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Atlanta University (AU)

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Dr. Roy Hunter. Jr.


This study was undertaken to determine the protein and lipid constituents of the amphibian notochord. The notochords were dissected from Rana catesbeiana and Rana clamitans tadpoles. After extraction With ether and acetone/HC1. fatty acids and amino acids were isolated by means of hydrolysis.

The test samples were applied to thin-layer chromagrams, and run simultaneously With their respective standards. A comparison of calculated Rf values and color reactions with ninhydrin revealed the presence of proline in the amino acid isolate. The fatty acid chromagrams gave no definite spots, and for this reason a spectrophotometric analysis was undertaken. This analysis revealed that fatty acids were not present in the test material.

In light of these observations, it was suggested that proline may play an intracellular role in the production of hydroxyproline which has been isolated from the notochordal sheath. Spectrophotometric data suggested that no fatty acids were present, but the possibility remained that they may be present in the form of some lipid complex.

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