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School of Social Work

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Jerome Schlele, D.S.W.


Previous research has concluded that depression is viewed as the most long-term effect of childhood sexual abuse in combination with selfdestructive behaviors, feelings of isolation, and low self-esteem. A major limitation of the previous research is that there is lack of attention given to the role interventions can play in alleviating depression among women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse (CSA). This study examined the effects of individual counseling treatment on depression in a woman who experienced childhood sexual abuse. This study sought to decrease levels of depressive episodes in a woman who had been victimized during her childhood.

An A/B Single System Design was used to test the effectiveness of individual counseling treatment on depression. To collect data on depression the Costello-Comrey Depression Scale was used and administered to a woman who was recruited by the researcher. The results of the analysis showed that depression was significantly lowered during the intervention phase. Implications for research and social work practice are discussed.

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