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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

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Professor Agyei Frempong


The primary intent of this degree paper is to provide an assessment of transportation approaches that are presently being utilized by human service agencies to meet and improve the mobility needs of their respective client groups. Also an attempt has been made to discuss"and recommend the option of coordinating or consol idating agency sponsored and public transit systems as a more cost effective and service efficient approach to the delivery of transportation services as provided hy human service agencies.

In the past twenty years there has been substantial growth in both the number and percentage of elderly. children. mentally/physically disabled, and economically disadvantaged individual s in the United States. At the same time there has been a significant increase in the number of programs and the level of support aimed at addressing their health and welfare needs. Based on current population trends and greater life expectancy of the transportation disadvantaged group, its population will continue to grow over the next several decades.

For the elderly, children, mentally/physically disabled and economically disadvantaged community, adequate means of transportation will continue to be a pressing concern. At the present time, there are a great many publ ic and private institutions and agencies dedicated to ensuring the mohil ity of these individuals. Public transit agencies are playing a lead role among these groups and the public transit industry, through the policies and services being implemented around the country, is reaffirming its continued strong commitment to providing the most effective and efficient means of meeting the mobility needs of the transit dependent.

The main sources of information consisted of various federal, state, and-local level documents, reports, plans, manuals, and case studies containing relevant information on how human service agencies may provide and improve the specialized transportation services of their target clientele groups.