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Atlanta University (AU)

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Doctor Thomas D. Boston


The primary objective of this thesis is to investigate the impact of oil on Nigeria's pattern of trade. In doing this, we have analyzed the changing composition of Nigeria's trade and the importance of oil as a source of foreign exchange.

This thesis also assesses the national and interna tional significance of petroleum production as a potential force in Nigeria's development. In fact, we have shown that crude oil is Nigeria's single largest revenue producer and largest employer of labour.

The factors responsible for decrease in agricultural production and the shift of workers from agricultural to oil sector are also discussed. In addition, the need to direct foreign exchange from petroleum export to the agricultural, transportation and communications sectors is discussed in detail.

Finally, the paper goes into the roles played by multinational corporations. It makes clear, the aims of these corporations and does not hesitate to point out the defects they have on Nigeria's economic development. Simi larly, this paper looks at the steps Nigeria has taken to nationalize or allow for full participation of Nigerians in multinational corporations. Finally, the paper attempts to access the impact of all of these circumstances on Ni geria's national development, employment and internal and international trade.

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