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Atlanta University (AU)

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Dr. Thomas D. Boston


Problem.-The basic problem is the desire of the developing countries to have an access to the modern technology of the developed countries which will speed their economic development and thereby help to bridge the economic gap between the deve loped and less developed countries.

Purpose.-An attempt is made by the writer to critically examine and assess the proposal on the transfer of technology from developed to less developed countries, in order to see whether such transfer will bring about economic development to the less developed countries.

Result.-The result obtained from this study is that tech nological progress is a necessary condition for economic deve lopment and its transfer from developed to less developed coun tries must be encouraged. However, the technological infrastruc ture is weak or non-existent in developing countries. Tech nology transfer will bring about a meaningful change if the technological infrastructures in less developed countries are strengthened to absorb the new technology and evolve new ones.

Procedure.-The main sources of information were the United Nations Documents on Transfer of Technology. Numerous books, journals and periodicals were also used as references.

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