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Atlanta University (AU)


School of Social Work

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Dr. Amos Ajo


The overall objective of this study is to investigate family factors in adolescent substance—abuse and the significance of family therapy as part of adolescent substance—abuse treatment. The proposal underlying the study was that adolescents who received structurally-oriented individual-family therapy during inpatient substance—abuse treatment would demonstrate a higher level of functioning on several variables than adolescents who did not receive this type of therapy.

A static group comparison design was used in the study. The adolescents’ level of functioning was defined in terms of the following variables: (a) self esteem, (b) depression and (C) attitudes towards family. A questionnaire was administered to adolescents in clinical and community settings. The results of the study indicated a direct and positive association between structurally-oriented individual-family therapy and a higher level of functioning.

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