Date of Award


Degree Type


University or Center

Atlanta University (AU)


School of Arts and Sciences

Degree Name


Mathematical and Computer Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Benjamin Martin


The motivation for this thesis was the need for an inexpensive graphics package that could be used to support courses in computer graphics and computer vision in the Mathematical and Computer Sciences Department of Atlanta University. The implemented graphics package used a portion of the CORE Graphics System and the hardware used consisted of Zenith Z-100 micro-computers in the Micro-computer Laboratory of Atlanta University. This graphics system was initially implemented in the Microsoft Pascal programming language. Due to limitations inherent in Pascal, the initial graphics package did not represent the best design practices. The graphics package was converted and expanded using the Ada programming language. The Ada programming language had the ability to satisfy all of the objectives of this project which were: to create a graphics package that was portable, expandable, represented the best software design practices, and able to support computer courses at Atlanta University. Discussed in this thesis are the basic features of the extended graphics system in Ada, the general principles, an operation guide, and problems encountered using the CORE Graphics System.