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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Precipitants to the incidence of relapse phenomena among cocaine—dependent African—American men may influence the quality of rehabilitative services which these men receive. The purpose of this study was to identify and examine precipitants to the incidence of relapse among cocaine—dependent African—American men who were participating in a variety of treatment programs. The sample consisted of 84 subjects. The instrument utilized was the African-American Male Cocaine Trigger Inventory. This Inventory measured the relapse risk potential of nine dimensions. These dimensions were as follows: Social Pressures/Romance, Mood States, Work Situations, Celebrations, Music/TV/Movies/Ads, Physical Conditions, Cocaine Focus, People, Places and Things, and Using Other Drugs. Data were analyzed using Frequency Analysis. Social Pressures/Romance and Mood States were identified by this sample as the two most frequently cited dimensions which were synonymous with the incidence of relapse. Implications for social workers, social work training, and areas for subsequent research complete this study.