City council minutes reveal Black life in Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina, 1850- 1900

Harold Glymph Talley, Clark Atlanta University


In this dissertation, the writer has been concerned with the life of blacks In Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina during slavery, Reconstruction and early segregation. Throughout history, the black: segment- of the pOPlJlatlon hae played an important role in the aevelopment of their cities. However, the I nst i tut Ions of s j avery ana segrega tl on createa a distinct economic, political and social order for blacks.

As blacks struggled to improve their life style, they found the city government to be an avenue of change. The writer has selected city council minutes as a means of filling in a portion of the missing segment of history. It is hoped that the material in this dissertation uncovered the vital role blaCKS played In shaping the communities of Charleston and Greenvii Ie, South Carolina.