Date of Award


Degree Type


University or Center

Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Agyei Frempong


The objective of this degree paper, is to discuss and recommend solutions to some of the human resources management, problems confronting the City or Atlanta.

It is necessary to improve human resources management at the City Hall because the city is a service oriented bureaucracy. Service delivery depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the city's local government labor force. Enormous staffing costs are being incurred by the city in meeting its personnel policy obligations. However, these cross could be minimized by a rational application of result-oriented management principles.

This paper discusses why personnel costs have soared and what could be done to minimize them. The paper examines the issue of training and career development and how it could affect productivity. Other essential problem areas at the personnel bureau - the sole personnel administrative unit of the city government such as, discipline, civil service board, affirmative action and employee turnover was discussed.

The sources of information in the course of this research were derived from questionnaires, telephone contacts and actual internship experiences. Further references in the course of research were made from data reviews of I relevant city government documents, including the Civil Service Rules and Regulations (which the writer revised) and numerous government papers, periodicals and other published sources.