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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Arts and Sciences

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Computer and Information Sciences

First Advisor

Professor Roy George, Ph.D.


Instant messengers suffer from poor scalability, flexibility, security, and interoperability. This study attempts to solve these problems using the strengths of Service-Oriented Architectures. The key components to achieve these improvements include several Java related technologies such as JAX-RPC, JAXM, SOAP, WSDL, J2EE servlets and Enterprise Java Beans. SOAP provides a universal messaging protocol that heterogeneous parties can understand. JAX-RPC provides synchronous SOAP messaging, as well as a loosely coupled design that allows for a very flexible distributed architecture. JAXM provides asynchronous SOAP messaging. When used together, applications can implement robust instant messaging functionality. Registration, login, and other instant messaging configuration operations can be fulfilled through the use of JAX-RPC while JAXM can be used to fulfill requirements such as send and receive. Servlets and Enterprise Java Beans augment the benefits of Service-Oriented Architectures with the former being extremely scalable, portable, and modular. AIMSOA encapsulates these components to provide an instant messaging architecture solution that will augment the weaknesses of current instant messaging architectures by providing a solution for better scalability, flexibility, and interoperability.

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