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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Keith C. Simmonds


Police unionism in Atlanta has received considerable editorial attention by Atlanta local news media. The need for collective bargaining rights has been uppermost in the minds of the police union members and other labor activists. However, opposition to such demands has been an ongoing trend, making it necessary for the writer to evaluate the percep tions of selected individuals of the Atlanta city government on the potential impact of collective bargaining in Atlanta Police Department. Regardless of the law prohibiting strikes by public safety employees, strikes do occur. As a result, the writer notes that collective bargaining should not be synonymous with strikes. The writer also learned that there is an absence of a statutory provision authorising collective bargaining in Atlanta Police Department.

The significance of this study lies in its attempt through research, to devise a harmonious working relationship between the police, the city government and the local residents. The study concludes that the benefits of police collective bargaining in Atlanta outweigh whatever may be potential negative impacts. This study, therefore, advises the City of Atlanta to enact an ordinance allowing collective bargaining in its police department.

Information obtained from interviews formed the primary data source, while literature review obtained from relevant labor journals and books formed the secondary data source.