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Atlanta University (AU)

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Dr. John D. Reid


The purpose of this inquiry is to analyze the ideo logical framework of the prominent Third World theorist Frantz Fanon and thereby extract a sociological model of a colonized state, a decolonized state and the process of decolonization upon which a sociology of revolution could tenably be based. Also by analyzing the dynamics of the social system components, the psychological ramifications of coloni zation and decolonization are clarified.

A comparative analysis of Fanonism and Leninism is included in order that the apparently different societal models can be viewed as products of different realities, hence an en toto transference of an explanatory scheme onto a reality of a different dynamic must logically be viewed as in need of substantial modification or total rejection.

The primary source for the major portion of this inquiry were the original works of Fanon, namely; Black Skin-White Mask, The Wretched of the Earth, A Dying Colonialism and Toward the African Revolution.

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Sociology Commons