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The purpose of the study was to determine if there was a significant difference between the traditional method and the experimental or structured method of instruction in word problem solving and translating them into almost word less sentences. Two groups of ninth graders in a general mathematics course on reading and solving word problems were selected for the study. At the beginning of the study a pre test for achievement differences was administered. The test results indicated there were no significant achievement differences between the groups when the test was initiated.

Word problem solving instruction was given to the experimental group, but the control group was allowed to ask. questions only for clarification of the problems which possibly enabled them to pick up ideas on how to analyze word problems during the questioning session. The treatment consisted of problems on how to find discounts, commission, interest and sales tax. The t statistic and a .05 level of significance were used. A posttest was administered to both groups after the treatment, and the findings of the test results indicated that there was no significant difference in achievement. Therefore, teaching the reading of word problems did not affect the experimental method more than the use of the conventional method. of data indicated that there was no significant differ ence in achievement between the two groups. It was suggested that because the control group was permitted to ask questions, students in that group may have learned how to analyze word problems during the questioning sessions.

It was recommended that there should be more inter action between students and teachers through questions and answers during word problem-solving instruction. Teaching word problem solving should begin early in the elementary school and sequentialized in the middle and high school. In-service teaching on word problem solv ing should be provided. Calculators should be used by students only after they have mastered the basics of arithmetic.

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