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Atlanta University (AU)

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Mathematical Sciences

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Dr. Sidney Harris


In 1941, F,L. Hitchcock presented a study entitled "The Distribution of a Product from Several Sources to Nu merous Localities." This remarkable presentation of a busi ness application is considered to be the first important contribution to the solution of transportation problems. Later in 1947 T.C. Koopmans presented a study under the title of "Optimum Utilization of the Transportation System."

Transportation problems can be considered a subclass of those models that are applied to solve problems in which there are several activities to be enacted with the probability of making a selection among them when the resources are limited. In other words, the problem is to find the way to obtain maximum profit or minimum cost in combining acti vities and resources.

Limited facilities represent tangible, real and mea surable situations, such as fixed production capacity; res tricted quantity of material, time and equipment; or any other sort of fixed means for manufacturing output, conversely, the amount of work that has to be done, using those limited resources can be solved.