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Atlanta University (AU)

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Professor Thomas W. Cole Jr.


Part I of this thesis is concerned with the effect of solvent, sub stituents and the shift reagent Eu(DPM)3 on the proton magnetic resonance spectrum of several 1,4-disubstituted cubane derivatives. The chemical shift of the cubane protons is insensitive to aliphatic solvents, but there is an upfield shift of the cubane protons in benzene-d6 relative to the position in carbon tetrachloride. Electron-withdrawing substi tuents and the shift reagent induce a downfield shift for the cubane proton resonances.

Part II describes a reinvestigation of the photochemistry of cyclo pentadiene in an attempt to offer an explanation of the product distri bution in the sensitized irradiation. Unfortunately, sensitized and un sensitized irradiations carried out at -60 degrees and 0 degrees, with low and high pressure ultraviolet light sources, were too inconclusive to permit meaningful conclusions to be drawn.

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Chemistry Commons