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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Laura Fine


This study examines Nella Larsen's Quicksand and Passing and Ntozake Shange's for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuff and discusses the way these authors' works show African-American female characters' overcoming their frustration and anger as a result of racism and sexism. In Quicksand, Helga Crane attempts to overcome her frustrations by escapism. In Passing, Larsen depicts two female characters who use "passing" to overcome their frustration and anger. For one of the characters this works relatively well, but creates problems for the other, which results in her death. Further, Shange's female characters are forced to deal with frustration as a result of misogyny in the form of rape and emotional and physical abuse. However, Shange illustrates how these women vent their anger through words and give hope for other frustrated African-American women.

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