An exploratory descriptive study of women at risk for HIV/AIDS: diagnoses HIV Positive and non-diagnosed

Mary Louise Thomas, Atlanta University


The overall objective of this study was to examine the attitudes and self-esteem of Women At Risk for HIV/AIDS: Diagnosed and Non-Diagnosed. To obtain this objective, attitudes and self-esteem were addressed by the researcher. A comparative research design was used in this study. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to diagnosed and non-diagnosed women.

The study was an attempt to provide a better understanding of how the attitudes and self-esteem is impacted by an HIV/AIDS diagnosis on Women At Risk. To achieve this objective, the researcher identified the following variables; stress, stigma, self-esteem, family relation and isolation in effort to determine how social workers can better assist this segment of the HIV/AIDS population.

The findings of this research indicate that there was a significant difference between the attitudes and self-esteem of the diagnosed and non-diagnosed women.