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Atlanta University (AU)

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Criminal Justice Administration


The primary intent of this thesis is to present an overview of peace officer employment standards and training, focusing on the courses (both basic and in-service) offered to the peace officer. It will examine the purpose of the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.). It will survey the staffing for training the officer, the officer in relation to training, and the selection of peace officers. It will present some information concerning training needs assessments conducted by the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. The outcane of past and present needs assessments will also be discussed. Emphasis will be given to that training mandated by the P.O.S.T. Council.

Police tasks of today differ widely fran those of a hundred years ago. Although the fundamental purpose remains the same, modern technology brings new problems and added threats to the peace, security, and welfare of citizens. Many citizens realize that the police have been assigned a disproportionate amount of responsibility for both the present level of crime and the efforts to cope with it in the future. The task of police departments and criminal justice agencies has becane more arduous.

The objective of this study is to look at peace officer training as it relates to effectiveness and efficiency of perfonnance on the job. The following issues will be addressed:

(1) Is the training adequate to help officers to become effective law enforcement officers?

(2) Is the officer's training meeting the needs of the community?

(3) In respect to the past, what improvements for training have been made?

( 4) In respect to the future, what improvements need still to be made?

This study will be based on content analysis. It will be an analysis of existing theoretical literature and data concerning trainirg.

The main sources of information are secondary information. It will include a variety of books and materials. The information selected will deal primarily with the state of Georgia, although sane overlapping into national training will occur.

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