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Atlanta University (AU)


School of Arts and Sciences

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Political Science

First Advisor

Professor Makidi-Ku-Ntima


Displaced people in Africa who are the product of antagonistic foreign policies have been unjustifiably labeled refugees. The displaced people in the Horn, South western and "Heart of Africa" are only victims of external aggression who did the natural thing under the circumstances i.e. flee into safety.

This study will analyze and synthesize the causes and objectives of the foreign policies of the principal countries, namely, Somalia and Ethiopia; Zaire and Angola' and Libya and Chad chapter by chapter with the intention of unravelling the root cause of the problem. It goes without saying that the motive behind the interference of the superpowers and other interested parties in those countries internal affairs and the region is also the object of our investigation.

The conflictual and/or cooperative relations of all the countries of our concern have to be viewed within the context of the present international system. It is our opinion that there is a dialectical relationship between the action of states in the system and the reaction of the international system. In other words, the international system could contribute to either the relaxation of tensions or exacerbation of tensions between the conflicting states and vice versa. Thus the international system, the "loose bipolar" world is the framework of our analysis.

Finally, the study recommends that all the principles of the Charters of the UNO and the OAU be respected and also pleads with the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees in collaboration with the OAU to find solutions to the predicament of the displaced people.