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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Dr. Melvin Williams


This study surveyed the life experiences and social characteristics of 18 HIV infected, homeless, and chemically dependent African-American males. The men ranging in age from 23-52 years were all participants of a community based day program. Each participant was interviewed and their answers to a self-report questionnaire were recorded by the investigator. The questionnaire was designed to assess specific demographics, as well as certain life experiences and social characteristics. Each participant also completed four separate psychometric scales. The findings revealed that the majority of the respondents were middle aged (mean age of 37.8 years) and had at least a high school education. Most of the respondents lacked medical insurance and social support systems outside of the "Home Street Home" program. All of the respondents had extensive alcohol and/or drug use history and many of the respondents had criminal histories. Mental health characteristics and scores on the four Hudson indices are also discussed.

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