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Atlanta University (AU)


School of Social Work

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Professor Mary Ashong

Second Advisor

Dr. Myra Burnett


This study had the purpose to measure five variables which are hypothesized to be related to child abuse and neglect in the Hispanic community. The sample for this study consisted of sixty-eight (68) Hispanic families, of which forty-three (43) families were identified from the case files of the Fulton County Department of Family and Children Services in Atlanta, Georgia. The remaining twenty-five (25) Hispanic families were chosen from the Hispanic population in Atlanta, Georgia.

An instrument consiting of twenty-seven questions was delivered and picked up at the home of each family. The instrument was selfadministered, and was designed to elicit information about child abuse and/or neglect. The scores from the questionnaire were analyzed to determine the mean, standard deviation, sum of square and analysis of variance.

The findings of the study showed that there were statistically significant differences between the groups on four of the five hypothesized variables, namely: isolation, education, language and income. The pattern of means showed that the difference was in the predicted direction.

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Social Work Commons