columbus, Georgia, 1831 - 1959

Flagg, Daisy C. (1960) An analysis of methods of teaching selected social studies concepts to eighth grade pupils in eleven metropolitan Atlanta high schools, 1959--1960

Still, Robert James (1960) A study of the outdoor education program of a selected Atlanta public school

Thomas, Mamie Jackson (1960) A study of the requirements for admission to one-hundred-fifty state controlled colleges and universities

Trolinger, Sara Ruth (1960) A survey of the education books and periodicals in the Trevor Arnett Library

Trolinger, Sara Ruth (1960) A survey of the education books and periodicals in the Trevor Arnett Library

Twigg, Lewis Harold Jr (1960) Post-nine week effects of unilateral incisions of the cerebral hemispheres of Triturus Viridescens

Waples, Melvin R. (1960) Factors affecting social acceptance of students enrolled in a metropolitan high school

Whigham, Augusta E. (1960) An assessment of the personal adjustment of fifteen special class students

Whitehead, James Walter (1960) A descriptive analysis of the administrative structure and process of Germantown Settlement Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

White, Nathaniel Torrence (1960) Lectures in advanced calculus

Williams, Coralyce Lawtonya (1960) Community organization principles in gaining citizen participation for obtaining a playground in a deteriorated area

Williams, Helen Elizabeth (1960) A study of the treatment of and emphasis on an important social issue in five selected magazines, May, 1953 to May, 1955

Williams, Riichie Dean (1960) On the fundamental theorem of algebra

Wong, Albert Koon Heu (1960) An extension of Cauchy's integral formula

Wright, Annie C. (1960) Changes in the osmotic pressure of the plasma after adrenalectomy in the Long-Evans rat

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Dissertations & Theses from 1959

Anderson, Esther Boatright. (1959) A survey of the Oglethorpe Elementary School library, Atlanta, Georgia, 1957--1958

Cash, Rubye Singleton (1959) A follow-up study of the graduates of Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia, for the years 1947--1956

Eagleson, Louise Johnson (1959) The effect of hypophysectomy in the white rat on the parasite, Hymenolepis, Diminuta

Estes, Sidney Harrison (1959) The initial year of educational television in the seventh grade in a selected Atlanta public school

Finch, Elizabeth J. (1959) A follow-up study of the graduates of Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Georgia, 1942--1952

Hamilton, Marion M. (1959) A comparison of the academic achievement of 10th and 11th grade early admission students at Morehouse College, 1952--1959

Holloman, Dorothy S. (1959) Gammon Theological Seminary field work number IV F 18

Irons, Ocie J. (1959) Morehouse graduates who have earned doctorates

Johnson, Bettye Peterson (1959) History of the School of Education of Atlanta University from 1945 to September 1, 1957

McCrary, Mary Ellen (1959) A History of public library service to negroes in Nashville, Tennessee, 1916-1958

Poe, Spurgeon Yorke (1959) A follow-up study of the graduates of Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia for the years 1942--1946.

Stephens, J L. (1959) The status of the program of physical education and physical education coordinators in the schools of Metropolitan Atlanta

Thomas, Gladys (1959) Some problems in the ory of groups

Thompson, Gloriastene (1959) The expansion of the Negro community in Atlanta, Georgia, from 1940 to 1958

Thompson, Leroy (1959) Bibliographical analysis: Atlanta University biological theses, 1943--195

Turner, Gladys Tressia (1959) A study of the reactions of twenty-five adolescents to placement on adult medical and surgical services

Ushijima, Morimitsu (1959) Suye Mura in transition

Vaughn, Percy Joseph (1959) The effects of the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act OF 1930 on the American economy 1930-1933

Washington, Delo Elizabeth (1959) The parent-child relationships of fifteen institutional children and their response to casework services

Wilborn, Bessie Hamilton (1959) A comparison of content analysis and children’s reaction to selected types of magazines

Wilborn, Bessie Hamilton (1959) A comparison of content analysis and children's reaction to selected types of magazines

Wilcox, Rachel E. (1959) The adjustment of families of veterans who were hospitalized for long-term illness

Williams, Josie Latimer (1959) The economic structure of E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Incorporated: An analysis

Williams, Ola (1959) A comparative study of teacher and student evaluation of student partcipation in the "fine arts" in the areas of music, dramatics, dance, and language arts in the negro schools of Thomas County, Georgia.

Williams, Rebecca Margaret (1959) Federal finacing of urban renewal with special emphasis on Atlanta, Georgia

Winston, Prince Ilona (1959) On the paradoxes of set theory

Wong, Yuen-Fat (1959) On differentiable manifolds

Wyatt, Racyne B. (1959) Differences and relationships between reading achievement and certain aptitudes of upper elementary pupils

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Dissertations & Theses from 1958

Avery, Frances Clyburn (1958) Factors contributing to the readmission of Alcoholic partients to the veterans administration hospital, newport

Davis, Marguery A. (1958) Factors associated with alcoholic patients being transferred from acute intensive treatment service to continuous treatment

Dix, Sherman Earl (1958) The Negro Baptist minister in Atlanta, Georgia: License and mandate

Grier, Raymond M. (1958) Driver education in the Atlanta public high schools

Lockett, Booker Thomas (1958) The program of supervised student teaching in the Atlanta University Center, 1948--1958

Mallory, Ethel H. (1958) A follow-up study of the graduates of Clark College for two five-year periods, 1933--1937, and 1948--1952

Norwood, Matthew (1958) A study of the academic success of the Booker T. Washington High School students entering Morehouse College during the years 1945--1953

Springer, Robert Dee (1958) The social characteristics and behavioral patterns of the members of an all-Negro golf club in the city of Atlanta, Georgia

Teer, Fredricka L. (1958) Group work with physically handicapped children at Bird S. Coler Memorial Hospital

Thomas, Ethel (1958) A study of the status of the school health program in the negro schools, Houston County, Georgia, 1956-1957

Thomas, Huey T. Jr. (1958) Intergration and ethnic membership in an industrial plant

Thomas, John A. (1958) The opinions of educational personnel, pupils, and citizens of Emanuel County, Georgia as a basis for a public relations program

Thompson, Egbert H. (1958) The effectiveness of tranquilizing medication as an aid to patients in their community adjustment

Vincent, Rachel Ann (1958) Inventory valuation and the lifo controversy

Walthall, Evelyn Priscilla (1958) A diagnosis of the reading abilities of sixth grade pupils

Washington, Nettie Calhoun (1958) Reading abilities and reading interests of fourth grade pupils

Webster, Donald George (1958) A historical study of the Republic of Liberia with special emphasis on its econmic growth potentials

Wellmon, Marjorie L. (1958) A description of pre-commitment group relationships of girls in the New York State Training School

West, Helene Wright (1958) Criteria for the selection of neuropsychiatric veterans for family care

Whatley, Virginia Tillman (1958) Levels and stages of reading development compared with mental ability

Whitehead, James Walter (1958) The Negro population of Atlanta

Whitehead, James Walter (1958) The Negro population of Atlanta

Whitehurst, Fronnie Mae (1958) Studies of the effects of Para-Aminobenzoic Acid on the rate of growth of cells from the intestinal tissue of 9 day chick embryos: In Vitro

Wideman, Alice B. (1958) The effectiveness of oral arithmetic instruction

Williams, Frank Austin (1958) Community organization activities utilized in motivating parental repsonse to vocational guidance, Urban League of Cleveland

Williams, Maurice Mitchell (1958) Improvement of listening through special methods and techniques

Willis, Lillian Evelyn (1958) A comparative study of a group of problem pupils and a group of non-problem pupils in the Lynwood Park elementary school, North Atlanta, Georgia 1957-1958

Willis, Lillian Evelyn (1958) A comparative study of a group of problem pupils and a group of non-problem pupils in the lynwood park elementary school, north atlanta, georgia, 1957-1958

Wilson, Doris Jones (1958) The use of the orientation period in diagnosis at a state training school

Woods, June Fennell (1958) Irony in the fiction of Stephen Crane

Wordlaw, Marion Moore (1958) A study of the social services offered on the female psychiatric ward, receiving hospital Detroit, Michigan

Wright, Jean Marie (1958) On vector application to plane analytic geometry

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Dissertations & Theses from 1957

Beavers, Vivian R. (1957) A follow-up study of the graduates of the Oglethorpe Laboratory School, Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1947--1951

Christian, Wilbert H. (1957) Recipients of the doctorate among Atlanta University graduates

Lee, Carson (1957) The social characteristics of Negroes who invaded a white residential area in the city of Atlanta

McDonnell, Henrietta Isabelle (1957) The reading interests and habits of the Spelman College alumnae classes from 1930 through 1954

Mosley, Clara Beatrice (1957) A study of the magazine reading of a selected group of elementary school children

Phillips, Herman Rudolph (1957) Patterns of racial segregation on city buses in Atlanta, Georgia

Pipes, William Harrison (1957) Sources of Booker T. Washington's effectiveness as a public speaker

Reddick, Mary Logan (1957) The differentiation of portions of the chick blastoderm in chorio-allantoic grafts

Sledge, Dilcie M. (1957) Some patterns of social behavior of a selected third-grade class at Gray Street School, Atlanta, Georgia, 1956--1957

Swingearn, Mattlee Ouzis (1957) A study of the similarities between the drawings of first and seventh grade pupils and the drawings of their parents

Tucker, Ozella Marilyn (1957) Methods of handling intergroup incidents in agency-formed groups (United Neighbors Association- House of Industry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 1951-1957

Turnquest, Bealva Walker (1957) Patients' views of social services at Northport Veterans administration hospital

Virgo, Sarah Clarke (1957) A study of the criteria used in foster home placement

Walker, Gwendolyn Lawson (1957) A study of the student assistants in a selected group of Negro Colleges: the selection training and duties

Washington, Kate McAllister (1957) A study of master theses submitted by the students of the Atlanta University School of Library Service 1950-1954

Washington, Samuel Lafayette (1957) The history and function of social work in the military service

Washington, Samuel Lafayette (1957) The history and fuction of social work in the military service

White, Emmett Marshall (1957) A history of public education for negroes in Eufala, Alabama

Williams, Frank E. (1957) Differences and relationships in school achievement and incidence of problems manifested by ninth grade pupils of varying degrees of tested mental maturity

Williams, John Calvin (1957) A critical analysis of monopoly in terms of economic welfare criteria

Willingham, John B. (1957) Fifteen case studies of senior high school pupils, 1957

Wilson, Timothy Larry (1957) The dissociation constant of monochloroacetic acid in water-dioxane mixtures at 25°c from conductance measurements

Wise, Llewellyn Addison (1957) Patients' views of social services at Northport veterans administration hospital

Woods, William H. (1957) A study of the differentiation of neurosecretory cells in Rana Pipiens

Wooten, Shirley Mae (1957) The use of active games with handicapped girls

Wynn, Master Julius (1957) A suggested reading program for Gammon Theological Seminary students

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Dissertations & Theses from 1956

Ash, Curtis (1956) Personality differences between students majoring in the natural sciences and social sciences

Blayton, Zettie Ables (1956) Community organization processes for neighborhood development emphasizing coordinating efforts by the Atlanta Urban League

Bryant, Vera Regulus (1956) The effectiveness of science teaching in certain of the Atlanta public elementary schools, Atlanta, Georgia, 1955--1956

Collins Wells, Annie Ruth (1956) A study of selected juvenile fiction about Norwegian life and customs published, 1933-1953

Drayne, Gwendolyn Hylick Miley (1956) A study of the reactions to and use of popular advertising terminology among teachers and seniors at the Luther Judson Price High School, Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia

Hill, Maudie Bell (1956) A study of some functions of the psychiatric social worker at Wayne County General Hospital

Hubert, Charles Edmond (1956) A comparative study of the expressed reading interests and the records of the actual reading of the science majors at Morehouse College, 1954--1955

Jackson, Roswell Francis (1956) An evaluative study of the religious education programs in ten Negro churches in Atlanta, Georgia

Sanders, Charles Levi (1956) A study of the relocation of rear and alley tenants in Atlanta

Walker, Lamar Daniel (1956) A study of the tested differences in intelligence, achievement, and personality manifested by basketball players and non-basketball players of four junior high schools in Coweta County, Georgia, 1955-1956

Walker, Nancy Houston (1956) Psychological pictures of thirteen retarded pupils in the special class of George W. DeRenne Elementary School Savannah, Georgia 1954- 55

Walker, Phyllis Keele (1956) A survey of school library service in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Walton, William V. (1956) An analysis of community opinion of the educational program of the Hawkinsville High School, Hawkinsville, Georgia, as a basis for a public relations program

Watson, Hattie Rutherford (1956) An evaluation of the materials collection of the Library of the Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal college Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Watts, Lelar Christine (1956) A study of the relative effectiveness of inductive and deductive methods of teaching arithmetic to pupils of the Prentiss Institute, Prentiss, Mississippi

Webb, Louise Lawrence (1956) A study of tested differences and correlation in selected mental traits manifested by single and double session pupils of two elementary schools of Milledgeville, Georgia 1955-1956

Weems, Lillian Camilla (1956) A study of the negro home demonstration program in Georgia , 1923-1955

White, Dewey D. (1956) An analysis of selected traits of the pupil personnel of the Summerville Geogia, for the school term 1955-1956

White, Merlyn J. (1956) A study of the differences in school achievement of September and February registrants enrolled in a first grade, 1954-1955

Williams, Catherine Walker (1956) A study of relationships between language achievement and listening abilities of sixth-grade pupils of West Savannah school, Savannah, Georgia

Williams, Eleanor Elizabeth (1956) Imagery in the sermons and devotions of John Donne

Williams, Eleanor Elizabeth (1956) Imagery in the sermons and devotions of John Donne

Williams, Eva Voetta (1956) A study of the negro college libraries as presented in their college catalogs

Wilson, Maudecca Lavone (1956) A study of life problems, academic interests, and vocational preferences of the high school pupils of Alamo high school, Alamo, Georgia, 1955-1956

Wisdom, Mary Louise (1956) Homicides in a Southern metropolis, Atlanta, Georgia, 1950--1954

Wisdom, Mary Louise (1956) Homicides in a southern metropolis, Atlanta, Georgia 1950-1954

Word, Norma S. (1956) A study of the effects of spleens from 13-16 day chick embryos on the spleens of 9-12 day chick host embryos when transplanted to the chorioallantoic membrane

Worford, Jerry (1956) "Operation bootstrap" voluntary efforts in a settlement neighborhood

Young, Rosetta Clarke (1956) What are the community resources available for use in the elementary schools of Birmingham, Alabama, 1955-1956

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Dissertations & Theses from 1955

Dotson, Aaron M. (1955) Employment characteristics of group work graduates of the Atlanta University School of Social Work, 1940--1954

Harvey, Carrie Jeffries (1955) Children from broken homes known to the Gate City Day Nursery Association, 1953--1954

Jessie, Alfonso Leonard (1955) A study of adult education opportunities in Atlanta and an analysis and evaluation of a selected program

Johnson, Edith Josephine (1955) The growth and development of the Bureau for colored children

Jones, Sam Henry (1955) Newspaper reading interest among Atlanta Negroes

McRimmon, Helen (1955) A study of the services rendered by Family Service Society to the Atlanta community.

Thomas, Charles Lincoln (1955) A sociological analysis of a sub-community

Thomas, Eugene Hugo (1955) Boys on parole from a residential treatment school to a residence club

Vaughn, Ruth Ercell (1955) A study of parent-child relationships in 21 cases seen by family service, Cincinnati, Ohio

Wallace, Walter La Ray (1955) Status conceptions of Negro CIO Union leaders in Atlanta, Georgia

Wallace, Walter La Ray (1955) Status conceptions of negro CIO Union leaders in Atlanta, Georgia

Wallace, Walter La Ray (1955) Status conceptions of Negro CIO union leaders in Atlanta, Georgia

Washington, Chaney P. (1955) A bibliography of materials to support the teaching of cosmetology in vocational high and trade schools

Whisenant, Beecher Beatrice (1955) Puerto Rico:from territory to Commonwealth

Wiggins, Clifton Allen (1955) A study of tested differences between "teachers’-marks” and standardized test-scores of the seventh-grade pupils in Clyo Junior High School and Springfield High School, Effingham County, Georgia for the school term 1953-54

Wiggins, Clifton Allen (1955) A study of tested differences between "teachers'-marks" and standardized test-scores of the seventh-grade pupils in Clyo Junior High School and Springfield High School, Effingham County, Georgia for the school term 1953-54

Williams, James A. Jr. (1955) The effect of Vasopresssin on the hepatic circulation of the rat

Wilson, Ollie Bernice (1955) The effect of adrenalectomy on the percent of hemolysis of erythrocytes in rats

Winslow, Jessica Rosa Lee (1955) A study of Japanese life and customs as portrayed in selected juvenile fiction published from 1912 to 1954

Witcher, Carolyn Matthews (1955) Community service programs of selected negro college libraries

Woods, Greta Turner (1955) Some emotional needs and medical social problems related to the aged patient’s illness

Wright, Lillian Taylor (1955) Thomas Fountain Blue, pioneer librarian, 1866-1935

Yoshida, Sadao (1955) A bibliographical study of the trade btween Japan and The United Sates based on United States government publications, 1947 to 1954.

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Dissertations & Theses from 1954

Bullock, Ruth Marie (1954) A content analysis of the treatment of Negro news in the Atlanta Constitution and the Atlanta Journal, 1943--1953

Floyd, Walter James (1954) An analytical survey of the objectives selected by 3013 veterans at the Atlanta University Veterans Guidance Center from 1946 to 1951

Foster, Elva T. (1954) Analyses of television preferences and general interests of pupils of fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh grades of the Oglethorpe Elementary School, Atlanta, Georgia

Gaskin, Bernice C. (1954) Casework services at the Gate City Day Nursery Association, Atlanta, Georgia, February through July, 1953

Hood, Lovette Jr (1954) Racial attitudes of day and evening students of an Atlanta Negro high school

Morrell, William Wilbon (1954) A follow-up study of the graduates of Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia for the years 1945--1947

Shaw, Annie Lee (1954) Subjective ratings of class levels in the Atlanta Negro community

Thomas, Tena E. S. Jones (1954) A study of the tested differences in intelligence, achievement and personality of two selected groups of ninth grade pupils enrolled in Peaboby High School Alexandria, Louisiana

Ware, Margaret Samuel (1954) An analytical study of ten secondary school counselees with persistent problems of adjustment

Washington, Bessie Mae (1954) Religion in the poetry of William Cullen Bryant: a study in transition

Williams, Bettye Jean (1954) The use of program planning and media in an adolescent group

Williams, Carolyn Elizabeth (1954) Casework services to forty schizophrenic veterans admitted to Nothpoint Veteran Administration Hospital during 1952

Williams, Herbert L. (1954) The effect of adrenalectomy and replacement therapy upon the blood sugar level of the alloxan diabetic rat

Williams, Joseph E. (1954) A study of the status of the principals of the Negro secondary schools of Louisiana for the school year 1953 - 1954

Williams, Joseph E. (1954) A study of the status of the principals of the negro secondary schools of Louisiana for the school year 1953-1954

Williams, Mary Belle (1954) A study to determine the relationship of reading to reasoning problems in arithmetic as revealed by analysis and interpretation of data secured by administering certain standardized tests to a selected group of sixth grade pupils of first ward elementary school, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Williams, Napoleon (1954) An analysis of what laymen, students, and teachers of Vienna, Georgia think about the educational program of the Vienna High and Industrial School as a basis for administrative procedures

Williams, Robert J. (1954) An evaluative study of the guidance programs in the three selected secondary schools in Georgia

Young, Garnie L. Ison (1954) A study of the status of school cafeterias, their educational opportunities, both current and possible, in twelve Negro elementary schools of Atlanta, Georgia

Young, Mildred Wardlaw (1954) A survey of nursing home service for negroes in Atlanta, Georgia

Young, Richard Arnold (1954) The social work aspect of the work of settlements with labor groups

Young, Wardlaw Mildred (1954) A survey of nursing home service for Negroes in Atlanta, Georgia

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Dissertations & Theses from 1953

Barrett, Spencer Francis (1953) Religion in college counseling

Burney, Phoebe F. (1953) Religion in college counseling

Drewry, Bessie Boyd (1953) A study of the ability of two groups of freshmen students at Morehouse College to use the Trevor Arnett Library

Duvall, Doris Nell (1953) A study of fifty cases requiring financial assistance from July 1951--July 1952: One of the services rendered by the Home Service Department of American Red Cross, Atlanta Chapter, Atlanta, Georgia

Franklin, Ethel (1953) A study of the literacy of two classes of Morehouse students

Hall, Annette Lucille (1953) A study of the personal problems of one hundred seventy-two students enrolled in the Herring Street High School, Decatur, Georgia during the school year, 1950--1951

Morgan, Morris H. Jr (1953) A study to determine the differences, if any, between the graduates and non-graduates of the Cedar Hill High School in Cedartown, Georgia, on a certain number of selected factors

Peal, Nancy Redd (1953) A study of attitudes of and services offered to and received by the unmarried father: Cases known to the Child Service Association of Atlanta, Georgia from January, 1950 through October, 1952

Roberts, Howard Deleon (1953) A study of the supervisory activities and functions of boards of directors in Negro agencies in Atlanta, Georgia

Stephens, Ryburn G. (1953) An analysis of one hundred and forty theses in the School of Education at Atlanta University from 1941 to 1951

Sutton, Marian Jean (1953) Factors contributing to marital conflict evidenced by an analysis of thirty cases of marriage conseling Cases referred to the Family and Child Service Agency Winston-Salem, North Carolina 1950 and 1951

Wallace, Samuel Abram (1953) A study of the differentials in method and practice of group psychotherapy as reflected in periodical literature from 1942 to 1952

Washington, Alice Homes (1953) A study to determine the delinquency proneness of five selected groups of negro pupils enrolled in the seventh grade and one group of adjudged delinquents in Fulton County, Georgia

Weston, Bessie Mae Baker (1953) A study of the tested diferences in academic achievement and personality between a group of elementary school pupils in seven-teacher schools and a group of elementary school pupils in two-teacher schools, with implications for supervision in, Grady County, Georgia

White, Lois Mashone (1953) A study of reading vocabulary of thirty third grade pupils of Carver High School, Milledgeville, Georgia, as a basic for developing instructional material for primary education

Williams, Gwendolyn Carter (1953) A survey of the periodicals collections and general problems relating to the use of periodicals in the libraries in the Atlanta University Center

Wilson, Eunice Carolyn (1953) A study of articles on librarianship in non-library periodicals from 1947 through 1951

Wiseman, Gloria Cecelia (1953) Emotional disorders of children, in a child guidance clinic, from homes broken per bellum

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Dissertations & Theses from 1952

Anthony, Rebecca Juanita (1952) Why men leave home: a study of desertion by the male parent in thirty families who were referred to the the family and child service agency by the municipal court in winston-salem, North Carolina for a social study and recommendation in non-support cases

Bess, Margaret Cecile (1952) The small church meets its needs through a program of Christian education.

Cooke, Lucille H. (1952) A study to determine to what extent transported students from the seventh through the twelfth grades participated in the extra-curricular activities as compared with the local students in Baxley Training School, Appling County, Georgia

Cook, Frances Geneva (1952) A study of the community organization activities of 101 public school teachers attending the Atlanta University summer school, 1949

Davis, Frances Josephine (1952) A study of the need for special libraries to serve selected groups of Negro businesses in Atlanta, Georgia

Edwards, Willie Mae (1952) A survey of the West Georgia Regional Library, 1945--1950

Ford, James Leroy (1952) A study of casework services rendered to twenty-four service-connected epileptic veterans applying for training to Veterans Administration Guidance Center, Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia, from October, 1946 to January, 1952

Gibson, Louis Edna (1952) A study of the vocational guidance materials of the Atlanta University, Spelman, Morris Brown and Clark College libraries

Glanton, Jessie Mae (1952) Community understanding of the services of the Child Service Association, Atlanta, Georgia, 1951

Hill, Hugh Ravaue (1952) The role of the social worker in the Veterans Administration Guidance Center, Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia

Lee, Elizabeth Cora (1952) Use of the card catalog by Spelman students in the Spelman and Trevor Arnett libraries

McLemore, Erma Deloris (1952) The rehousing of non-whites displaced by urban renewal in Atlanta, Georgia

Sampson, Dorothy Vermelle (1952) An analysis of the activities of the house-to-house division of the Negro division of the Community Chest campaigns, Atlanta, Georgia, 1947--1950

Smith, Constance Yvonne (1952) A study of the licensed day care services available to Negro children in Atlanta, Georgia, 1951

Ukpaby, Ernest Nnorom (1952) The West African pilot: a content analysis

Walker, Margaret L. (1952) Types of juvenile patrons of two branches of the Atlanta Public Library

Walker, Marjorie Elizabeth (1952) An evaluative study of the dormitory recreational program- Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College 1951-1952

Webb, Edward Cecil (1952) A study of the institutional adjustment of twenty adolescent narcotic users admitted to the New York state training school for boys from October 1950 to July 1951

White, Eleanor Shirley (1952) A study of the ability of graduate students of Atlanta University to use the Trevor Arnett Library

Williams, Daniel Arthur Jr. (1952) A study of the status of the principals of the Negro secondary schools of Louisiana for the school year 1953 - 1954

Witherspoon, James William (1952) An analysis of failures in the Rome High School, Rome Georgia, for a period of five years, 1941-1976

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Dissertations & Theses from 1951

Adkins, Barbara Mamie (1951) A history of public library service to Negroes in Atlanta, Georgia

Billings, Celestine Taylor (1951) A study of social and economic factors affecting one hundred families who moved into Highpoint Apartments, November 3--28, 1950

Brooks, William Milton (1951) A study of the need for day care service for children of tenants of Highpoint Apartments, Atlanta, Georgia, 1950

Carrington, Catherine E. (1951) An evaluative study of recruiting and training twenty-five volunteers for Camp Fire Girls in Atlanta, Georgia from August 1948 to January 1949

Carver, Savannah Joyce (1951) A study of the relative effectiveness of two methods of teaching general biology to a college class at Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia

Gandy, Montios Louise (1951) A comparative analysis of contributing factors affecting the decisions of fifteen unmarried mothers about their children known to the child welfare association of Fulton and Dekalb counties from 1946 to 1950

Jordan, Casper LeRoy (1951) A content analysis and cumulative index, annotated, of "Phylon" Quarterly, 1940--1949

Lee, Dorothy Brookins (1951) A study of the development and services of the Happy Haven Home for the Negro Aged in Atlanta, Georgia from March 1947 to May 1950

Leonard, Katherine Estelle (1951) A study of the Negro Collection in the Trevor Arnett Library at Atlanta University

McLean, Margaret Grace (1951) An evaluation of the reference book collection of the Trevor Arnett Library

Nichols, Rudolph Van (1951) A job history of the Atlanta University School of Library Service graduates, 1942--1947

Rowell, Joseph Lee (1951) A study of veterans with neuropsychiatric diagnosis referred to vocational rehabilitation by the Veterans Administration Guidance Center, Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1950

Sanders, Birdie L. (1951) The communications behavior of a selected group of adults residing in Census Tract F 24, Atlanta, Georgia

Thomas, Ruth Adelie (1951) A description of the Harlem Branch Young Women's Christian Association extension program

Warrick, Esther Snowden (1951) A study of the relationship betweeen language abilities and personal adjustment

Washington, Dorothy Maree (1951) The treatment of the negro in state adopted textbooks published from 1940 to 1950

Weir, Lillian Gloria (1951) A study of the cooperation between a public and a private agency in establishing and operating a community center in a public housing project

West, Esther M. (1951) A comparative study of the basic dietary patterns of negro farm families who are residents and non-residents of the Flint River farm project in Macon county, Georgia

Weston, Perry E. (1951) The effect of castration on the activity of the anterior hypothesis of the male and female hamsters

Whalum, Harold Jamieson (1951) A study, under controlled conditions, of the leveling of a fire unearned premium reserve

Williams, Alma Steward (1951) A comparative study of the opinions of fifty residents and fifty ex-residents of Outhwaite Homes, Cleveland, Ohio, concerning the value of public housing as experienced by living in Outhwaite Homes 1945-1951

Williams, Avery White (1951) Survey of state college libraries for Negroes in Mississippi

Williams, Geraldine W. (1951) The relationship between silent reading abilities and certain personality variables for a group of elementary school children

Williams, Louis (1951) A study of ten selected cases of children who presented behavior problems at Lincoln Elementary School in Gary, Indiana September, 1950 - February 1951

Williams, Samuel J. (1951) A study to. determine the differences, if any, between the graduates and non-graduates of the Washington High School in Cairo, Georgia, on a certain number of selected factors

Willis, Jeanne L. (1951) A comparative study of the intelligence, achievement, and personality of a group of boy and girl scouts and a corresponding group of delinquent boys and girls

Wooten, Earl Thomas (1951) An analysis of the community organization process employed by the urban league of greater Boston, incorporated, in the initial stages of a community survey

Yancy, Thelma Williams (1951) Rural-urban differences in reading achievement manifested by a group of negro elementary pupils attending school in Webster Parish, Louisiana

Yates, Ella Gaines (1951) An annotated, cumulative index to the "Journal of Negro History" from January, 1916 through October, 1940

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Dissertations & Theses from 1950

Buck, George Hartford (1950) The religious beliefs of the high school students of Lincoln Academy in Kings Mountain North Carolina

Leigh, Louisa Flossie (1950) A follow-up study of one hundred graduates of Atlanta University who obtained the Master of Arts degree in education between 1932 and 1949

Thomas, Izona Delores (1950) A study of the role of Emerson House in the training and supervision of volunteers during the period from September 1947 through January 1950

Thomas, John Wesley (1950) Some effects of dessicated thyroid and thyroid grafts on the developing chick

Thompson, Hazael Mcfarland (1950) Heat equations and the fourier integral

Tipton, Floyd Eric (1950) A study of selected Whitehead Foundation scholarship recipients known to the Atlanta Child Welfare Association, 1939--1949

Ward, Horace Taliaferro (1950) The fourteenth amendment as an instrument in the protection of Civil Rights against state action

Wardlaw, Alvin Holmes (1950) Metric differential geometry of developable surfaces

Warrington, Nellie Wolfe (1950) Mapping certain functions

Warrington, Nellie Wolfe (1950) Mapping certain functions

Washington, James Edward (1950) The phenomena of regeneration in everted hydras

Washington, Karen A. (1950) An examination of the major problems confronting Title II of the Social Security Act

Watts, Joyce Leatrice (1950) A study of the classification procedure at the Bartlett School for Girls, Glen Burnie, Maryland September, 1949 to February, 1950

Watts, Joyce Leatrice (1950) A study of classification procedure at the Barrett School for Girls, Glen Burnie, Maryland September, 1949 to February, 1950

Watts, Justine Copeland (1950) Une etude comparee de l'influence des salons du xviie siecle et de ceux du xviiie siecle basee sur certaines oeuvres dramatiques de Corneille et de Voltaire

Wearring, Daniel (1950) Studies in the Diphenylbutadiene series the Bromination and attempted reduction of 1-PARA-Carboxyphenyl--4-Phenylbutadiene 1,3

Webb, Julia Osceola (1950) A comparative study of sex differences in natural scince achievement of the puplis of Lincoln memorial high school, Palmetto, Florida

Wharton, Charlene Frances (1950) An analysis of community social welfare services of ten organizations that have been developed in the poplar area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as revealed throught the formulation of a directory for that area in 1949-1950

Whitaker, Effie Mae (1950) A study of fifty unmarried mothers known to the family service division of the Chicago Welfare Department 1946-1947

White, David L. (1950) A study of the relationship between the disturbed behavior of ten children and the socio-economic aspirations of their parents known to the children's center of metropolitan Detroit September, 1949 to February, 1950

Whittaker, Martha Evans (1950) A study and evaluation of the program used in the development of intergroup relationships in the evening program of the recreation-education department of Union Settlement 1948-1950

Whittaker, Williw J. Jr (1950) Regeneration of the lens in adult Triturus Viridescens

Williams, Bismarck Samuel (1950) A study of 1948 financing by ten selected operating natural gas distributing companies

Wolfe, Irwin L. (1950) Minimal curves

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Dissertations & Theses from 1949

Bailey, Mattox A. (1949) A study of the occupational interests of students attending Booker T. Washington and David T. Howard high schools during the term 1946--1947

Blakeney, Lincoln Anderson (1949) A sociological analysis of a Negro newspaper: The Atlanta Daily World

Bride, Bennie (1949) The history of the county unit system in Georgia

Chretien, La Verne Ardra Williams (1949) A study of the health problems and social adjustments of ten eighth-grade pupils at David T. Howard High School, Atlanta, Georgia, 1947--1948

Dennis, Della Cooper (1949) A study of referrals by the Fulton County Department of Public Welfare to the Atlanta Legal Aid Society between September, 1947, and June, 1948

Durrah, Doris Constance (1949) A study of the development and change in the philosophy of a social work clearance service with special emphases on the Atlanta Social Service Index

James, Leonard Hammock (1949) An analysis of the styles of addison and steele in the "spectator"papers

Johnson, Wendell Lucian Jr (1949) A study of selected non-disabled veterans reporting for revaluation to the Veterans Administration Guidance Center, Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia, from January 1, 1948, to February 1, 1949

Parker, Nancy Ola (1949) A sociological index of the Atlanta Independent: 1904-1920

Tomlinson, John H. (1949) Growth and development of federal credit unions of Atlanta University, Morehouse and Spelman, University Homes and Atlanta Teachers No. 2

Turner, Zelma Inez (1949) An analysis of the styles of Addison and Steele in the "spectator" papers

Walker, Emma Cecile (1949) A study of selected Whitehead Foundation scholarship recipients known to the Atlanta Child Welfare Association 1940-1949

Ware, Mamie Smith (1949) On some properties on the axom system

Warner, Hortense (1949) A study of ten cases in which homemaker service was used as part of the case work treatment

Webb, Herbert Daniel (1949) The Argentine reaction to Roosevelt's foreign policy 1933 – 1944

Westberry, John Elliot (1949) Power series definitions of trigonometric functions

Williams, Augustine J. (1949) A comparison of the policies and procedures of the national young women's Christian association and the Phyllis Wheatley young women's Christian association of Washington, D.C.

Williams, Evelyn Bernice (1949) A study of the development of the homemaker service with emphasis on the programs of selected private social agencies in southern communities, 1920-1949

Willie, Charles Vert (1949) A study of courtship patterns of college men

Worford, Lucile (1949) A study of social and economic factors affecting a selected group of negro women workers in the Federal Tin Company Baltimore, Maryland.

Wright, Earlene Daisy (1949) A study of the potentialities for developing social welfare activities on a census tract basis in Atlanta, Georgia

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Dissertations & Theses from 1948

Allen, James Philip (1948) A study of the community organization methods employed by the Atlanta Tuberculosis Association during 1945--1947

Barnett, Helen Lorine (1948) A study of the organized recreational program sponsored by the Friendship Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia

Barton, Kenneth E. (1948) A comparative study by race of occupational changes among gainfully employed Atlanta workers from 1930 to 1940; and statistically treated occupational information on employment patterns in twenty-five Atlanta business firms from 1941 to April 1948

Brookins, Reid Augustus Jr (1948) The Butler Street Y.M.C.A. extension work program: An example of a new trend in group work agencies

Burkett, Dorothy Georgie (1948) An analysis of one hundred three Atlanta, Georgia Department of Public Welfare cases, in which some member of the family group with diagnosis of active tuberculosis was under care of the Fulton Health Department as of October 1, 1947

Edwards, Henry Feard (1948) An analysis of the eye health in grades 4, 5, and 6 of Oglethorpe School, Atlanta, Georgia

Gholston, Wilmer John (1948) The origin, history and development of the George Washington Carver Boys' Club with particular emphasis on the period from 1942--1947

Howard, Hayes Holt Jr (1948) A study of the recreational needs and interests of 100 upper-grade students in the South Atlanta Junior High School for Negroes, Atlanta, Georgia

Johnson-King, Letitia (1948) A comparative study of nursery school feeding at Lane College and Spelman College with proposals for improved nursery school feeding at Lane College

Kelley, J Forrest (1948) Personal problems brought to the dean of dormitory life of Morehouse College, 1947--1948

Kelley, Ruby Mitchell (1948) An analysis of the factors associated with the delinquency of twenty-five girls committed to the Georgia Training School for Negro Girls for 1943--1947

McIver, Annie Mae (1948) A sociometric study of inter-personal relations among sixth and seventh grade pupils, Atlanta University Laboratory School

Neal, Rebecca B. (1948) The use of community resources by the Family Service Society of Fulton and DeKalb counties in the treatment of fifty cases

Phillips, Anderson Osborne (1948) A sociological study of editorials of the "Atlanta Independent"

Reid, Robert Wilson Jr (1948) An analysis of the current membership in the George Washington Carver Boys' Club, Atlanta, Georgia

Robinson, Joanna Gibson (1948) George Eliot's treatment of sin

Seets, Carl Luther (1948) A study of boys' work at the Butler Street Young Men's Christian Association, 1946--1947

Smith, Cora Estelle Douthard (1948) A study of community needs of Census Tract F-43, Atlanta, Georgia, as a basis for area program planning

Smith, Ollivette (1948) A study of unmarried Negro motherhood as encountered in the Census Tracts Districts 17, 18, 19, 28, 29, 33, and 34, in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1947

Sumter, Richard Singleton (1948) A follow-up study of the proposed plans in the Master's investigations written at Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1944--1947

Thomas, Emma Carolyn (1948) An analysis of one hundred-one Fulton County D. P. W. Cases in which some member of the fanily group with diagnosis of active tuberculosis was under care of Fulton County Health Department as of Octber 1, 1947

Walker, Clara Anita (1948) A study of the origin and program of Blossom Hill School for pre-delinquent girls, Brecksville, Ohio from 1914-1947

Walton, Frances Eloise (1948) A study of the Flanner House plan of urban housing development in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana

Walton, Frances Eloise (1948) A study of the Flanner House plan of urban housing development in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana

Washington, Ella Jane (1948) A study of the co-ed program of the Y-teen department of the Harlem branch Young Women's Christian Association October, 1947- January, 1948

Washington, Justine Wilkinson (1948) A study of some personality traits, adjustments, and educational aptitudes of 168 negro teachers in Aiken County, South Carolina

Watson, Edythe Roberts (1948) The concept of institutional care in relation to personal selection at the Maryland Training School for colored girls for the period 1937-1947

Watts, Carrie E. (1948) History and development of Camp Pauline Bray Fletcher, Bessemer, Alabama, with emphasis on the 1947 program

Whitaker, Ruth (1948) Robert Frost An interpreter of rural New England

White, Vernon Franklin (1948) An analysis of the Race Relations Theory of Robert E. Park

Whitley, Elsie Hermoine (1948) A study of social services rendered by The Urban League in Englewood, New Jersey.

Williams, Julia Helen (1948) A study of the origin and development of Claremont House, Bronx, New York

Williams, Lucius Jr. (1948) A study of the development of the visiting teacher program in the Atlanta Public Schools, 1945-47

Williams, Robert Lee (1948) An analysis of requests for services by veterans of the Atlanta Urban League during 1946 and 1947

Williams, Robert Lee (1948) An analysis of requests for services by veterans of the Atlanta Urban League during 1946 and 1947

Wyatt, Rosalind Ella (1948) A study of the recreational facilities and leisure time needs of negro youth in Salisbury, North Carolina

Young, Mildred (1948) A study of the adjustment of patients discharged from the Jefferson Tuberculosis Sanatorium between November, 1945, and November, 1946

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Dissertations & Theses from 1947

Anderson, Frances Marie (1947) A comparative study of the 1945 categorical assistance reports of two state departments of public walfare Alabama and Georgia

Anderson, Frances Marie (1947) A comparative study of the 1945 categorical assistance reports of two state departments of public welfare Alabama and Georgia

Baldwin, Maxine (1947) Study of services rendered twenty-six unmarried mothers in the house of hope, Washington,D.C., 1946-1947

Barron, Leonidas Brown (1947) The action of bromine on 1-P- Nitrophenyl-4-Phenylbutadiene 1,3

Bradley, Fanette Susan (1947) A study of fifteen gynecological patients at Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia during 1946--1947

Coleman, Clarence D. (1947) A study of jobs held by one-hundred graduates of Atlanta University School of Social Work from 1942 to 1946

Hargrave, M Vivian (1947) A study of pediatric services available for Neroes in Atlanta, Georgia, 1947

Howell, William Harry (1947) A comparative study of race attitudes in an all-Negro community in North Carolina

Miller, Ruth Patsy (1947) A study of thirty-six non-follow-up Negro mothers in Postpartum Clinic, Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia

Oliver, Adrian L. (1947) A study of the work content & the adjustment of twenty- five veterans placed in on the-job training by the veterans center of Atlanta - Fulton county Georgia, September 1, 1948- February 1, 1947

Sandifer, Faye Henley (1947) A study of the Urban League's 1946 block organization program in East Harlem, New York, New York as related to effective community organization

Watson, Hunter Brinkley (1947) A study of the participation of organized labor in social work in Indianapolis,Indiana, December 1, 1944 through November 30, 1946

White, Mabel Taylor (1947) A study of the program of the family service association of Greenville, South Carolina 1937-1946

Wilkins, Frankie Pauline (1947) A study of the White House conferences as they have contributed to advancements in the field of child welfare

Williams, Helen Holt (1947) A study of the attitudes of 105 graduates of the Atlanta University School of Social Work toward the training they have received

Williams, Helen Holt (1947) A study of the attitudes of 105 graduates of the Atlanta University School of Social Work toward the training they have received

Yancey, Lawrence Edgar (1947) Continued fractions

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Dissertations & Theses from 1946

Allen, Louise Lydia (1946) A study of juvenile probation as it affects treatment of juvenile delinquents in Fulton county, Geogia 1930-1944

Allen, Willie A. (1946) A study of the negro members of the laundry worker's international union local 218, Atlanta, Georgia

Austell, E.Marie Maxey (1946) Study of socio_economic factors affecting the behavior of Fifty Booker T. Washington high school students Atlanta, Georgia 1945- 1946

Black, Evelyn Jones (1946) A study of the persons served and the services rendered by the travelers AID society of Atlanta in sixty travel service requests between July 1, 1945 and December 31, 1945

Butler, Mayme Inez (1946) A study of some community organization techniques utilized by social workers in the rural areas of the United States 1933-1945

Butler, Rosemary Braziel (1946) Problems encountered and services rendered to Forty Servicemen's families., etc.1942-1945

Dailey, Mozelle Eunice (1946) A study of the success of Booker T. Washington High School students who entered Spelman College during the years 1936--1941

Edwards, Elizabeth Bragg (1946) A follow-up study of Negro children dismissed from Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, with rheumatic fever during the period 1943 through 1945

Griffin, Twyler Wenona (1946) Study of employment changes since the close of World War II and how these changes affect 100 persons seeking services at the United Stated emplyment service office in Atlanta, georgia

Grundy, Eunice Margarite (1946) The development of case work-group work intergration as reflected in social work literature 1935-1945

Horton, Ida Elizabeth (1946) A study of twenty-two negro children referred to the children's center, child guidance division, detroit, Michigan--September 1944 to September 1945

Johnson, Inez Gay (1946) The standard error of certain statistics of samples drawn from a normal population

Johnson, Louise Delphine (1946) A study of 100 veterans rendered services by the United States employment service in Atlanta, Georgia from November 1, 1945 to June 1, 1946

Jones, Edwina Carriebea (1946) Analysis of the problems of migrant families in the Uited States from 1940 to 1942, as reflected in the reports of the Tolan committee on interstate migration.

Lanier, Edna Kathrysn (1946) A study of program emphases and services of group workers during the period 1940-1945

Lockett, Delores Juanita (1946) An analysis of the Youth Canteen movement in this country with particular application to the Youth Canteens of the Butler Street Y.M.C.A.

Lumpkin, Virginia Sopo (1946) The study of the field work content experienced by the students of the Atlanta University School of Social Work placed in local group work agencies during the period January, 1944 to December, 1945

Mack, Ursulla Gertrude (1946) A study of the membership of the Industrial Department of the Phyllis Wheatley Branch Young Women's Christian Association as a basis for program planning

Newton, T Jon (1946) A study Socio-Economic factors affecting medical treatment of forty-five diabetic patients at the Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, 1945-46

Phillips, George Martin (1946) A study of two hundred tewnty-five volunteer workers in the Boy Scouts of America, Atlanta, Georgia, 1943-1945

Scott, Robert Lee (1946) Introduction to the theory of partial fractions

Tatum, James Marcelleus (1946) A critique of the effectiveness of some factors determining needs and approaches to community problems as reflected in theses in Community Organization by students in the Atlanta University System from 1940 to 1945

Taylor, Carolyn Yvonne (1946) Factors leading to the placement of sixty-four boys at the Georgia Training School for Boys, Milledgeville, Georgia

Taylor, Emma Lynwood (1946) A study of services rendered Negro Veterans and thier dependents by the home service department of the Atlanta Chapter of the American Red Cross, Atlanta Georgia from January 1945 to March 1946

T, Newton Jon (1946) Study of Socio-Economic factors affecting medical treatment of forty-five diabetic patients at the Grady hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, 1945 - 1946

Trimble, Marguerite (1946) Study of the services and activities of the talladega USO club and the implications for program planning

Turner, Madrid Boyd (1946) A study of one hundred skilled negro workers at Bell Aircraft Corporation and the problems encountered in adapting to a peacetime economy

Walker, Joseph Wesley (1946) A study of the educational adjustment of fifty negro veterans of World War II in the Atlanta University Center of Atlanta, Georgia

Walker, Margaret Brewer (1946) A comparative study of the achievement, intelligence, and personality traits of thirty problem and thirty non-problem children of the sixth-and seventh-grades in the Orange Street Elementary School, Fayetteville, North Carolina

White, Otis Jr (1946) Interpolation by means of finite calculus

White, Otis Jr (1946) Interpolation by means of finite calculus

Williams, C. Omogene (1946) The relationship of visual defects to personality development and scholastic attainment

Williams, Harriet Elizabeth (1946) Some applications of vector methods to plane geometry and plane trigonometry

Winston, Daisy (1946) Reading as an approach to the deficiencies in english of the freshmen at Miles College, Birmingham, Alabama.

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Dissertations & Theses from 1945

Caldwell, Clara Humphrey (1945) Projective duals in synthetic metric geometry

Campbell, Ethel Victoria Simmons (1945) The reaction of allylmagnesium Bromide with m-Tolualdehyde

Cowans, Willie Addell (1945) Study of dietary patterns of one hundred negro families in Anderson, South Carolina

Handy, Mildred Christine (1945) A Study of the financial assistance and services rendered to blind negroes in the Chatham county departmentof public welfare--Savannah, Georgia 1937 - 1944

Hogan, Florence Morrison (1945) A survey of the literature on the use of comics as a means of promoting interest in reading

Perry, Emma Louise (1945) A study of the background of the first twenty six girls admitted to the state training school for negro girls in North Carolina

Sloan, Vivian Louise (1945) A compilation and interpretation of the social and recreational needs of the Negro women and girls of Atlanta, Georgia, with an analysis of these needs in relationship to the YWCA program

Smith, Blanche Florine (1945) Community efforts toward the negro blind and the development of the metropolitan Atlanta association for the colored blind

Wallace, Ernestine Marie (1945) A study of the Negro nursing services in Atlanta, Georgia

Ware, Addie Metria (1945) A study of the health education program of thirty-six schools in Houston County, Texas for the school year 1944-1945

Warren, Barbara Alldridge (1945) A study of the recreational facilities in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Washington, Elizabeth Jean (1945) A study of the program and activities of the junior police and citizens corps in Washington, D.C.

Watson, William Alexander (1945) A diagnostic study of difficulties in percentage among seventh grade pupils of the Buford Colored High School, Buford, Georgia

Wells, Barbara Johnson (1945) Edwin Arlington Robinson's use of the Arthurian narratives

Wheeler, Annie Lucille (1945) A medical and social analysis of twenty-seven crippled children known to the social service department of Freedmen's Hospital

Wilson, Dorothy Elizabeth (1945) A study of Georgia's new penal reform movement

Wilson, Jessie Mae (1945) A study of the community resources for the negro of Austin, Texas 1944-1945

Young, Jennie Elberta (1945) A study of Tuberculosis among negroes in Richland and Lexington countiex in South Carolina

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Dissertations & Theses from 1944

Bell, Pearl Debnam (1944) A study of the problems recorded in cases reopened from January 1 through April 30, 1942 by the Family Welfare Society of Fulton and DeKalb counties, Atlanta, Georgia

Boddie, Clyde Wikins (1944) A study of forty-three Negro children who did not continue luetic treatment at Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia

Grevious, Grace (1944) A study of 114 children rendered service during 1942 by the Children's Division, Fulton County Department of Public Welfare, Atlanta, Georgia

Harvey, Jeanette Wymn (1944) Changing opportunities in social work for negroes as shown by a study of the placements of the graduates from the Atlanta University school of social work from June 1934 through June 1943

Henderson, Rowena Littlepage (1944) The history and development of the Georgia Chapter of the American Association of Social Workers

Henry, Edith (1944) A study of applications for legal assistance in adopting children made to the Legal Aid Society of Atlanta, Georgia, 1939--1943

Jacobs, Natalie Helene (1944) A study of fifteen mother-daughter commitments to the reformatory for women Framingham, Massachusetts

Taplin, Dorothy Green (1944) The work experiences of junior and senior high school students of the Booker T. Washington High School and the David T. Howard Junior High School, Atlanta, Georgia as an index to vocational guidance

Thomas, Eva Louise (1944) The social and racial attitudes of negro children: a study of 100 children 8-17 years of age in the public schools fo Atlanta and Fulton County, GA.

Thompson, Daniel Calbert (1944) The rise of a religious cult. (The social history of the all national spiritualist Church of God, Atlanta, Georgia)

Whitmore, Rosalie Ophelia (1944) A study of Madame De Duras

Williamson, Charley Mae (1944) The extent and organization of leisure time activities for adult working women in three Atlanta housing projects

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Dissertations & Theses from 1943

Blair, Dorothy Reeves (1943) A study of the vocational interests of the women students at Clark College, 1942--1943, in relation to the positions available to Negro women in the war program

Bullock, Dorothy Josephine (1943) An analysis of cases of Negro working mothers known to the Family Welfare Society, Atlanta, Georgia; 1940--1942

Craft, Pearlie Mae (1943) A comparative study of the scores made by two hundred fifty-one Morehouse College students on the Psychological Examination for College Freshmen

Eagleson, Helen Clark (1943) Corrections for moments of grouped data Corrections for moments of grouped data

Fuller, Inez Hauser (1943) Some social and medical aspects of the Works Progress Administration Housekeeping Aide Service to Negroes in Atlanta

Granton, E Fannie (1943) One hundred negroes in Atlanta, Georgia view the social hygiene program

Heyliger, Edna Ethel (1943) A study of the development of the Atlanta University School of Social Work, 1920--1942

Mosley, Ruby Washington (1943) Social and economic characteristics of 82 Negroes receiving old age assistance from the Fulton County Department of Public Welfare during 1942

Neal, Xenophon Lamar (1943) Some reactions of Alpha, Beta Dichlorohydrocinnamic acid

Patton, Elizabeth Ruth (1943) The effects of the war on the lives of seventy-seven children residing in the Grady Housing Project, Atlanta, Georgia, February, 1943

Randolph, Mary Elizabeth (1943) Case study of thirty family desertions among fifteen negro and fifteen white clients of the Atlanta family welfare society

Robinson, Mary Cecelia (1943) An investigation of children's vocabularies in grades 2 through 6 at Walker Street School, Atlanta, Georgia

Stafford, Martha Virginia (1943) A study of interracial cooperation in the prevention and control of tuberculosis for Negroes in Atlanta, Georgia, from 1907--1941

Taylor, Alfred Marie (1943) An analysis of Urban League programs during the first two years of the defense and war emergency

Thomas, Lottie Mornye (1943) An historical evaluation of the place the Chicago Urban League holds in the community

Wallace, Frances Willard Blake (1943) A study of intelligence, some personality traits and adjustments of seventy negeo teachers of Panola county, Texas

Wallace, Frances Willard Blake (1943) A study of intelligence, some personality traits and adjustments of seventy Negro teachers of Panola County, Texas

Wicker, William Bartelle (1943) An investigation of the status of principals in thirty negro accredited high schools in North Carolina with three to six teachers

Wicker, William Bartelle (1943) An investigation of the status of principals in thirty negro accredited high schools in North Carolina with three to six teachers

Wiley, Harriette E. (1943) Studies in conjugated systems- - - The chlorination of 1-P-Methyl Phenyl-4-Phenylbutadiene-1,3

Yerwood, Mary Agnes (1943) A comparative analysis of positive cases of Tuberculosis under care at Atlanta Tuberculosis association 1937 and 1939

Young, John Allen (1943) An analysis of placements made by the Atlanta Community Employment Service during 1942 with relation to educational and vocational experience

Young, Kenneth Burwell (1943) A follow-up study of the graduates of Escambia country training school 1929-1940

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Dissertations & Theses from 1942

Bohler, Rena Ophelia (1942) Study of 100 Dekalb county, Georgia, first grade pupils'ability to identify words found in the nine preprimers that have been adopted for use in the public schools of Georgia

Cannady, Annye Willa (1942) An in vitro study of the effects of various substrata on the behavior of nerve and mesenchyme cells cultivated from the chick embryo

Cater, Mary-Elizabeth (1942) The Haitian peasant as depicted in contemporary Haitian novels, 1931--1939

Cohron, Ruby Myra (1942) A study of fifty volunteer workers in the Phyllis Wheatley Young Women's Christian Association, Atlanta, Georgia

Coker, Odom Newton (1942) Self-differentiation of transplanted limb primordia of 3-day chick embryos

Crichlow, Jeanne Elizabeth (1942) An investigation of the before-and-after school expenditure of time of the Booker T. Washington High School seniors of 1942

Crombie, Booker T. Washington (1942) Preparation of 1-parachlorophenyl- 4-phenylbutadiene and its reaction with nitrogen dioxide

Dashiell, James Garfield I. (1942) A study of the problems and needs of the adolescent boys who participate in the program of the Butler Street Y.M.C.A., Atlanta, Georgia

Durley, Alexander (1942) Some applications of the calculus to space geometry

Eberhardt, Dorothy Nell (1942) A study of two anthropometric measures of the children of the Spelman College Nursery School, Atlanta, Georgia

Fields, Dorothy Anne (1942) A study of the health education program of the Atlanta Tuberculosis Association for Negroes in Atlanta, Georgia

Freeman, Mary Frances (1942) A study of the socio-economic status of students of Laboratory High School

Hargrave, Carrie Lucile (1942) Social and economic characteristics of 85 Negroes receiving aid to the blind in the Fulton County Department of Public Welfare, January 1, 1941

Lane, Josephine Berry (1942) A study of the leisure time and recreational activities of the students of Atlanta university.

Lane, Josephine Berry (1942) A study of the leisure time and recreational activities of the students of Atlanta University

Long, William Augustus (1942) The poll tax as a form of social control in the South since the Civil War

Lowe, Eugene Yerby (1942) A study of the opinions of 50 Negro contributors and 50 non-contributors to the Atlanta Community Fund

Miles, Portia Cornelia (1942) A comparison of the social and economic effects of two trade unions on their Negro membership in Baltimore, Maryland

Powell, William Oscar (1942) An inquiry into the needs and problems of fifty boys who are members of the Colored Boys' Club of Atlanta, Georgia

Rand, Earl Wadswarth (1942) Vitamin a content of the hen's egg yolk as influenced by ingestion of Cod-Liver oil

Riddle, Flozella Eleanor (1942) The relation of socio-economic factors to the incidence of tuberculosis among Negro patients at the Atlanta Tuberculosis Association, 1940--1941

Smith, William Nathaniel (1942) A comparative study of the educational achievement and intelligence of the senior high school students of Atlanta University Laboratory High School, May, 1942

Toyer, Frances Aurelia (1942) A survey of Negro business units and the employment opportunities afforded by such units in Houston, Texas

Upshaw, Tas David Jr (1942) The experimental program of the Booker T. Washington School Hamiltion County, Tennessee

Vashon, Mabel Story (1942) An analysis of the social factors affecting the medical treatment of twenty patients in diabetic clinic at Hubbard Hospital, February through June, 1941

Washington, Dorothy Howe (1942) A study of the mental health program of the state of North Carolina

Washington, Dorothy Howe (1942) A study of the mental health program of the state of North Carolina

Watson, Ruth Mae (1942) Studies of regeneration of Planaria Maculata in varying dilutions of Ringer's fluid

Weekes, Ursulla Ermintrude (1942) A study of the effects of social group work clubs upon fifth and sixth grade members at David T. Howard and E. P. Johnson schools

Westmoreland, Walter Drake (1942) Aspects of the history of the negro trade unionist in Atlanta 1933-1942

White, Ruth Blanche (1942) The effectiveness of certain types of activities in the improvement of physical achievement

Williams, Fred Robert (1942) A study of services rendered Negro clients of the Atlanta Travelers Aid Society from 1937 to 1941 inclusive

Woods, Naurice Frank (1942) A history of education in Greensboro, North Carolina as it pertains to the American negro

Young, Annie Willie (1942) A study of the dominance of six basic motives in personality as set forth by Eduard Spranger in his book, "Types of Men"

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Dissertations & Theses from 1941

Austell, Marcellus Romeo (1941) A study of the reading ability of a group of seventh grade students with I.Q.'s of a hundred and above at the Booker T. Washington High School of Atlanta, Georgia for the year 1937--1938

Barksdale, Florence Ada (1941) Present status of graduates of Atlanta Negro colleges, 1937--1938 who received National Youth Administration assistance during these two years

Christopher, Opal Elaine (1941) An analysis of recommendations affecting child welfare in Atlanta and Fulton County as reflected in five studies made between 1935--1940

Cooper, Benjamin Walter (1941) An analysis of Negro and White placements by employment agencies in Fulton County

Curtis, Frances Althea (1941) An analysis of the interpretation of public welfare in Fulton County as reflected in the Atlanta Constitution during the year 1939

Davis, Marguery A. (1941) Personality problems in social case work among negroes

Duffus, Celestine Osma (1941) An application of the concentric theory of ecology to Atlanta

Echols, Magnolia Leola (1941) The evolution of the genius of Pierre Corneille

Gagneron, Marie (1941) The development of education in Haiti

Germaine, Albert Rene (1941) Educational status of Negro teachers in Louisiana: A study of the educational qualifications of Negro teachers in Louisiana for the period 1929--1939

Gordon, Rubye Beryl (1941) The development of the juvenile count in Georgia

Gordon, Rubye Beryl (1941) The development of the juvenile court in Georgia

Hill, Joe Marion (1941) Some reactions of p-methoxy-diphenylbutadiene

Hoover, Mary Elissabeth (1941) A comparison of Prosper Merimee's "Tamango" with four other Negro short stories

Jone, Wendell Primus (1941) The effect of the North Carolina Public School Law of 1933 upon the status of Negro public schools

Lacy, Ellen Cornelia (1941) A study of introversion and extroversion as indices of the amount of participation in extra-class activities of one-hundred ninety students of the twelfth grade of Booker T. Washington high school, Atlanta, Georgia

Larkins, John Rodman (1941) A study of the employment of Negroes in social work based upon a study of the present employment of graduates of the Atlanta University School of Social Work from 1930--1940

Myers, Randolph Louis (1941) The development of the Negro novelist

Page, Eugene Turner Jr (1941) Race distinctions in the acts of the Georgia Assembly, 1765--1939

Quick, Helen Josephine (1941) A job analysis of group work positions held by the graduates of the Atlanta University School of Social Work from 1930--1940

Rayner, Edith McKee (1941) A study of Negroes for whom petitions designating unsound mentality were filed with the Fulton Court of Ordinary, January 2, 1939 to December 31, 1940

Reid, Edna Ruth (1941) A study of free treatment facilities available to Negroes with syphilis in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, 1938--1940

Ross, Geraldine Elizabeth (1941) A study of the day camping movement to determine whether or not day camping is an activity which may be used to increase the recreational facilities and opportunities among Negroes

Seneca, Arlena Elizabeth (1941) Neurohumoral changes with respect to color-pattern in Ameiurus nebulosus

Smith, Mildred Carmichael (1941) The opinions of 102 Atlanta Negro ministers on birth control

Wardlaw, Mildred Elaine (1941) A study of the relationship between the social maturity and the intelligence of nursery school pupils

Ware, Annie Lou (1941) On correlation theory

Ware, Annie Lou (1941) On correlation theory

Washington, Lottye Justyne (1941) A study of the art judgment of ninety Negro boys and girls of the Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, Georgia

Waters, Elvah Marcia (1941) The ex-residents of university homes 1937-1940

Waters, Elvan Marcia (1941) The ex-residents of University Homes

Williams, Carolyn Brydie (1941) A study of the interests and needs of thirty-six ninth grade pupils in the Atlanta university laboratory high school and of the implications of these interests and needs in planning a reading program for the grade and for individual pupils

Winfield, Arthur Anison Jr (1941) Slave holidays and festivities in the United States

Wood, Ida Billee (1941) "Unnatural natural history" in Lydgate

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Dissertations & Theses from 1940

Adams, Daisy Anita (1940) Socio-economic aspects of Negro populations in Southern cities prior to 1860.

Beckett, Calvin William (1940) A study of the National Youth Administration work projects for Negroes in Fulton County, Georgia

Birchette, Mark Goodrum (1940) An investigation into the possibilities of the manufacture of non-cola beverages as a logical opportunity for Negro capital in Atlanta

Butler, J. Wilsonia (1940) A study of the difficulty of the test items of the Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale, Form L, for a group of Negro children.

Christophe, Cleveland Alridge (1940) Statutory enactments and extralegal methods employed to condition the Negro's economic status in Georgia, prior to 1939

Crenchaw, Elvie M. (1940) A study of Negro applications to the Atlanta Legal Aid Society for representation in divorce proceedings, 1934--1939

Douglas, Elaine Elizabeth (1940) The treatment of the Negro in the novels of Louisiana, 1920--1940.

Fuller, Sammye Louise (1940) Study of errors made in the various items of the arithmetic test in the meropolitan achievement test for 349 negro children in the David T. Howard school, Atlanta, Georgia

Gorham, Thelma Agnes (1940) A study of recreational choices of Negro youth in relation to recreational facilities in Dekalb County.

Haynes, Laroy Howard Milton (1940) The ecological distribution of Negro population in Atlanta in 1939.

Henry, Charles Leroy (1940) An analytical study of Balzacian death portrayals

Hill, Maudie Bell (1940) Analysis of services to the applicants of the colored division of the Atlanta community employment service agency during 1939

Hines, Isaac Leroy (1940) On symmetric functions.

Jackson, Florrie Florence (1940) The influence of women on Victor Hugo's genius.

McKinney, Rheable Mae (1940) The treatment of the Negro in the fiction of South Carolina, 1920 to 1940

Pierro, Earl Hamilton (1940) The social characteristics of ten Southern cities

Speight, Marian Mae (1940) The Negro in the novels of Rene Maran

Spruell, Jeannette Frances (1940) Andre Gide and the Negro

Torrence, Viola Marie (1940) On Riemann and Lebesque integration

Washington, Josephine Henrietta (1940) An analysis and evaluation of the experimental data of the will-temperament test results of sixty-seven Spelman freshmen (girls)

Wasson, William N. (1940) The spermatogenesis of Lachnosterna gibbosa

Wasson, William N. (1940) The spermatogenesis of lachnosterna gibbosa

Williamson, Juanita Virginia (1940) The treatment of the Negro in the fiction of North Carolina, 1920--1940.

Willliamson, Juanita Virgina (1940) The treatment of the negro in the fiction of North Carolina 1920-1940

Wynn, Luvenia Dorsey (1940) Diets of Negro relief clients. A study of the food habits of fifty Negro families on the General Assistance rolls of the Fulton County Department of Public Welfare during one relief period in February, 1940: Atlanta, Georgia

Zealey, Marion Edward (1940) Studies of conjugated systems: Synthesis of 1-para bromophenyl-4-phenyl butadiene and the addition of hydrogen bromide and nitrogen tetroxide to 1,4-diphenylbutadiene

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Dissertations & Theses from 1939

Battle, Alvin Vernon (1939) Macedonian reform and the Great Powers, 1903--1908

Bell, Helen Caffey (1939) Certain precursors to the drama of sensibility between 1663 and 1696

Calloway, Alberta Mae (1939) The Louisville flood of 1937 with special reference to the Negro population

Chisholm, Lelia Eugenia (1939) Public opinion and the Italo-Ethiopian dispute from the Wal Wal incident to the Battle of Amba Aradam

Davis, Julian Raymond (1939) Economic regulations of Georgia, 1733--1743

Durant, Benjamin Richard (1939) Fugal characteristics in four of Thomas de Quincey's imaginative essays

Fisher, Mildred Inez (1939) Concepts basic to a beginning reading program in the public schools of Georgia

Gilchrist, Mattie Long (1939) An experiment with the activity program in the T.V.A. schools located at Joe Wheeler Dam, Alabama and Pickwick Dam, Tennessee

Gooden, Sydney Gladstone (1939) A study of the causes of daily non-attendance in the Negro schools of three Mississippi counties

Gordon, Frances M. (1939) An inquiry into the value of preserving old case records: a study of 377 Atlanta family welfare society case records closed before January1, 1917

Gordon, Frances M. (1939) n inquiry into the value of preserving old case records: A study of 377 Atlanta Family Welfare Society case records closed before January 1, 1917

Graham, Ruth Augusta (1939) "Blackjack": A study in community organization and disorganization

Hutchinson, Frank Dubois (1939) Riemann surfaces

Martin, Annie Mae (1939) The coverage of the Negro under the Old-Age Titles of the Social Security Act

May, Agnes Elizabeth (1939) Employment of women in domestic and personal service, with special reference to Negro women in Atlanta, Georgia

McCrary, Leon Carl (1939) The Medieval spirit in Browning as compared to Morris, Rossetti, and Swineburne

Pradd, Tommie Lenora (1939) A study of the neighborhood clubs of the Atlanta Urban League

Ragland, Katherine Marvin (1939) The attitude of the "Atlanta Constitution" on the Negro question, 1886--1889

Scott, Ruth Emmeline (1939) The problem of studying certain accounting features of Negro and foreign language weekly newspapers in the United States, 1938

Thompson, Josephine Fawcett (1939) Statistical indies of Negro economic adjustment in heavily populated rural countries of Georiga 1910-1935

Traylor, Amater Z. (1939) Vocational aptitude tests as an instrument in predicting success in shopwork

Woodward, Isaiah Alfonso (1939) The Indian problem in colonial Georgia 1745-1763

Yokley, Orange Edward (1939) Studies in conjugated systems: The addition of bromine and hydrogen bromide to 1-para-bromophenyl-4-phenylbutadiene

{ top }

Dissertations & Theses from 1938

Bailey, Lottie Louise (1938) Negro women prisoners in Atlanta, Georgia, a study of arrest and detention in the municipal prison 1973

Bell, Sylvester Virginia (1938) The cultivation of tissues from the adult white mouse in vitro

Berry, Deloss Woodson (1938) Some factors dealing with regeneration in the caudal fin of the tadpole (Rana catesbiana Shaw and Rana pipiens )

Creque, Darwin (1938) An investigation into the use of low-par value shares in industrial corporation reorganization and capital readjustments, 1932--1936

Cureton, Sara Harris (1938) Honore de Balzac et une analyse comparative de quelques romans et de quelques contes de la comedie humaine

Durham, Alice Marie (1938) What is Negro news? A study of three Negro newspapers

Earl, Charlotte Alma (1938) The racial attitudes of one hundred negro college students

Freeman, Marie Gertrude (1938) The social philosophy of Frederick Douglass in the light of contemporary Negro though

Gordon, Louise P. (1938) In what ways would certain published results change practices in certain school grades

Harris, Mae Thelma (1938) The development of racial theories in the United States as reflected in the writings of certain sociologists

Henderson, Emmette Leslie (1938) The attitude of Thomas Jefferson on the Negro

Henderson, Roland George (1938) Some metric properties of quadric surfaces

Ingersoll, Ben (1938) Farm products and price stabilization

Jackson, Elizabeth Mae (1938) Diplomatic relations between the United States and Argentina, 1810--1824

Jackson, William Nichols (1938) Metric and projective treatment of poles and polar curves

Johnson, Alfonso Percy (1938) The preparation and bromination of 1-p-nitrophenyl-4-phenylbutadiene

Johnson, Frances Ethlynde (1938) Operation of the mandate system in South-West Africa for 1927

Johnson, Mary Barnes (1938) The use of open-market operations in Federal Reserve policy, 1927--1936

Jones, Rubye Mae (1938) The Negro in Colonial Georgia, 1735--1805

Lawrence, Charles Radford Jr (1938) The social background of Negro junior high school pupils, Atlanta, Georgia

Lemon, Emma Carolyn (1938) Victor Hugo and the Negro

McCree, Otis William (1938) An investigation of intracellular hydrogen ion concentration in Amoeba proteus by the micro-injection method

Shirley, Gladys Olga (1938) The attitude of the "Atlanta Constitution" toward the second occupation of Cuba

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Dissertations & Theses from 1937

Allen, Fannie Louise (1937) The attitude of the Atlanta Constitution toward the independence of Cuba, January 1899--June 1902

Anthony, Marion Ernestine (1937) The unindexed official record of the Negro in Georgia, 1733--1766

Barron, Eusebius Marion (1937) Studies in conjugated systems: Preparation of 1-hydroxy-4-bromo-2,3 dimethyl-Delta2-butene

Birchette, George Cletus (1937) Possibilities of independent units to parallel the economies of corporate chain stores by cooperative marketing

Bryson, Winfred Octavus Jr (1937) An analysis of the yield of the investments of a selected group of legal reserve life insurance companies, 1929--1936

Burgess, Landry Edward (1937) Changes in the fat concentration throughout the pupal period of Calliphora erythrocephala (blow-fly) pupae

Cabaniss, Mamie Louise (1937) Anglo-Portuguese relations from 1898--1914 especially in reference to the Portuguese African colonies

Coleman, Henry Freeman (1937) Thomas Carlyle's ideas on government

Cornell, Clinton Nathaniel (1937) A critical study of certain administrative practices in the Booker T. Washington Junior-Senior High School of Atlanta, Georgia, 1936--1937

Cornell, Clinton Nathaniel (1937) A critical study of certain administrative practices in the Booker T. Washington Junior-Senior High School of Atlanta, Georgia, 1936--1937

Cureton, Robert Elliott (1937) The indian problem in Colonial Georgia 1735-1745

Dawson, Freda Turner (1937) Participation of Negroes in the government of Mississippi, 1865--1870

Devane, Carl Elrod (1937) The peace policy of Sir Edward Grey, during the Balkan crisis

Edwards, Wilma Knowles (1937) Lamartine and the Negro

Flagg, Coy Emerson (1937) The present status of biology teaching in twenty accredited high schools for Negroes in Georgia: 1936--1937

Funchess, Ruby Pearrena (1937) The social significance of the rural Negro Methodist Episcopal Church

Garrett, Naomi Mills (1937) study of the heroes of four historical dramas of Alexander Dumas Pere

Hansley, Dorothy Helen (1937) Studies of conjugated systems: The action of hypochlorous acid on 2,3-dimethylbutadiene

Henry, Warren Elliott (1937) Studies in conjugated systems: The preparation and bromination of 1-meta-bromphenyl-4-phenylbutadiene

Hood, Vivienne Alden (1937) The significance of Sir William Davenant in English drama

James, Leonard Hammock (1937) The policies of organized labor in relation to negro workers in Atlanta 1869-1937

Leigh, Carrie Julia (1937) Some properties of algebraic invariants

Montgomery, Callie Mae (1937) Some social aspects of the Reed Street Baptist Church

Moore, Robert Daniel (1937) Investigations of some special differential equations

Rowe, Etta Julia (1937) A sociological study of Negro public schools in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, 1926--1936

Russell, Anna Howard (1937) The departure of the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson for the Victorian Tradition in poetry

Smythe, Hugh Heyne (1937) Playing the numbers: A study in social behavior

Sullivan, Floyd Walter (1937) An oblique cone whose base is an hyperbola

Thomas, Winnie Cornelia (1937) Anti-Semitism in England

Thorpe, Daniel Stanford (1937) Regeneration of the severed spinal cord in Carassius auratus

Troup, Cornelius Vanderbilt (1937) Negro-culture content in the state- adopted textbooks of Georgia

Walker, Dorsey (1937) The attitude of "The Atlanta Constitution" on the Cuban crisis

Wartman, Charles James (1937) British policy in Egypt from 1882 to 1908

Williams, Edward Buchanan (1937) Possibilities of cooperatives among the farmers of Aiken County South Carolina

Williams, Edward Buchanan (1937) Possibilities of cooperatives among the farmers of Aiken County, South Carolina

Williams, Harriet Ruth (1937) Studies in conjugated systems: The preparation and chlorination of 1-ortho-chlorophenyl-4-phenylbutadiene

{ top }

Dissertations & Theses from 1936

Bronseaux, Anna Dart (1936) The attitude of the National Education Association toward education of the Negro

Brown, Lila Moore (1936) An examination into the profit experience of twenty selected life and property insurance companies operated on the stock plan for the period 1929--1934

Brown, Thelma Barrett (1936) The great Negro educators

Clayton, Charles Morgan (1936) The editorial policy of the Atlanta Constitution in relation to the Negro question, 1914--1918

Cunningham, Ruth Rebecca (1936) The civil status of the Negro in Georgia prior to the Civil War

Davenport, Cleopatra (1936) A comparative statistical treatment of scores of two groups of elementary pupils divided on the basis of kindergarten attendance

Garrett, Violet Alice (1936) The influence of Theelin on the histology an physiology of the primary and accesory sexual organs of the Albino rat

Greenwood, Lois Elaine (1936) Une etude critique des "Lais" de Marie de France

Jackson,, Allie M. Allen (1936) The Georgia Constitutional Convention of 1877

McBay, Henry Cecil Ransom (1936) Studies in conjugated systems: The preparation and bromination of 1-phenyl 2-3 dimethyl butadiene.

Norris, Ellihu Q. (1936) The attitudes of certain British statesmen in regard to British colonial policy in South Africa, 1875--1895

Scott, Birdie Lucile (1936) The morphology, number, and distribution of mitochondria in the larval oenocytes of Tribolium confusum

Scretchings, Homer Benjamin (1936) Investigations in theory of elliptic integrals

Thompson, Robert Albert Jr (1936) A statistical study of occupations of native whites, foreign-born whites, and Negroes, from 1890--1930

Walton, Mary Elizabeth (1936) Studies in conjugated systems: The preparation and chlorination of 1-meta-chlorophenyl-4-phenylbutadiene

Watson, Sadye Marie (1936) Topical analysis and comparative study of fourteen recent textbooks in American history, 1925-1935

Weathers, Emma Ophelia (1936) The influence of the civil war on Walt Whitman the man and writer

Weatherspool, Lillie Sirmans (1936) The relation of certain factors to achievement in Algebra

Wright, Lowry George (1936) The predictive value of the psychological examination as a guide to academic success

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Dissertations & Theses from 1935

Bailey, Louis Raymond (1935) An investigation into some capital practices of public utility corporations, 1929--1933

Finley, George Russell (1935) The cost of marketing cosmetics and beauty preparations by Atlanta manufacturers

Gaines, Charles Clement (1935) Surface generated by a stream from a revolving sprinkler

Gambrell, Lula Jane (1935) Characteristics of negro male transients applying to the federal relief administration, Atlanta, Georgia, 1933-34

Hannon, Virginia Rose (1935) Le developpement des idees sociales et morales dans le theatre d'Alexandre Dumas fils

Jackson, Henry James (1935) Studies of conjugated systems: Chlorination of 2,3-dimethylbutadieneStudies of conjugated systems: Chlorination of 2,3-dimethylbutadiene

Love, Lillian Cleopatra (1935) A re-examination of the attitudes of certain English statesmen during the American Civil War

Norris, Hubert Webster (1935) The theory of college accounting and criteria for an efficient accounting system for a private college

O'Neal, Effie Augusta (1935) The effect of pH on calcium and potassium permeability of Fundulus eggs

Payne, Richard Hallowell (1935) On curves metrically related to space curves

Sullivan, Wilbur Herschel (1935) On hodographs and orbits of a partical under centain laws of force

Thomas, Harriet Franceska (1935) Legislation as it affected public education for Negroes in Georgia

Trawick, Henrietta Bernice (1935) A comparative study of the vocabularies of ten four year old boys and girls, and ten three and one-half year old boys and girls in the nursery school of Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia

Traylor, Margaret Brown (1935) The measurement of the effect of practice upon the breaking of undersirable habits

Walker, Charles Hilliard (1935) The attitude of Georgia toward the education of Negroes, 1865--1935

Wartman, Jessie Mae (1935) An experimental study of the performances of two hundred fifty elementary school children, urban and rural, fifth through eighth grades, on the seashore measures of musical talent

Wartman, Jessie Mae (1935) An experimental study of the performances of two hundred fifty elementary school children, urban and rural, fifth through eighth grades, on the seashore measures of musical talent

Washington, Samuel Theodore (1935) Cost of deposits and conversion of funds in ten Georgia state banks

Wise, Ruby Beatrice (1935) A study of color-blindness in a group of two hundred fifty-nine negro school children with the Ishihara color-blindness test

{ top }

Dissertations & Theses from 1934

Beckett, Charles Alfred (1934) A system of interim check on operating ratios for unit grocery stores: An accounting system

Boyer, James Alexander (1934) Matthew Arnold's attitude toward the problems of the Victorian era

Harrison, George (1934) Realism in the "Canterbury Tales"

Henderson, Jacob Robert (1934) An analysis of the gold purchase plan

Jermany, Dorothea Aletta (1934) Regeneration in the tail fins of Carassius auratus

Mapp, Frederick Everett (1934) A contribution to the histogenesis of regenerating liver in Carassius auratus

Pertee, Adrian Perry (1934) The effect of labor legislation upon Negro industry in Georgia from 1860 to 1900

Shell, William Henry (1934) Discipline in Negro secondary schools

Stewart, Marjorie Alexander (1934) A comparative analytical study of the Black Code and Slave Code of Georgia

Torrence, Louise Elizabeth (1934) Social activities of the Negro church in Atlanta, Georgia

Wardlaw, James Tapley (1934) Leisure time activities of Negro boys in the First Ward of Atlanta, Georgia

Wise, Llewellyn Addison (1934) Fraud in accounts receivable

Wright, Arnold Wood (1934) A comparative political study of presidential elections 1860-1932

{ top }

Dissertations & Theses from 1933

Brown, William Henry Harrison (1933) Investigation of the reaction between cinnamic aldehyde and benzyl magnesium chloride

Collins, Thomye Wilma (1933) A study of retardation in the Ware Elementary School, Atlanta, Georgia, 1930--1931

Colston, James Allen (1933) A comparison of the gross scores of one hundred college freshmen, fifty girls and fifty boys, on the Thurstone Psychological Examination with their time and error scores on a motor learning test

De Lorme, Grace Holmes (1933) A cytological study of the Golgi bodies occurring in the oenocytes of the larva of Tenebrio molitor, Linn

Dixon, William Lorenzo (1933) Some experiments on regeneration in legs of Blattidae

Marshall, Emmett James (1933) British policy in the Balkans from 1898 to 1909 especially in reference to Russia's ambitions and activities

Reynolds, Clyde Leon (1933) A cost accounting system for the small manufacturer

{ top }

Dissertations & Theses from 1932

Brown, Aaron Jr (1932) A study in character education leading to a suggested program for Atlanta

Christler, Ethel Maude (1932) Participation of Negroes in the government of Georgia, 1867--1870

Lawless, Oscar Godfrey (1932) The Atlanta University: A statistical analysis of the achievement of the Atlanta University college students who took the Thurstone Psychological Examinations for the years 1924--1928

McElrath, Howard William (1932) The elliptic integral and some applications

Reynolds, James Milton (1932) A problem related to an oblique con