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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Criminal Justice Administration


The drug use patterns of black institutionalized delinquents aged 12 through 18 is examined in this thesis. The data were collected by administering a structured questionnaire in group settings. The sample consisted of 297 black male delinquents institutionalized in three Youth Development Centers (YDCs) of Georgia.

The data were analyzed at two levels - descriptive and inferential. Descriptive analysis was used to develop a profile of the sample. Inferential analysis utilized Factor Analysis and Maximum Likelihood Latent Class Structural Analysis to construct a drug user typology.

This study found:(1) that significant differences exist between delinquent drug users and non-users in terms of their personal and socialization factors; (2) that delinquents can be classified into three major drug user types (Non-User, Single Drug User, and Multiple Drug User); (3) that most of the delinquents (84 percent) are drug users; (4) that single and multiple users differ in terms of place and time of drug use; and (5) that a sequential progression from the use of beer and wine coolers to marijuana, and from the use of marijuana to other hard drugs seem to be the most common pattern of drug use among black delinquent drug users.

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