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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Stanley Mims


There is a performance gap in our society. Most African-American schools are scoring at or near the bottom in most school districts. This study examines teachers' perceptions of a principal's routines to identify actions that contribute to improved achievement of African- American children.

Information was obtained from a search of literature, and survey questionnaires were sent to teachers in a highand low-achieving school in Fulton County. The question naire was taken from the strong leadership dimension of the School Climate Assessment Questionnaire that was developed cooperatively by the Seattle Public Schools and the University of Washington. Factors that were examined on the Principal, Teacher, Personal Information Instrument were: identifying principal's routines, instructional roles, and teacher evaluation methods which would impact significantly on academic achievement of students in predominantly African-American schools.

Significant correlations were found between the following: education and salary; routines and instructional role of principal; instructional role and evaluation of faculty; routines and evaluation of faculty.

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