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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Professor Hattie M. Mitchell


This study examines the difference between chronic homeless black men with substance abuse issues and former homeless black men who have transitioned into successful independent living.

An exploratory descriptive study was conducted at Jefferson Place Emergency and Transitional Housing. The study used a variation of the Young Adult Social Support Inventory measurement instruments to gather data for the purpose of measuring the strength of different support systems looking at 3 major variables, church, family, and the 12-step community.

The researcher found that using the Pearson Chi square test there was a significance of .978 for church, .535 for family, and .000 for the 12-step community. These findings left the conclusion that there are some correlations between the variables church and family, but the significance of the l2-step community is not great enough to make a determination.

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