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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Jaideep chaudhary

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Dr. Deborah Cook

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Dr. David Logan


The basic-helix-loop-helix (bHLH) protein family plays an innate role in cellular activities. A pivotal member of this family, the Inhibitor of differentiation (Id) proteins, is linked to cell proliferation, differentiation, and tumorigenesis via inhibiting the DNA binding of bHLH proteins. There are four isoforms of Id genes - Id1-4 are uniquely expressed. In prostate cancer cells, Id3 is up-regulated and targets cellular proliferation and metastasis. However, the mechanism that triggers Id3 expression in prostate cancer is unknown. Therefore, a series of experiments were performed in order to investigate the transcription factors that regulate the expression of Id3 promoter in prostate cancer. The proximal 1 kb human Id3 promoter was characterized and validated by a combination of in silico and in vitro approaches. Collective results led to the identification of YY 1, C/EPBa and C EPBb as putative transcription factors that could regulate Id3 promoter in prostate cancer. It is believed that further in depth studies of these transcription factors will lead to the identification of the underlying molecular mechanism that regulates Id3 expression in prostate cancer.

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