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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Political Science

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Dr. William Boone

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Dr. Larry Noble

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Dr. Diane L. Fowlkes


The three mayors and the respective cities studied in this paper were Mayor Emma Gresham Keysville, GA; Mayor Justine Brown Oliver, GA and Mayor Carrie Kent Walthourville, GA. The intent of this paper was to show that the three black women mayors chose to run for mayor because they felt that through their political position they could improve the lives of the citizens of their respective cities, especially the socioeconomic status of blacks in their cities and improve the cities in the important areas of: education, employment, housing and health care. The further intent of this paper was to address the apparent neglect of scholarship regarding black female mayors in rural Southern cities by performing a case study of the black women mayors in rural Georgia. None of the black women mayors studied in this paper were successful in improving the education or housing in their cities nor the socioeconomic status of blacks and somewhat successful in improving health care. This study addresses the neglect by scholars regarding black female rural Southern municipal politics. Further study is warranted to understand the impact of black women mayors in the rural South.

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