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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Professor Hattie Mitchell


This study examined the relationship between African-American women addicted to crack cocaine and the role that spirituality and self-esteem plays in their recovery. The sample consisted of thirty African-American women. They were all customers of the Adopt-A-Family Program, having been in treatment from one to thirteen months for their addiction. The questionnaire was distributed by the agency to the thirty women and contained questions related to the independent variable, crack cocaine addiction, and the dependent variables (spirituality and self-esteem). Answers were based on a Lilcert-type scale where one equal rarely or none of the time and five equal most of the time. After conducting a statistical analysis using Chi-square test and running the frequencies of the variables, it was proven that there is a statistically significant relationship between the variables. Therefore, the null hypothesis was rejected.

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