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Atlanta University (AU)

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Dr. George E. Riley


This investigation was undertaken to determine the possible effects of large doses (5 tines the minimal) of sheep gonadotrophins (FSH, LH, LTH) plus estrone and cortisone on the reproductive cycle of immature female Rana pipiens* Twenty-seven frogs were grouped and injected daily for 4 days with FSH, LH, LTH, cortisone, and estrone separately and in combination. On the fifth day all frogs were sacrificed and their ovaries weighed and examined for possible ovulation.

Although none of the injected frogs ovulated, the eggs of two groups showed significant effects as a result of the injections (Group IV—FSH, LH, estrone, cortisone and Group VII—FSH, LH, LTH, cortisone, estrone), the eggs of these two groups showed advanced oogonial develop ment. The black pigment granules covered almost all of the animal pole. The eggs of all other injected frogs remained in the same condition as those of the control.

It was concluded that large doses of combinations of FSH, LH, estrone and cortisone, or FSH, LH, LTH, cortisone and estrone will cause acceleration of oogonial development in immature female H. pipiens.

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Biology Commons