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Africana Women's Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Josephine Bradley

Second Advisor

Dr. Karamo Barrow

Third Advisor

Dr. Eddie Bradley


This study examines the effects of imprisonment on children with imprisoned mothers and explores factors that attribute to their success. This study was based on the premise that in the process of determining the successful outcome of the child, agencies do not regard the succession of events in the mother's life that led her to prison. An analysis was performed using data, existing reports, literature, a personal narrative, and figures on women and mothers in the penal system, their children, and programs designed to assist them. The researcher found that the literature, reports and data, and personal narrative correlate in dealing with mothers in prison. The conclusions drawn from the findings reveal and suggest that the most effective strategy is not to place the children with un-rehabilitated mothers, and that the survivor's voice, who was once a child of an imprisoned mother, take authority when considering solutions for successful outcomes.

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